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  2. getting back into the fray after a hiatus - catching up with some old & new friends tonight!

  3. So much will be lost. Hmmm, do I quote Roy Batty? Naw. If you're playing Infinity, you damn well better know it already. I wish CB could find a way to make an archive out of some of the forums, Rules of Engagement sub-forum, Infinity Tournament System (ITS), all of Vergilius and Fussion. Hasta entonces, muchachos.
  4. So long, and thanks for all the posts. (seriously guys, it was awesome, let's hope the new forum lives up to the legacy)
  5. Wrong. BANG! As long as no one else posts at least
  6. Just a reminder that the topic is due to shift over to the new CB forums - keep an eye out, as it shall happen. Forum's due to close in just a few hours, people - drop what you're doing and leave now.
  7. We need one!!!!
  8. So we had round two a few hours ago and I wanted to update everyone on the good works of the outrage crew with a mini battle report. I went up against the older Hassassin Bahram starter, and I will admit I wasn’t sure how I was going to take on its challenges. My opponent won the roll and chose deployment making me deploy first and giving himself the zone with a sweet spot for his sniper lasiq. I chose to go first. The thing I had been dreading happened. His Fiday deployed right next to my Zhanying LT. thankfully he misjudged the distances and when I went to detect him with sensor he rushed to engage. He could not cut the distance and got popped by a crit from my pistol and was left a smear on the roof. I could now feel alittle better about all this. His lasiq made my first turn a much more difficult undertaking, as she was watching the main lane and with viral no one wanted to take the shot to the face. I lost my ABH with shotgun after he rounded a corner and plugged a daylami only to catch a panzerfaust to the face and was blown apart into red confetti. So my turn ended with me down a bounty hunter and my opponent down a fiday and a daylami. His first turn saw his muyib blast my Warcor and drive up the main lane toward the panoply. And his ragik deployed behind my lines and killed my sophotect and my CSU. Things were getting dicey and I could feel the pressure. My second turn stared with me moving Knauf around and taking out his last daylami, then rushing up my LT and going into suppression. My Ninja reveal himself to my opponent’s muyib and slicing that SOB in half laughing all the way while I popped the panoply and getting better armor. Yay. that muyib was my opponents LT so his turn wasn’t a very good one. His lasiq tried and failed to kill my LT and his ragik tried for her to and got a shot to the dome for its trouble. After that we decided to call the match with me winning with 5pts to 2pts. Next matchup will be me up against the new Bakunin starter and I’m looking forward to it.
  9. Only to the old forum, fortunately. The amount of time spent here, experience gained, discussions and arguments participated in. Ah, memories. Now it's time to move on.
  10. Use different DNS servers, like ISP provided ones, or some other public servers, instead of letting one of the gorillas mess with your net. EG If you want speed, then you want a local DNS server that contacts the public, or even the root, ones as needed (and caches the results for next time). Or call Google Support Line, 1-800-UNKNOWN.
  11. This is the way the forum ends This is the way the forum ends This is the way the forum ends Not with a bang but a whimper.
  12. Yes, checked for that, but no, the negative response is coming directly from Google's public DNSs, it's not local.
  13. Salut, Pour info le forum international vient de déménager, je t'invite à venir ici : Tu peux aussi t'inscrire sur le forum du bureau aegis qui héberge la communauté française.
  14. Hi all, I'm new to Infinity but I'm quite enthusiastic about the game. If there are other players around the Yvelines That would be great to get in touch. See you
  15. Hi Darkman If you think it's quiet in here, that's because this forum is about to close down - tomorrow in fact, and yours might be the last ever post! We're all now over at the new forum, where you'll need a new login (Corvus ID) which can be the same as the one you have. i think the answer to your question is that the Silouette doesn't change (as it does when the units goes Unconscious). (I'm on the mobile, so hard to find the rules references, sorry) But you could pose the question again there if you wanted to introduce yourself again. Nice to meet another mature player - remember that old age and cunning will overcome youth and vigour! ;-)
  16. Does anyone else find the old remotes hard to assemble? I have been trying to put the suggested Q-Drone together and not only does it seem to be allergic to superglue but the pieces are too small to pin. Or rather I tried to pin the tentacles, arms and carapace pieces but the 0.14mm drill kept breaking and I ran out before finishing. I succumbed to the temptation of CA accelerant but the joints are crap. Bits keep falling off. Does anyone have any suggestions? Desperately glue fingered Geoff
  17. Please Register here
  18. Hi all New to forum also new to infinity but have been playing various games systems for about 40 years. Anyway I have tried to search for an answer to the above question without success. If you immobilize a model what does its silhouette become for the purpose of line of sight. Thanks
  19. Commenting on rule that doesn't allow the reactive player to take away two orders from 10 men lists: I would like to say this change has resurrected the game for me. I'm not only playing (I always did, and always only from time to time due to RL), but started having fun also. It's a huge thing for me because I fell for the game back in the days of N2, when 10 order lists were pretty standard. Now I'm back to playin' my cool CA models I always wanted to play, but could never muster myself to use because cheaper units would allow me to move 15 times. Please never ever take it back, pretty please Because of previous incarnations of N3 I shelfed my CA and started collecting Yu-Jing cause I hated combined so much. In the end I switched to an another game (let's call it Battlefield - reincarnation :P). But man - now I can't wait to play! I might even invest into Xeodrones
  20. Any of you tried kicking the OS in the DNS resolvers? The entry on the hosts file is just a band aid. If you look in the other thread, it seems sometimes the problem is not with the propagation from the servers, but the clients (your computers or the ones in your ISP) keeping the old values for too long. In that case, new owner can't do much.
  21. I appear to be too stupid to figure out how to sign up on the new forum. Can someone spoon feed me on how to do it?
  22. great advise on upgrading the ABH with sniper to Knauf his stats/skills are much better and the man has already payed for himself, by blasting damn near everything in ARO. first match i got to play he was responsible for ever kill i got lol. I am feeling the lack of high burst firepower, i mean seriously how to you go toe to toe with a HMG Hsien without an HMG yourself?? That guy is simply brutal. I absolutely love your 300 pt list and already have been grabbing up the models i will need to make it happen. I love the idea of the bots being the guns of the ship. ^__^ super fluffy idea. Also i think Uhaha is the best model in the range to be a wardriver. when we up the points and start adding more models i am so running her as the wardriver she deserves to be.
  23. Aaaand it works. Thanks a bunch. Time to pester the server dude about the DNS issues.
  24. Dug in a bit, it's effectively DNS issues. At a glance it looks like Google's public DNSs are refusing to resolve the domain, because a propagation check confirms that the domain is resolving on DNS almost everywhere else. Added an entry to my hosts file pointing to and everything works again. PMd the main admin giving him this info, now they must take it to their hosting or DNS providers or something.
  25. There's no difference between Koalas and Koalas (2), it's a confirmed typographical/formatting error. Perimeter weapons are deployed at the same time as the bearer: When deploying the bearer, the player also places all Perimeter weapons or pieces of Equipment, known as Perimeter Items, this trooper has totally inside his Zone of Control, but following the Deployment general conditions.
  26. So I recently ordered the new Taskmaster model with the tinbot and crazykoalas. I've used the Lunokhod a lot before, and the moran as well. Now, the crazykoalas profile says disposable 2, and the lunokhod and moran have Crazykoalas (2), while the Taskmaster only has Crazykoalas. What's got me confused here, is that 2, since when more than one of the same weapons are carried, it'd say something like 2 Combi Rifles (in the case for the Gecko), not Combi Rifle (2). I'm confused that this might just be an inconsistency. But from my understanding, the Taskmaster does indeed get 2 crazykoalas. And if the morans and lunokhods have crazykoalas (2), then does that mean they technically have 4 crazykoalas? Additionally, can I start the game with crazykoalas on the table? Or do they need to be deployed? If the prior conundrum is true, then that means morans and lunokhods can start with 4 koalas on the table, which seems like a bit of overkill, also considering that neither of the kits provide that number of koalas. Does minelayer allow them to be deployed on the table along with the model? (not that any of the three troopers in question have that skill) So the baseline question is: Do taskmasters, lunokhods, and morans all have 2 koalas, or do the latter two have 4? And must they start the game in the trooper's inventory?
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