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  2. I think I would prefer a Multi Marksman Rifle, IA is probably gonna be tight on swc much like ISS, an swc less mid range option would be good.
  3. I am not saying we SHOULD lose the Aleph stuff, just that if we wanna cut out of faction stuff in ISS I would rather it be replacing Aleph stuff with YJ stuff than getting rid of our Mercs. I definitely feel you on the losing model part though (I miss Kodali) Seconded, Sophotect has her advantages, but I have to say I dislike the "All egg in one backet" approach when it comes to specialists.
  4. The one that has teached his opponents that the easiest way for MO to be defeated in scenarios is to kill the obvious knight LT the second round if playing first or the first if playing second? knights are tough but nothing survives a dedicated kill attempt and knights are too valuable to not be somewhere dangerous. Switch and all alive group are not in my theory radar until they officially settle somewhere.
  5. Sounds correct. Who was link leader would have been irrelevant only so far as he risked the link needlessly by using the Crane as leader. Another example of when using Stealth is slightly sub-optimal. Emperor protects his servants.
  6. I have finally finished assembling some terrain I bought. Before I try using it in actual play, I was hoping to get some questions answered and get a few opinions on things. I do not have a 4'x4' surface at home that I can set it up on, so I used the dining room table (apologies for the table cloth!) and scattered a few miniatures and silhouettes around to hopefully give a sense of scale. The photos can be found here on Imgur. The main terrain involves eight MDF buildings: Four 4''x4'' buildings. Two 4''x8'' buildings Two L-shaped buildings, 8'' along their long edges and 4'' along their short edges. All buildings have removable rooftops and, in theory, can stack on top of each other (which I demonstrated in one case). I say "in theory," because the rooftops were manufactured a little small for my liking. I had to use a hobby knife to shave-back every building to get the rooftops on and to be able to stack them (I have no idea what this means for the long-term durability of these items!). One of the 4''x8'' buildings still will not stack even after shaving, so I gave up on it. I originally planned to paint them, but the tight-fitting rooftops have put me off this. All buildings are tall enough to provide Total Cover to S7, and the walls along the rooftops provide Partial Cover for S1-6. Most buildings have narrow doors only S1-2 can use, but some buildings have wider doors that S3-4 can also use. I also have several one-story, two-story and three-story ladders I can attach to provide easier rooftop access. For scatter terrain (a mix of MDF and greyboard), I have: 10 fences (Total Cover for S1, Partial Cover for S2-7). 2 dumpsters (Total Cover for S1, Partial Cover for S2-7). 2 airconditioner units (Total Cover for S1, Partial Cover for S2-7). 2 power generators (Total Cover for S1, Partial Cover for S2-7). 2 public toilets (Total Cover for S1-5, Partial Cover for S6-7). 2 public computer terminals (Total Cover for S1-5, Partial Cover for S6-7). Not shown in the photos, but I also have the cardboard terrain from Operation: Icestorm (four buildings and six containers). My first question is whether or not this is enough terrain large, either with or without the Icestorm buildings? If it is not enough, or only enough with the Icestorm terrain, I would like to expand it with non-urban terrain (eg hills, forests), so about how much of this should I add? The buildings are stackable. How much of this would you recommend doing? Should I only stack after I have more large terrain to fill the gaps this would create? I can provide ladders up to three stories, but that seems a little too high to me (it could result in ugly match-ups). I have three-story ladders, but three stories seems too high to me and might create nasty scenarios (eg Ninja Sniper). Am I overestimating the advantages of this and it would be fine? Most of the doors into buildings are only wide enough for S1-2. There are some wider doors S3-4 can use, but those are too short for S5. I was thinking of allowing models with a W characteristic that are larger than S4 to enter the buildings, but they have to treat the doorway as Difficult Terrain (stop, then use their second MOV value to pass through it). I figured this would simulate the bulky unit ducking through a tight doorway rather than simply blocking them out. Does this sound like a good plan? Is that enough scatter terrain, either with or without the Icestorm crates? I kind of have my eye on the 'holo-ad' type terrain I see around, but if I do not need it right away I will put that purchase off until a later date. Alternatively, should I have some different types of scatter terrain to make things more interesting? The fences have bases they stand on. I was thinking of saying a model is in cover so long as it is in base-to-base with the fence's base rather than the up-right part of the fence (let the minis stay on a level surface). Is that OK?
  7. He technically has two though Are we really discussing this, anyway?
  8. Or Ectros/Neema The Gorgos/Iggy would have 4 native. Considering how scary the Gorgos and his buddy is...
  9. I foud a Joan to be the best option MO has.Yup, she has some units you are to take every time (warcor, bee, switch and\or cipher for cheap orders and some bulleteers or lone knights to coordinate), but other options seems to be weaker in different ways. Fusi Lt will never spend his Lt order useful, so will linked knights, but Fusi is too vulnurable also. A single knight can utilise his Lt order but you want such expencive unit to storm enemy's DZ of midfield so he'll die easily leaving you in LoL. Sepulchre may live long enough 'cause of holo2, but in my book possible benefits isn't worth the risk.
  10. @FatNezumi Just to answer your specific queries: Shaolin Monks appeared in 6/12 Vanilla Yu Jing lists. Exactly 50%, which is why they did not appear on the frequently not infrequently used lists. Anything not listed anywhere is probably close to 50% usage. In my mind, 40-60% is probably good enough to use in the average list, but not so good you cannot leave it out, so is probably reflecting good internal balance. I could be wrong, but that is my opinion on this! Su-Jian were not listed because there were only two ISS players. As I said in the introduction, where there are only two players there is not enough data to be especially interesting, so I only listed things always used or never used. The Su-Jian was used in 6/12 Vanilla lists and 3/4 Imperial Service lists. That is pretty frequent and would likely have appeared on an 'frequently used' list if there were simply more ISS players.
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  12. thx @ Janzerker, alphz und Savnock. but thats exactly why i expekted them both in the "out include" list or at least "frequent". But Shaolin didnt show up all.(at least on the lists). I also thought Su-jian would show up more often in Iss since it seems like sutch a monster-rambo-thing.
  13. Despite i want the same I'm afraid we'll never see this happend at least 'cause there is a miniature with ML. But on the other hand CB loves Bolts so they could release an another Bolt miniature carrying a HRL in "beyong beyong icestorm" box next year:)
  14. HRL is a pretty good weapon, getting the template cheap is great. ML is really good but I don't use them much because my opponents take advantage of both of the weird rangebands, getting far with a sniper or close with a HMG/Spitfire. Plus the B for active. I prefer the weapon to be more flexible.
  15. Well, don't wanna question your skill but it seems like your mistake in the 1st game and your opponent's in the 2nd, so Bolts were not decisive unit here. Still you said one extremely important thing: Bolts should have Haris profile to make them usefull or competitive, at least a bit. And yes, i know Haris problem had been said before many times, but i want an another warcor to see the problem at least. So if multiple warcors will tell CB 'bout this may be one day we'll see Bolts playable:) Excuse me for repeating this again, but... - It's not about veteran itself, it's about synergy in sectorial. Bolts pay for this skill but use it only if you made some deployment mistakes or took and lost a Squalo Lt. And there's no variety 'cause other agressive Lt choises are arguable not worth to be taken: Aquila's multi has too short range to use it agressively turn 1, while any Orc profile is mediocre at best. - Nope, they aren't correctly priced at least because of combi+lsg, this is the wierdiest loadout in the game: you pay for a combi rifle that is more expensive than a simlpe rifle, pay for a lsg, but both your weapons have overlapping +BS range. And yes, like smb said before: 25pts for a drop bear profile is insulting, like 1 pts per a mine while 3 mines cost about 1-2 pts.
  16. HRL would have been a good Bolt weapon actually. It's rare in PanO, unique in NCA, distinct from Fusiliers, dirt cheap cost to offset the shotgun tax, and useful in both 3 and 5 man links as an active turn weapon (unlike a missile launcher, in my opinion, where you really need the +3 BS and Sixth Sense to maximize defensive use.)
  17. Hello everyone! Long time nomad player diving into Caledonia head first. Mainly just been theory-crafting so far but I was wondering what others thought were the hardest missions for the sectoral to do. I want to play them to see what I can accomplish. Using it as a testing grounds for Arizona Armageddon which may be joint operations in season 9. I figure highly classified would be one of the hardest with hacking and engineering. I'll be missing the hell out of tomcats and bandits that's for sure lol. Some of the others that have my attention are area control missions. Between cheap squishy units and impetuous it might take more planning to take/hold control. I'll worry about what I am facing when the time comes. Just want to get a feel for the faction at their hardest Thanks!
  18. Super-excited about Tunguska! The Grenzer is, sadly, not that great right now. It doesn't really fit a niche. If they were to give it Mimetism and turn it into the Nomads version of the Bagh Mari, I'd change my mind in a heartbeat...but as it stands, it's not tough enough or fast enough to be worth its points.
  19. Grenzers are very mediocre right now. Even if they will get a link, they are too expensive. They need a cost reduction or some tech buff.
  20. If it's true, why would this appear in missions like Frontline?
  21. [ Assuming that I'm also included in the TacNet conversation, Lawrence did mention wanting to get one of those Aragoto bikes, so adding the regulation program to it would simply 'add to his experience'... ]
  22. Whats your inventory look like, im interested in buying. Seriously though I dont think you will find anyone who thinks tohaa arnt getting changes with our first sectoral.
  23. only because it's the only doc/engineer in the list. I'd much rather have access to the cheaper Zanshi Doc and Engineer.
  24. Way beyond mine... the worst part is if there isn't a missing SWC they aren't even fooled by a decoy Algacuil. One more advantage to Hellcat HMG >:))) From my experience with Wildcats played in this way it is important to balance placing the additional troops in good, disruptive defensive positions but not in a spot that is easy to kill and lower your link bonuses. If you just hide them you have a lot of wasted strength. The other thing is placing them so that once the link breaks you can still maneuver the remaining Combis/BSG to be useful. So good offensive positions as well. And of course this formation makes a Lt. seem more reasonable as they won't be charging out... but then you need to balance putting it in a risky spot or putting it in a spot that makes it look like a Lt. Links can be hard to deal with. Sometimes it is nice to play my Alguaciles because you almost can't mess up with them, a higher cost link takes a lot more practice and thought. I have been surprised by how strong an unlinked Wildcat is with their Combi when things go sour. Getting a good idea of what you can do with one if his buddies go down is useful. Especially in a "firebase" type link that is designed to take fire. I typically go just Spitfire, but a combination with HRL has been strong. I've never tried 2 HRL (my closest to what you're looking to try) because of the 2 SWC, so I don't really know what to say about that. And it's just hard for me to drop the 16 BS 5 B rolls, so good.
  25. What heathen uses a Fusilier (or advocates for an Order Sergeant) LT, when there are KNIGHTS to lead the show? Probably going to end up with a Father-Knight for my LT in the Mercedarians, since I think De Fersen is a bit too vulnerable as a hacker to be my LT.
  26. I did not realise he loose all the anti TAG/HI/remote programs, well that kinda sucks. I stil think hes great but I should probably not use him as my only hacker. I guess a LT hacker backed up by an e-drone is pretty safe or even an umbra legate if im feeling it Really like the rerolls for failed hacks, its kinda like addring a burst 2 when defending against hacking, also the -3 mod on enemy hackers if you go second seems interesting.
  27. True, I forgot he was the one drone without! Point still stands though, it can get a lot of work done in the active & reactive phase if you think about it as an attacking specialist piece that incidentally brings some pretty nifty other buffs.
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