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  1. ooh...just ordered another one! This little vehicle just as nice guys while you're waiting https://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/taruca-lautaro/a-2267/ I ordered a couple several weeks ago and they include an updated weapons turret! Pics soon!
  2. Actually it's Antenociti's thread - I just 'bumped in'! As for competition Ive's version is eye-popping and I'd love to see more painted examples here. I've got 'dirty' Azure in the camo!
  3. WOW! Follow that!! Everything is right about it. Immaculate! Still continuing with my diorama. I have a base (still needs work) and I've starting adding figures (not Infinity so apologies)...
  4. canopies added...
  5. Work continues on the diorama: I'm rebuilding my airbrush station so I can't mask-off and paint the canopies yet to finish work on the 'AD' so I've been working on additional figures for the scene. As they're not Infinity miniatures I'm not sure I should be posting them on the Infinity forum so will post just this one for now. it's a despatch rider delivering new orders to 'someone' in the hold. More pics of the despatch rider and another trooper I have ready can be found on the blog. http://dwartist.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. Pilot in situ. The crew were converted from seated plastic Dreamforge Eisenkern troopers which are included with the 'Keilerkopf' APC (http://dreamforge-games.com/collections/vehicles/products/eisenkern-apc-1) and arms from various other sets. I used a couple of 1/48 resin, Vietnam era helicopter heads/helmets which were modified with a little greenstuff to look more sci-fi (inspired by Ma.K suit pilot helmets). Close-ups on the blog http://dwartist.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/wip-antenocitis-azure-dragon-landing.html
  7. "F*** me! Cut that a bit close didn't he!?
  8. http://dwartist.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/wip-antenociti-azure-dragon-landing.html
  9. Thanks - Antenociti already has a wonderfully Tim-painted Yu Jing 'Azure Dragon' so I didn't want to try and emulate that and as mine, like the 'Superhawk', will be part of a diorama (almost certainly with non-Infinity minis this time) I wanted a more generic, easily repeated (not the first time I've used this one!) colour scheme. I do have a second one which I may eventually paint more 'canon'. No, no luck finding pilots. I have considered and tried 1/48 and while they are okay(ish) with Infinity in terms of size and proportions they may not suit whatever minis I eventually use. My pilot/crew may end up being displayed either near or approaching the 'Azure Dragon'. I just need a bit of 'fluff' now explaining why the seats are self-gripping and don't require seat-belts!
  10. ...and adding camo.
  11. Started mine...as ever more photos and info on my blog http://dwartist.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/wip-antenociti-28mm-azure-dragon.html
  12. Vehicle is Antenocitis 'Viper' - at the moment oop.