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  2. After GenCon and the Interplantario last year, @Koni posted hires copies of the dossiers from @bostria's seminars. Is there any chance this could happen again?
  3. Some stuff that I believe wasn't on the rumble seminar: General - artworks/dossiers shown will be available later - Yuan Yuan will be available to another, nonhuman army apart from Qapu Khalqi - Knauf will work for FRRM (as well as all non sectorial human armies) Strikezone Wotan - Strikezone Wotan may have some system to reward active communities like clubs/gamestores/locals (no further info given) - Troops with Zero G get extra movement in special areas - certain weapons will get damage bonuses during boarding actions - after cutoff dates Mission areas become impossible to conquer to keep the campaign moving - as the campaign goes on Tohaa and Combined Space Ships will appear Luxumbra -nothing new Inside CB - Carlos Torres used data collected by Infinity Army to choose the Zhanying Breaker Rifle as TAGline - we will see another/multiple short films Concept Art - general release Jeanne d'Arc will not have a Saber-style hairbun, but "free flowing hair" - Caledonian Volunteers are themed after the series Outlander - no specialists for Wulvers - Tartary Army Corps (Kazak Sectorial) next thing for Ariadna but still "a long time away" - Nomad Tinbot isn't final - ALEPH 300pts Army Pack to be released before GenCon - 300p Army Packs will not include the Starterbox in the future to not collide with it Q&A - Acon Regular Hacker will be single Blister with Fast Panda - Tunguska will get a new figure this year, no details - Tunguska will possibly get an Army Pack along the lines of the USARF upon release (maybe 2018) - Scarface will stop being available to everyone after TAGline ends - Andromeda and Black Jack need complicated design, concept art may happen after GenCon - Double Minis blisters will come back, Ninja Sniper and Hacker mentioned as double blister - Civialian sculpts are not a priority - Tohaa sectorial is named Triumvirate - no new Cateran in the immediate future - Second Taskmaster sculpt "will happen" - Varuna may have a troop with Engineer
  4. The Asawaira can be sad, they know what they did. and Yasbir's just a really good Fiday and i prefer not to use established characters.
  5. Yasbir and the Asawira Regiment are sad.
  6. its a Fiday, only Hassasin unit with a martial arts level:
  7. Sadly this is the first time i heard of these guys (i must keep an eye on them though, while looking around i see this in the banner, and as a rule i tend to fully support insane people in the hobby), so no, sorry, if i had seen them you can bet i'd have a local copy as it's precisely things like these that have completely killed my trust on anything ever remaining permanently on the net. Your best bet at this point would be to directly ask them for the files, and hopefully set up a mirror for the future.
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  9. The new YuJing-Stater also features 3 LI, 1 MI and 2 HI. So it kind of mirrors that configuration. Then, on the other hand, it includes a specialist (hacker) with special deployment options (AD) and considreably more different weapon types, including an SWC weapon and a MSV2. Compared to this, the Caledonian Starter seems pretty unispired, with no good specialists despite the rank and file options, no regular chamo and/or infiltration and 'only' T2-rifles. I guess they will not include a HMG volunteer. Maybe even no chainrifle volunteer... The old starter seemed to make more sense. Good to hear, that the Wulvers' scale is still okay. In this case I would not mind them not getting updated. Now that you mentioned it, the box configurations really seem odd with Wulvers being AVA4. Designwise I really like them alot. Also the old Cameronian is still pretty cool. Maybe I will get me a couple of Scottish dogs and start painting Highlanders while I wait for the new starter to arrive... And maybe add Uxia and/or some other SAS.
  10. I reckon CB have got some huge super magic excel spreadsheet full of formulas and VLOOKUPs or pivot tables or something Just kidding, it's nice to know that there is a balanced system they use without hand adjustments
  11. Cool! Very nice work!
  12. is there a working copy of this anywhere, all the links come up bingo when i click on the.
  13. I think you're absoloutely right.about the lighting! Should play around with the lamps more!
  14. tactica

    This and that RTF was the first of the new sectorials which were designed, and that they are playtesting them now. It is also a possibility that we might see a release before the book, like with USARF which includes ITS useability. But he didnt say that in conjunction with RTF, so this is really just a possibility. I think it would have to be something different, because the mixing is so common since HSN3. Why would he tell us about that, if it was the same like with the other sectorials. The HAfza like mixing would be a special thing, but that would step on QKs toes again, so I dont think its that either.
  15. @Saint... This is very beautifully written and quite interesting detailing from an Alien (but "not-so-alien" !!) mindset of a Tohaa... It almost inspire Me to draw an illustration about it; while the Makaul protagonist is clearly identifiable in Conceptual Art idea, I could not fathom what specific Hashashin You wanted to imply as "Sparring Blade-Dancer"... I almost visualize Him (Her...??) as a sort of "Arabic / Tuareg Ninja" much like some Optional Skins for the Genji Character of Overwatch, that transform something that was clearly inspired from "Silver Fox, the Cyberninja" from Metal Gear Solid into what could spring forth from a "Prince Of Persia" screenshot.....!!!
  16. Ok, got it Maybe a Rasyat should be more useful to intercept and block snipers quickly. He's stealth (so she can't "sense" him approaching) and a rough one in close-combat. A more expensive trick might be a spotlight attack (or a FO attack) with a camo-unit (MSVlvl2 can't deny the surprise shot malus) and a smart missile launcher. There's no kind of smoke that can do something against that. But it's a more risky maneuver
  17. I should add that Kodansha Books just released a Deluxe Edition of Ghost in the Shell, hardcover and reading R to L Japanese style (instead of photo-reversed like the Dark Horse Comics releases). Actually, it's 3 books, GitS, GitS1.5, and GitS2. A bit spendy, but worth it!
  18. I was experimenting with weathering. And it was fun. So...
  19. I decided to buy the Artbook of the upcoming movie as an inspiration for Infintiy and now i cant wait for the movie. The pictures in the book show the stunning artwork of the props and concept art together with alot of information. Especially with they eyes from Batou, what you see in the trailer, well his eyes are part of costume and makeup not CGI enhanced in the trailers, so i think its the best you could do for something nearly sitting on the eyes of the actor. Well i guess this could be part of the story to discover herself which is a big part of the GitS story. My guess would be Mira Killian is a cover name which the Major uses till she finds out who she really is. I can recommend the Artbook cause its realy high quality, information and inspiration.
  20. Thank you for the quick and numrous replies! @Col Thanks for the math, sees I wasn't completely wrong using the Charontid for the job. I wasn't in good rangeband at first though, simply because Atalanta was deployed further back and me to due to wanting to start in cover. I then moved up to get into better rangebands but had to move across the open field so, yeah. My opponent also simply refused to roll low with his ARO, and then rolled a double crit in his active turn. A Q-Drone with assisted fire up would probably have even slightly better math than the Rodok. The problem with that then is that you might only get one shot because at least my resident SP player will always stick a myrmidon office next to her for smoke (AROs). @Captain Leonatos I was actually wishing for a Rasyat just to be able to lay down smoke en route to the HVT - we were playing Highly Classified with Innoculation and the other one for the HVT, so that would've helped a lot. I don't play Onyx though. The Overdron I did try twice, both times not managing to do much with it (1x Rocket Launchers 1x HRMC). And again I'd have the problem with the Myrmidon officer simply throwing smoke to block LOS. @Kwisatz Haderach A speculo would've had to go through a whole Myrmidon link to get to her unfortunately (deployment wise). I didn't have an Umbra with me for White Noise either. And I had to shoot her because she could see quite a lot of the board and especially the HVT. Bottom line seems to be that there are ways to deal with her, just not any great ones and depending on what you bring you just have to hope for the best and try to work around her somehow.
  21. Thanks a lot @Thaddius Looks like I'm using quite a similar one but funny enough to note how different the result is @Edster if you'll start an arcology thread, let us now. I'm curious about your cardboard terrain. @BaleWolf your ninja has a kind of statuesque render to me (maybe the ultimate camo) but I definitely find it cool. @JoshTheStampede come on, don't be shy and put some zoom here
  22. nice. And a good sparring session is like a dance (which explains why I suck at sparring, I can't dance)
  23. Nicely done, though nobody wants a pistol with that much bluing worn off, it would let the pistol start to rust (and re-painting or re-bluing is relatively cheap). That's 20+years of service, in and out of the holster constantly level of wear.
  24. Very nice! (might want some more light for your photos, though)
  25. Bostria actually made a point of addressing this, basically saying Haqq are the smartest ones of all the factions, as the asteroid has ice, from which you can get water and oxygen, so they actually have access to the most sustainable platform in the conflict. It may not be as glamorous as a shiny new ship, but it's by far the more practical and sustainable choice in a prolonged space conflict.
  26. Of the difference in the Bolt vs Bagh-Mari, the two most costly items are the extra BS on the Bolt and the MSV on the Mari. I can't tell which one is most expensive, though I suspect BS. So if we compare it slightly differently (and I'd argue more honestly) and also cancel out the multiterrain with BTS and WIP with BTS (that we know are all roughly 1-cost): [BS 13, Bioimmunity, Veteran] vs [BS 12, MSV 1, Mimetism] Looking closer at this, we know that Mimetism has some pretty damned funky costs (1 point on CA TR HM REMS while I refuse to accept that BS 13 on Reverend Healer is roughly 7 points compared to Raiden sniper, so it's clearly more than 1 point on Reverend). Whether this qualifies as hand-adjustment or not, it's still damned strange. As far as I can tell both Bioimmunity and Veteran are cheap skills (sub-5 - most likely the pair is sub-5). So as far as I can tell, once again it is the very high Pan-O BS that makes the unit expensive and not the other abilities. In either case, it looks like what it comes down to is Bioimmunity+Veteran versus Mimetism. With the caveat that the units will be compared as a whole. But let's play with the thought of 14-point BS 12 Bolts and 23-points BS 13 Bagh-Maris - is the Bagh still so much better?
  27. With my PanO, I always used to: 1. Kill every exposed model without mercy with superior firepower. 2. Rambo with something if enough orders. Usually with a tough unit (like HI; ramboing with W1 can be a waste of orders due to bad rolls; the exxeption was Auxilia with Auxbots). 3. Position and/or complete objectives. Still formulating my Hassassin strategies, but: - Fidays give more first turn killing options without order-intensive ramboing. - I've had great success with running a Muyib-Asawira haris forward into a good position with cover and putting them on suppressive fire. - Putting down some mines and repeaters is always good. - Ramboing Ghazis is always good. Or just placing them inteligently. Poslano z mojega ONE A2003 z uporabo Tapatalk
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