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  2. On Lieutenants: As far as official rules go, and for ITS, if your first Lieutenant dies, anyone nominated as LT after that is a full fledged LT, and would count as killing an LT for a scenario's objectives. 20x20 would probably follow the same rules, I would assume, however you would have to check with the creator as it is a 3rd party rule set that people apply to Infinity, not something published by Corvus Belli. On TAGs: first off, we need to clear up one major issue, TAGs with Escape or Ejection systems have Operators, they do not have Pilots. These are separate types of TAGs, and the "pilot" (lowercase P) that is an Operator does not have any of the rules of "Pilot" (uppercase P) applied to it. Other than that, most of your statements seem to be correct. An Unconscious TAG does not generate orders, whether the Pilot is Dismounted or Mounted. The Pilot never generates Orders. The Pilot rule specifically is what allows you to still spend Orders from your Order pool on that trooper, via the alternate profile that is the Pilot profile. It's almost a bit like the Dogged skill: you're technically Unconscious, and next turn you won't be generating a regular Order, but you can still move around and maybe accomplish something useful. The Pilot rules also have some additional updates you may want to look at from the current season's ITS rules document. Edit: Actually, with a little looking, it seems as though the author of 20x20 has already addressed your LT question in his rules:
  3. 13 right? only time it's usable is unconscious, and on the inactive profile which is 10 PH
  4. I think I would say something like the Riot Grrls, Muyibs, or Makaul + Sukeul HMG + Sakiel FO link is "most efficient". But I'd still put Bagh-Mari way up there. Definitely more reliable than Bolts, in 95% of cases. The Combi+LSG tax isn't as painful on Bagh-Mari since the Mimetism+MSV1 combo is so good.
  5. 1: First an easy semantic question - Every list has to include a trooper with the lieutenant skill. If s/he gets killed, a new one is appointed. Does this new model have the actual "Lieutenant" skill or is it just appointed as a replacement lieutenant? I would think it must get the actual skill, but it never actually says so in the Loss of Lieutenant section. This came up in the 20X20 secondary objective "Kill the Lieutenant." Can a second/third/fourth model gain the skill and thus be counted as a casualty? 2: I am confused about the chain of events surrounding a manned pilot when their TAG loses its last STR point. Rules from the "Pilot" section: This Special Skill allows the user to use an alternative Troop Profile. This Pilot Troop Profile is usable only after the trooper declares a Move Short Skill and specifies he will use it to Dismount his Manned TAG or Vehicle. The Pilot Troop Profile may also activate as a result of a successful enemy Hacking Program with that Effect. The Pilot of an Unconscious Vehicle or TAG generates no Orders for himself or for his Order Pool. The Pilot of an Unconscious Vehicle or TAG is not considered either as a survivor or a casualty for Victory Points, Retreat! or any other purposes. From the movement section (abridged): By declaring Move, a trooper may Mount or Dismount a Motorcycle, TAG, Vehicle, etc. at the start of his Movement at no cost, the new troop profile will be applied during the whole sequence of the Order. From the manned section (abridged): This Special Skill allows the user to receive Orders from its Order Pool despite being Unconscious. These Orders can only be used to Dismount the Pilot (see General Movement rules, Move), and use the Pilot's Troop Profile. A Manned trooper whose Pilot has dismounted cannot use its TAG or Vehicle Troop Profile to declare Orders or AROs. The TAG or Vehicle figure of a Manned trooper whose Pilot has dismounted is still a valid target for enemy attacks. If the TAG or Vehicle figure of a Manned trooper whose Pilot dismounted enters the Dead state, remove both the TAG or Vehicle and the Pilot from play. From the dead section (again abridged) If a trooper in the Normal state loses all the points of his Wounds/ Structure Attribute, and takes one or more extra points of damage, he enters the Dead state automatically. My Note: Because it confused me - TAGs do not get damaged or destroyed. They suffer wounds, fall unconscious, and then are dead just like models with the Wound characteristic. They are not scenery, markers, or equipment and do not follow any of those rules. They also dodge with a -6, because that rule is scattered elsewhere in the book, and why the hell not add it here...? So after hunting all this down (it would be nice to have all the TAG rules together in one place,) I think this is how it goes: 1: Manned TAG loses its last STR point going to exactly zero and enters the unconscious state. 1a: (Any further damage would destroy TAG and transfer wounds to pilot? It only actually says wounds transfer if the TAG has an ED? More than one wound would effectively kill the pilot twice as per dying from wounds AND the 4th bullet of the manned rule above. Is there somewhere that states wounds transfer on a non-ED TAG? Doesn't make sense not to...) 2: Pilot does NOT die or automatically dismount. 2a: (Assuming it does not have an ED system, of course.) 3: Unconscious TAG does NOT generate an order, but can use an order from the pool to declare the skill "Move" and dismount pilot. Pilot is placed on table in b2b with TAG and then can then move full distance? 3a: (This is a special case that somewhat contradicts movement rule listed above, as the pilot is not technically on the table at the beginning of the order, I think... The rules for dismount are a bit vague. I am looking at the rules for ED Level 1 for the b2b reference above. Could the pilot appropriate the unconscious TAG's order and declare shoot [or any other short skill, including move] for the second half? Unclear as the unconscious TAG spent the order and cannot declare anything other than "Move" to dismount the pilot. Pilot taking over the skill is likely though, as per the "new troop profile" clause of the movement rule listed above.) 4: Pilot can choose to hang out aimlessly in unconscious TAG rather than being dismounted. 4a: Ignore for TAGs with an ED. 5: Escaped pilots (from an unconscious TAG) do NOT generate an order as usual. 5a: Ignore for TAGs with an ED. 6: If, after pilot has escaped, the unconscious TAG loses one or more STR points, it and the vacated pilot are considered to be KIA and removed from table, both generating VPs to opponent. 6a: Ignore #6 for TAGs with an ED. 6b: Ghost: Remote Presence TAGs would ignore this entire process in exchange for a second level of unconsciousness, after further wounds yet, it would go to the Dead state. Does this mess sound right? Part of my confusion stems from the use of Wounded/Unconscious/Dead terminology with TAGs, as opposed to Wounded/Damaged/Destroyed terminology used with scenery and equipment. More confusion comes from that pilots do not get orders, but unconscious TAGs somehow do... Still more from the huge difference between manned TAGs with an ED vs. those without. Thanks.
  6. Great. Next time I replace my desk I'll have to steal your idea.
  7. As long as he gets a new profile to go with it I'm on board.
  8. One silhouette needs a 3x3, one does not. It doesn't matter which direction. Why is that complicated? I'd do away with the 3x3 thing totally myself and chance cover to any part of the silhouette obstructed to avoid ambiguity, but my opinions on what rules should be are pretty irrelevant.
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  10. Yeah Hospital doc with palbot is legit good (it can also help him advance if needed by drawing AROs on a first short skill). For that reason if I could squeeze another hospital knight in so I can take him unlinked I would. I think docs outside the link are very useful these days. Shame you have to choose one or the other.
  11. It's no different to any other attack, you can't hack a marker because hacking is an attack so you will delay your ARO, if they then reveal themselves (which is retroactive for the entire order) you may declare a hacking attack, if they don't reveal themselves then your ARO is lost. In terms of Co-ordinated Orders you must declare which marker you are delaying against.
  12. Witaj So where exactly are you from? We might be closer than you think
  13. Not sure if that's even listed on the car itself. If I were you I'd look into any documents you got when purchasing it, they should list a color. With any luck, it'll be listed as manufacturer's specific color instead of generic. Alternatively, you might look up a color swatch from that model so you can see what the available colors were - who knows, it might be distinctive enough to eyeball it.
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  15. The whole repack situation is quite unusual from the perspective of guessing what will be coming next, as repack blisters don't seem to take slots, but the SP support back sort of did. I say sort of because there were still 5 brand new releases, but it was a box and 4 blisters instead of 2 boxes and 3 blisters. Assuming a return to normality, my picks for June are: CHA starter - Rendered Riot Grrl box - rendered Bagh Mari HMG - Bostria said he he had held the minature in his hand and we have a render Zhanying Hacker BCR - Bostria said he he held seen the minautre in his hand and we have a render Kawarij something other than rifle - sniper shot Ninja sniper hacker repack (repaint?) I can't think of many more candidates for a boxed repack. Dozers with Muls maybe? You can't take one without the other, and I imagine CB will have noticed the only way to make people buy the dozer with the AK is to force them to. Aside from that, wouldn't surprise me if both Al Hawwa end up sharing a blister. Guilang too, but I'd much rather an update there, considering one could pick up the other and use him like a rifle.
  16. Here's a double post from my spaceship terrain board, I think you might find it useful New WIP, I've started on the last 2 base boards to take the table up to 6'x4' But I've cut a corner off each of the boards The idea being that I can now rearrange the boards to create a wide variety of different spaceship deck plans as below And for even more variety here is a small atmosphere capable freighter docked to an asteroid mining base Hope you enjoy Robert
  17. Had one move over to a badly deployed Joan, into his 0 range and almost kill her. Got flash pulsed by a tech bee though. Hunza finished the job though. Turn 2 he spec fired a few things dead after surviving lots of heavy fire in reactive and plonked down some mines in the capture zone. Got shot in the back by a Crusader in the second reactive turn. He did a good job . Will definitely use one again. Haven't tried the HRL yet.
  18. New WIP, I've started on the last 2 base boards to take the table up to 6'x4' But I've cut a corner off each of the boards The idea being that I can now rearrange the boards to create a wide variety of different spaceship deck plans as below And for even more variety here is a small atmosphere capable freighter docked to an asteroid mining base I'll double post this on the Strikezone Wotan ideas board Robert
  19. Copying​ some heads using the Oyumary molds (also sold as Instant Mold by CMON or as Blue Stuff by GreenStuffWorld) is probably the best option.
  20. @ChoKonnit I'm currently rethinking my order that I sent to you in a pm. I'll reply to the pm when I have made my final decision.
  21. Col, the question if they opt not to use stealth (for whatever reason...) is the delay obligatory to get a chance to hack after the second short skill is declared and reveals the marker as a model? its a super edge case, but we see this as becoming relevant for drawing out potential ARO's from models - especially if this marker participated in a coordinated order for example.
  22. Well done. Hopefully I'll be able to recreate this.
  23. @Commoner1 Congrats! It's not strange to have some guys stand around even if they are very strong. If you don't need em you don't need em. The worst thing you can do is force a guy to act when it's not ideal just for the sake of using it. I've had drops never come in because it was always better for another guy to act. TAGs and Intruders as well. Once you're on the board the point costs melt away and all that matters is what you have and what it can do. You should never under estimate a guy that can shoot on 13! Especially with an MSV2. I wouldn't worry about using SWC. A lot of my lists use half my SWC on my Lt. tax and little stuff like Panzerfaust or Adhesive Launchers. Last list had 1 SWC for Alguacil Lt., 1 SWC for Intruder ADHL, and 1 more for a Moran and Jaguar. The actual amount spent on weapons was a total of 2. At this point you know what to change better than I do! It takes multiple matches to get a good grip on a unit, so don't try to figure it out on one go. But don't be afraid to drop a guy until a later date if he is not working for you. Even if people swear by something different people seem to make drastically different use from a guy.
  24. You cannot declare attacks (which includes hacking) against a marker, if you delay and they then reveal themselves you may declare a hacking attack. Remember markers have stealth so they can often prevent you from getting an ARO at all unless they reveal.
  25. He definitely said different head, the helmet is pure speculation on my part though.
  26. Man Achilles: Corinthian Helmet Limited Edition would rock. Because obviously what the game needs most right now is more Achilles sculpts
  27. Genius!
  28. This may be an edge case but it has come up in our gaming group lately. Here's a hypothetical situation: In my reactive turn, an enemy model deployed as a camo marker activates and spends its first skill in range of one of my active repeaters. I have assault and killer hackers deployed on the field with no line of fire to the camo marker in question and out of the marker's ZoC. As I am unaware as to whether the camo marker is hackable, should my hackers declare an ARO as 'delay' anticipating that the marker may reveal to be hackable? If they do not declare delay, and the marker chooses to reveal with the second skill to be something like a Hac Tao hacker (hackable by both), am I now able to declare hacking attacks in response to their second skill or has the opportunity to hack been lost due to a failed declaration of 'delay'? Against a marker, valid ARO's are delay, idle, dodge or discover. Discover & dodge require LOF (or dodge, change facing if in a shared ZoC with no LoF and the marker is waiving the use of stealth). Since we're talking no LoF and no shared ZoC dodge, discover and change facing are not valid ARO's, leaving idle as valid & the nature of the repeater's ZoC questionable for the use of 'delay'. Hackers can use friendly repeaters' ZoC for hacking purposes, does this mean they can also use the repeaters' ZoC for the purpose of declaring delay with the intent of hacking if the marker reveals to be hackable?
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