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  2. Is Tohaa a race or a species? I am pretty sure they aren't human. That's like calling someone who doesn't like dolphin's racist. That said... I happily declare Death to all Asparagus!
  3. Well, the Hac Tao HMG is pretty much an all-purpose butt-kicker, but so is the Yan Huo HRMC, so they might step on each other's toes a bit in that role. That said, having a backup for your heavy firepower is rarely a bad idea, and Hac Tao HMGs make great Lieutenants (via Executive Order). The other two profiles that get a lot of love are the Killer and Assault Hacking Devices, as they offer your a tough-as-nails specialist option as well as some built-in defense against Hacking that the standard Hac Tao lacks. Lastly the Missile Launcher is a rude ARO piece that is great for a sneaky knock-out blow, but can struggle to do work in the active turn.
  4. So something more along the lines of: Which will give me more orders and more specialist, the pheasant can switch groups to whichever group needs the orders more, I loose the second Hsien, which is sad but hopefully the extra orders make up for it.
  5. Thank you guys! The list works well (2W 1L in friendly games) and now I want to go for 300 pts list by including Invincibles Yan Huo and Hac Tao at the same list. I prefer the HMC version for the first one, but no idea for the second one (very expensive model) any thoughts?
  6. In Bakunin Tsyklons and Zero Dep Rep are great for using with it because they can easily get repeaters upfield. Tsyklons carry their repeater around with them so Move+Move Tsyklon just around the corner, Move + White Noise with Custodier, Move into the Zone + Shoot with Tsyklon. Alternatively you can use their Pitcher to get it down in the ideal location. Pi-well is great for this as well. With the added benefit of being able to set up Triangulated Fire. White Noise + ODD vs MSV1 is borderline abusive (-9 Mods without Sixth Sense) and should be exploited at every opportunity. (one of my best moments in Infinity is Triangulated Fire vs Le Muet at 15" with Pi-well: went from -6 Pi-well vs - 6 Le Muet to -3 Pi vs - 12 Le Muet) White Noise and Custodiers will frustrate you no end due to the NFB turning off the Custodiers ODD. Basically it's played in the following way: 1. Each HD+ can only have 1 White Noise Zone active at a time, subsequent attempts cancel earlier Zones (due NFB) 2. An active Zone cancels a Custodiers ODD (due NFB) which won't return until the Zone is cancelled (usually the end of the turn) 3. Cybermask will also cancel a White Noise Zone (due NFB) 4. Killing / making Unconscious a Hd+ does not remove the Zone, it will disappear at the end of the turn 5. The template for White Noise needs to be entirely inside a Repeater when placed. If the Repeater subsequently moves or is destroyed this has no effect on the Zone 6. White Noise doesn't have a Blast Focus: it ignores Total Cover 7. White Noise does not have the Special Dodge trait: this means that you can't use it to avoid incoming shots NFB severely limits a Custodiers ability to exploit its own Zone and makes ARO White Noise a risk (you lose ODD for all of your opponents turn). All-in-all it makes Interventors SIGNIFICANTLY better at White Noise than Custodiers. Re: ARO White Noise. It's hilarious to have a IMP Warband stroll through your Repeater and trigger an ARO that you use to gimp their MSV troops. Usually all it does is force your opponent to burn an order manoeuvring around the Zone, but that's still a win. White Noise is a Short Skill. This means that you get a free move everytime you use it. This can make it very efficient if you use it to promote a specialist. (Custodier Haris' are great for this: you get a free move on 3 Specialists). Final point: often its not worth it and just shooting them in the face works better. (in the example above a Szaly should be able to kill those Snipers in a single order each without worrying about White Noise (unless it's already quite damaged): ie Szaly Move + Shoot, Move + Shoot rather than HD+ Move + White Noise, Szaly Move + Move. This has the added benefit of stripping orders from your opponent.)
  7. That was a Tohaa civilian, you racist.
  8. Nope, that's not going to happen. Going to nip that bud in the butt right there, before it blows up too much. Other things will be sold at Adepticon, but the ALIVE group is not one of them.
  9. - O Great Leader, the fanatic peat is seething. They have seen the new profiles and they cry pay-to-win and call us Games Workshop. - Have people started selling off their collections, or at least throwing them into fire or at each other? Any permanent forum bans? - Not yet, Dread Master. Excuse my incompetence. - I will not. Regardless, the plan must proceed. We don't have time to gather hatred the normal way. Release the miniatures as limited convention exclusive.
  10. I don't think so. We already know that CB will release soon another batch of pilots (Gorgos, Gecko pilots) and we also saw sniper shot of something that looks like REM. This one: So I personally expect to see Karkata and Staldron soon, because they will be last two missing pilots models (I hope we will see them in April).
  11. My issue with Tone is how good the 40mm is against pilots and how quickly she builds core. Will see once patched how it feels. I don't play much Tone, mostly Ion.
  12. Really not feeling the loss of CoC on the Pheasant. For the first list, spend those extra points on the Pheasant Mad Trap. The Hsien also spends Lt orders well. At 10 orders you really cannot afford not to spend the Lt. Also I'd make the Shang Ji a Paramedic...tinbot is great, but outside a link less so and possibly make the Zhanshi and Zuyong as FO.
  13. Adding The Tuareg Sniper to my pledge : Got the cleaning done but I feel that assembling it will be a bit tricky. At least, I should have it primed tonight.
  14. unfortunately it would largely depend on the mission played...a list like that could do OK in more killy scenarios. (that one point could be spend on the zu yong making him a forward observer...which is great)
  15. It's stated quite clearly in the ITS rules, p.16: You can use any figure from the Infinity or the Infinity Bootleg range, preferably those designated as HVT or as a Civilian. Good examples of this are the O-12 High Commissioner, the Tohaa Diplomat, Go-Go Marlene, the Fusilier Angus, the TAG Pilots, the VIP Executive or the HAZMAT A1 Specialist. Although most tournament organizers allow it, miniatures that aren't from Infinity are not allowed as HVTs. Apart from that it can be every Infinity miniature with S1 or S2 (because of the base size, however right now I'm not sure where this is stated).
  16. Maybe. More likely I can see them doing it as a "GenCon Exclusive!11!!". 'Cause that makes the most sense. Why would it matter if they gave them Haqq gear and holsters? They're not a "regular army" unit. They're effectively Mercs. Mercs don't usually get "faction matched", barring a few extreme cases(Druze and KTS most notably).
  17. I'm a fan of mid field camouflage specialists so I'd suggest the Hunzakut and Al Hawwa. Both are great for that purpose, both look good, and they're easy to fit to fill up some remaining points. I am not a fan of the Khawarij Lt Option, nor hidden Lt's who never use their orders like Ghulams, so I suggest Saladin, who not only gives you strategos, but can be surprisingly durable with NWI and Armor 3, but additionally the veteran skills of Al Fasid and the Zhayedan can help mitigate damage from losing your Lt. Optionally, a Hafza to disguise as Saladin to keep your opponent guessing. I'm a huge fan of the cheap smoke, dogged, good looks, and general utility of Ghazi Muttawi'ah, so I definitely suggest buying their box of four. They pump up the jam, act as living mines, and can cause havoc against heavy links with E/Marats or bunched up light infantry with Chain Rifles. Try it with a suicidal run on their last turn with Dogged. Even just putting one or two to fill up some last 5-10 points can pay off very well. Plus, it helps you learn to manage Impetuous orders which can be a learning experience you'll have to go through eventually, so that you might not get caught unaware by a stray Morlock with extra armor tearing your flank one of these days. Otherwise, get what you like, it's likely good, just keep the button pushers in mind for missions you need to push buttons with. Azrails are a cool weapons platform, the HMG does kind of step on the toes of the Fasid, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Maghariba guard are definitely a power piece, but are expensive in price and points so tend to be used less than more easy sells of multiple cheaper units. Not bad, just a big thing to manage and nowhere near invincible when it needs to take some hits. I would also suggest the remotes pack and Djanbazans. Generally, you might have one of those extra, but having Total Reaction, or sources of counters to camouflage with Sensors or Multi-Spectral Visors will pay off in the long run. I like Hassassin Fidays for their ability to be the thorn in your opponent's side, assassinate someone, and how well Strategos L3 from Saladin pairs with Impersonation.
  18. 1000 Bakers? What? Do you mean Backers?
  19. Gorgos Pilot is looking hot hot hot. I'm loving the tri-hex latex design. And that tush
  20. My guess is they will be sold at Adepticon.
  21. So making the Hsien my Lt, and maxing out my SWC so a list like this one? So two HMGs, a missile launcher, A sniper rifle, a multi-rifle, and two remotes is what I can squeeze in for 7 SWC. Does that seem like a list that would do alright in ITS?
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  23. 2 day campaign weekend in Leeds Yorkshire. up to 30 people on the weekend of the 08.04.2016, 6 games over 2 days and pub quiz on the Saturday evening. I will also organise a meal out closer to the time when I have an Idea of numbers. More details to follow but wanted it known now so people can plan now. There are lots of BnBs/Air BnBs in the area and parking will be FREE all weekend with shops a 3 min walk away for food. Tickets are £30.00 payments via pay pal to NON ITS Please pm me when you have paid so I can add you to the list asap Competitions to be announced later depending on interest so i can get prizes sorted etc. Non faction specific so bring any force you want but needs to stay as sectorial or vanilla for the weekend, I would suggest using your largest force as there will be opportunities to gain and loose units and points! You will need to bring 3 lists. one of each at 200pts, 300pts and 400pts. I would suggest you make them as varied and versatile as you can as missions will not be announced until the day Spec Ops at 15 points that does not count towards your army points and will be used in every mission. Would you like to know more? Just PM me
  24. Yes I know that's a odd thing to do isn't it ?:P
  25. If only my wife had allowed me that ;(
  26. But why else would they introduce them then? Game balance?
  27. Nah, you have to succeed the WIP checks to grumble your way through. Failing just gets you one grumble and then a nap.
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