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  2. Shit. I'm gonna have to go over to the WarTent and see what's up with 8th. Damn it.
  3. You'll note that there is a special exception in Stealth allowing you to move-move and end in base contact without triggering any AROs, so long as you remain out of LoF for the entire move. That was put in specifically to address issues similar to this corner scenario. They were not able to come up with wording for every possible situation, however.
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  5. some bad things can happen in those two years, don't call it plastic crack for nothing.
  6. You've got about two years (or maybe less, depending on how fast the codices come out...) until GW brings it (the bloated mess) back.
  7. So I've been playing some 40K eighth and its fun again and quick, what happened to the bloated game that took two hours to play rushing, what happened to the game i didn't miss playing?
  8. Totally agree man. Games can be won or lost with an assault hacker taking your TAG. HD assault hackers even more so. Killers are good for the balance. I just think they're too good for how cheap they are. There's just very little opportunity cost... 0 swc. 3 points and you get a specialist and very high odds of cancelling most attempts at your opponent playing a hacking game. assualt hackers are in a good spot. Could probably stand to be slightly cheaper and the possession programs have worse odds of working. Killer hackers need a downside, and I think removing the 'ignore firewall' would do it. It means you'd actually have to hunt down enemy hackers, and your opponent could invest in fairy dust or what have you to reduce lethality.
  9. I have talked about this repeatedly before so won't hash over old points in detail but generally I always feel bad about using it yes. I understand the mechanics function but feel is has been very poorly implemented. I've yet to meet someone who felt ok the first time it happened, and do try to warn players ahead of time if I see them setting a position where I'll need to use this trick. it could have been wrapped into stealth, to a- make that skill actually useful for CC rather than avoiding hacking and b- differentiate models adept at closing the distance versus the rest. I don't think this trick needed to be a "core" mechanic. If it is to remain so, it needs to get inline with ther other core mechanics in feeling fluid D intuitive.
  10. I don't think the Alert! trick would work even if it didn't require LoF. The models alerted wouldn't turn around until the resolution phase anyway, when you're already in CC. I've had a similar reaction from an opponent, and I understand why (it feels unintuitive and therefore gamey) but it is important to realise this interaction is confirmed as deliberate, so they need to learn it to play it properly. A good way to counter it is to deploy models spread out but so they can see each other - that way the target model may not be able to shoot but another model probably can - maybe even on a normal roll. Personally in a casual game if an opponent was really taken back by it I would probably offer to take it back this once (because they didn't know) if they liked but make it clear that's the way the rule works and that's the way I will play with them in future. I think that shows you're not being a dick, while still emphasizing the need to generally play the game as designed.
  11. @ 2) wouldn't you not lose your ARO if you don't get an ARO? Ie at step 2 you don't have LOF and they're not in ZOC. You say 'I think I might have a ZOC ARO, so I delay it' and then they walk into LOF so you declare a BS Attack. The BS attack would still be valid. You'd only lose your ARO at 2) if you got the ARO due to LOF (or Hacking Area). Correct?
  12. As Solkan said, IMO you can already do that with any non camo/martial art troop who lacks stealth. Allowing stealth user to drop stealth to do what regular guys can already do, is ethical. Not using stealth is not "getting an advantage" it is "opting to not get the penalty that stealth gives because if the rule were working properly stealth should be a paid-for advantage not a penalty" I agree, the rule should have been better planed such that a skill you paid for should give you an advantage. Right now if you don't opt out you are penalized compared to model who don't have stealth. That is bad design. At least they made Stealth optional and not obligatory.
  13. I fire up World of Tanks for the first time in a few weeks and I see they're shilling a tank from another game; Valkyria Chronicles. Costs 19,000 gold to get this tank. By the looks of it, that's over £50 I'd have to spend to get it. Fucking hell, I'd have reservations over spending £50 on an entire *game* never mind a new skin with higher numbers. 0_o
  14. I love the Spitfire one as a cheap gunboat, but it's hardly an inspiring role for them. In my Joan armored list, it's cheap BS 14 HI Spitfire and disposable enough to deal a ton of damage and then not care too much if you lose it while sapping a bunch of enemy effort to do so (especially if suppressing from a sensible location). I think they have a role (cheap, disposable, borderline suicidal HI) but they do need something small I think to help them without driving up the cost - there are a ton of HI in both MO and vanilla once you're talking 40-50 points-worth, and they aren't going to compete there without drastic changes (e.g. the aforementioned Eclipse Smoke).
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  16. I must admit, I'm not hugely impressed by all this big talk coming from PanO. I mean for all this military dickwaving, we're here to fight the Combined Army and I think they've managed to claim momentary control over exactly one location so far. Now remind me where was that again... Oh yes! Sygtir! Maybe the honourable ambassadors should convey to their masters a suggestion of less empty threats towards allies and more actually dealing with the Alien Menace? Hmmmm?
  17. Correct, you measure after everything is declared and if the target was outside ZoC the your ARO is illegal and becomes an idle.
  18. That's a lot of Commandos. Is the double Kaeltar because both of them are being in Triads and up against enemy fire?
  19. So guys we are 9 months into future (so surely something could be born in this time), how are your thoughts on Teutons? Did you used them? Do you have good idea what would make you take them? Did they do well when you used them? <where do I get points for necromancy?>
  20. Running Grrls at 200pts is pretty well always going to leave you short of specialists. I'd take a KHD Zero over the AHD, drop the BSG Morlock to a CRAP leaving you with 6pts/0.5SWC. That either gets you a 4th Morlock or upgrades the Moderator Paramedic to a Hacker.
  21. That was his reasoning. And this why etymology and context is important. Paracommando is a contraction derived from parachute-commando. And parachute is from the French for 'fall-protection'. Whereas Paramedic is a medical technician with para from the Greek for 'equivalent to'. Although - to confuse matters - Google tells me that there is an alternative (paramedic as a contraction of parachute-medic) in cold war military usage; but this strikes me as specialist jargon.
  22. I'd like to clarify how Sixth Sense and Holding ARO's should be declared. I would play it in a way in which you would not measure till all orders are declared so the turn would look like: 1) I think an enemy unit is in the ZOC of a friendly unit 2) I declare to hold my ARO assuming they are in ZoC. If they are not I have lost my ARO. 3) Enemy unit declares and Action 4) I declare an action assuming I have an ARO. 5) Measuring is done to see if actions are successful This is the way think it's done. If you are forced to measure before order declaration to see if SS is valid you are giving information like if you are in optimal shotgun, DTW or rifle ranges.
  23. Pretty much the only thing that can reliably fight a Dansavas is a KHD using Lightning (through their own repeater to be safe, and with Surprise Shot to be sure). Maestro is a legitimately BS program: 2 Mods, Breaker and the ability to do multiple wounds. Dansavas HD+ is a better Hacker than an Interventor HD+ as a result.
  24. That leaves QK which have yaun yaun. They'll do the job if the link is near a table edge. If they link is on the rooftops it's a little harder. Can you give a hint of the usual links you face. If it's a high arm link it's a bit different compared to mimism link.
  25. Linking Wallace with the Galwegians may not be the best link team out there but the amount of damage they can bring is something you cannot ignore, as the latest article on Caledonian Sectorial army states. TAG hunting anyone. If you use them correctly they can be a huge asset for a low cost (points wise) only 6pts and you have a guided missile that will hit whatever you aim them at.
  26. Ok: The Bakunin flagged junk freighter Marcus Garvey, note the Deva and containers for scale. He is in two parts, the drive and container section being separate. Still need to work out a good base for it and it might need touch ups but I figure Fuck it, I want to get it on the table for Wotan. Front end is a green lantern ball shooting toy with some other nerf gun thing on the end, a spice wrack for mid section, and nerf tripod for the back. Here is the front end. It will get an antena array added from the bright spot, and some colored plastic in the bridge. Here is the back end, using a funnel for a base right now, the containers are just blue-taced on to what was formerly a spice wrack. I plan to put magnet strips along them eventually so I can stick containers on. Crap pics as usual, but here is the airlock, fancy sticker to be added to the inside and a light as well. And to go across from it: here is the Anthemusa. Not sure her flaging yet. She startet as a nomad vessel but now I m having doubts. We will see. She opens up for a bridge as well, there is a small rear section engine room but it doesnt look great. This one is largely unaltered, it is a starwars ATAT from the clone wars era minus legs and head. The plan is to put these two across the table from eachother and scatter containers, debris, and asteroids between them so that there is something to fight over, as if the freighter was disabled by sabotage while hiding out and the other is approaching to collect a prize. They can't fire on the Garvey for fear of loosing the cargo and crew, and don't want to put themselves directly in view for fear of point defense. Or some other loose reason for why the whole battle isn't resolved at 50,000 KM. I plan to put this all together for a big Wotan report as soon as I can get the hours necessary with a fully painted opponent.
  27. Sorry wrong post.... Second time lucky, this may help you in your decision on Caledonia:
  28. Took a lot of time to accomplish, but here it is - my latest report, Any comments appreciated gouys
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