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  2. Sometimes you just need to ramble for rambling's sake. Seriously though, it's the same one Danger Rose made. The point is that many people assume Minelayer is supposed to create subterfuge in the form of an additional camo marker that we know nothing about, but all we can actually be sure it's supposed to do is place a Camo'd mine on the table. We don't actually know how relationships like these are affected by Combat Group affiliation being open info, because CB never bothered to clarify that statement. CB's eventual rulings have often shown that something players take for granted as a benefit was not necessarily intended. The original Minelayer rule was created back before anyone thought to ask if combat groups were open info (including CB apparently). This whole issue is a throwback to CBs old MO of assuming people just understood things that weren't actually written in the rules (i.e.- precisely how to deploy models and the timing of revealing their info), and feeling like they didn't need to clarify them. It's unfortunate that they still don't see the need to clarify certain things, and seem to have returned to their old ways ignoring things and not wanting to edit their rules (which, from what I hear, is attributed to Gutier's ego, and the way he can sometimes perceive legitimate questions as attacks/criticism).
  3. So after you've had some ITS9 under your belt, do you still stand by this observation? I'm thinking Neema looks like a strong candidate now with the whole Datatracker rule. Taq combo is fantastic BTW. Cheers!
  4. Odd that they would retire a model
  5. It's not about the order, it's about the combat group. So you declare one camo token(Zero) is part of the first combat group... but what are you saying about the camo token(mine)? See below.
  6. The HMG is a direct replacement.
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  8. I'm a little sad that the Druze Spitfire is out of the list. MIstake maybe?
  9. Did you ever reach a point in your ramble though?
  10. So you don't have to reveal the group they belong to on the turn they enter/reveal, you don't have to reveal what group irregulars belong to and you don't have to reveal what group markers belong to during reactive or deployment turns? Please note that generating an order isn't explicitly private or open information, you are never told by Hidden Deployment to keep the order generation private so I am not sure your logic here is waterproof. Using your logic, the generation of orders for HD and AD must be revealed (and it's not much of a stretch to imagine that whether the order generated is AD or HD must also be revealed using this logic). We are told by the Order Pool rules that the status and expenditure of the pool and its resources is open information, but this is not sufficient to include the source of where those orders came from.
  11. Yes, but not in that context. It's a farcical suggestion.
  12. 'I don't need 11 Morlocks'* vs 'Ooh if I convert them I can get a Morlock for every Metachemistry roll'... *Original 4 + Bak Starter + Gata + 8Ball + new Box
  13. Alternatively, the Rodok link could declare a full order jump and that will allow your Nexsus to jump as well. Its only if your declare a short order jump that the nexsus would idle. If all you want to do is jump up and down to shoot over cover, its not a big deal if the nexsus is idle during that order. Personally, I think the Legate works best outside of any links. The Nexsus is a nice way to make the Rodok link a little cheaper.
  14. Lol, this is ridiculous. This has been a question since before N3 and still not stated clearly enough anywhere to prevent arguments. Only if you make certain assumptions about what benefits the rule is meant to convey. Players have assumed all kinds of wrong things about this game, for years at a time. For instance; how impetuous movement works, how guts movement works, what it takes to be affected by smoke, etc (all pre-N3 examples). A particularly relevant example is how people used to think you rolled for your across the mid-point infiltration in private, simply because it was a TO camo model using the skill and it maintained the hidden deployment subterfuge (I wouldn't be surprised if there are still players out there who think that's how it works). Want to see how "useful" minelayer is in this capacity, try not answering your opponent when they ask to know the number of deployables a non camo minelayer has left (open info) the moment it and the marker hit the table.
  15. How come? We don't say which one generates the order, just that an order is generated. They still can't tell if it's Ambush Camo or Minelayer. And if you have several minelayers, you just say "Camos 1 to 5 are in group 1 (10 orders) and Camos 6 to 8 in group 2 (3 orders)."
  16. That could still be pretty cool.
  17. Well made!
  18. Umm... If you're announcing which comabt group each camo token is part of your opponent most certainly can tell which is which.
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  20. That one works. ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED seems to be a local issue. If you try and it gives the same, it's not the forums alone, suggesting all the server is down... or your computer (or something in between) is the problem. After more inspection, it seems DS was transfered (based in tomasz being the contact now), which probaly means the server changed too, and your computer still thinks it's in the old place. So do a search for the ERR text and follow the instructions to convice your computer to look for new IPs.
  21. Neat stuff.
  22. The fact that those orders cannot be added to the Order Pools (there is an order Pool for each Combatr group). Those Units are not accountable during the Tactical Phase if they are entering via HD or AD. They each generate their own order which is the one they use to enter the table. That is a matter of opinion, you still have 2 camo tokens and no obligation to tell what they are. In game terms they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Until you reveal the Trooper, your opponent can't tell which is which without spending orders or sacrificing units; which I thought was the whole point of Ambush Camo. Remember you don't have to reveal what the Camo Token actually is, the mind games are still there. Sure, a veteran can predict what the two tokens are (but not which is which); but so can anyone with a tablet and acces to the internet and the Army6 App recreating your Courtesy List and doing educated guesses when filling the blanks)
  23. You don't need a book to fix a fuck-up. Not with a living rule set like Infinity.
  24. Now now, there's always the new book coming out soon. Though it is unlikely for NCA and others to get a retouch there is always the possibility.
  25. Why would Kuang Shi be linking with a Remote? If anything this just shows that my concept of Bolts with a Remote to highlight the technological nature of NCA is a great idea. But as always, CB doesn't backdate stuff.
  26. My army doesn't show any of the new stuff, cleared cache and hard refreshed, toggling the mercs option on the options menu Edit: Scratch that, clearing cache three times worked. Damned spanish cookies are hardy.
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