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  1. It's stating that the standard HVT rules are not used. Instead you use the Designated Target rules for the HVT instead.
  2. Hi, we have a full selection of events at GenCon. If you want to learn the basics of the game, we have intro games that we run during the day every day there at GenCon. We give you a 150 point army and run you through all the rules. We also have a variety of tournaments that run each day as well. You can feel free to watch some of those and ask questions to those of us working there. We plan to have open gaming if there is open table space as long as you have a generic ticket to be able to play. Be sure to check out the GenCon events and look for Infinity. Registration starts this Sunday, so be sure to get one of the intro games at least on your wish list. And we have open space for walk ups for the intro games in case you get unlucky and they are all sold out by the time you get to your place in the queue. Just bring a generic and come to our HQ table there and we will get you sorted out.
  3. One thing I wish they had done was have a part where we see the whole of Section 9 working together using all their skills in a big attack on a place like they often do in the anime. I always love those sequences anytime they pop up.
  4. Another reason for the Holoechoes to remain on is if any of them were hit with template weapons. If the real model happened to move through the area, they would be hit as well
  5. Regeneration and Automedikit do provoke AROs because you are spending an Order on a model. There may not be many since you are most likely Prone. You cannot not get an ARO against the target of a Doctor or Engineer roll because you are not spending an Order on that model. If you shoot the doctor or engineer, both rolls are Normal rolls because the effects of what both models would be doing are not opposed actions. Now, if you really want the downed model dead though, drop a template on the doctor, engineer or Servant as appropriate. The downed model will just have to take the shot to the face in that case.
  6. You don't have to worry about any LT at 120 because you can't have any either. So that frees up some list decisions as well.
  7. It should break stealth since the same action would result in loss of Camo or Impersonation.
  8. That hurts my head seeing that.
  9. The wiki hasn't been fully updated just yet for the changes from HSN3. All of the topics have been reviewed and CB I believe is in the process of getting it all ready to be updated.
  10. Like I mentioned earlier, the tournaments will post later. We have a transition from people in charge and we missed the first cutoff by the time we had it. The main tournaments will be showing up sometime in the next few weeks.
  11. I was about to post this @Plebian The GenCon event listings are up. However, I don't want anyone to panic. Due to the transition from Guillermo (Magno) to myself and a few others, we had missed the cutoff dates for the tournaments to appear in the initial event listings. When we see them post, we will be sure to update when the tournaments show up. What we have right now are tournaments on Thursday and Friday. As well as a new special scenario on Friday and Saturday. To assist with planning, the times are: Thursday tournament 9-6 Friday tournament 9-6 Warsenal Invitational Saturday 2-10 (for those that want to observe, and for the few that will be playing in it) Special Scenario Dr Silica Friday 8-10 Saturday 8-10 There also will most likely be other tournaments added in the evening and possibly Saturday afternoon after the Seminar since the Invitational will only take up a small portion of the tables. We will also be running intro games, so if you have friends that are new to the game (or are new yourself) those will be on the schedule as well. They will use 150 point armies and all materials will be provided. The intro games are in 2 hour blocks. We will have 6 slots in the event listings when they are up plus room for 2 walkups per session. Intro Games Thursday 10-6 Friday 10-6 Saturday 9-11 (break for seminar), 1- 7 If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. Also, very important note. If you do end up playing in one of the tournaments, PLEASE try to be there an hour before they start. It will make the check in process easier, and if we have no shows, allows us time to slot in people on a wait list. The sooner everything is ready to go at 9, the happier your TOs will be. Speaking of which, the TO for Thursday's tournament is Tim Toolen and the one for Friday is Mark Manlapas
  12. Currently we are assuming 8" (4" per level of Foreward Deployment).
  13. There is a slight difference. If you look at the starter can compare the Sakiel and Ectros vs the Kamael, you can spot the difference. There is an extra part curved back underneath.
  14. In the Transmuted state for the Fractaa on the PDF output, it does not list the Assault Hacking Device. Shouldn't it be listed on there as well?
  15. from what I can remember of the differences between the other drone types, it is AVA 2 20/0.5 and is armed with a Combi rifle. As far as I can remember, all the other stats are the same as the M-Drone. Minus the special skills it has. Hope that's what you need.