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  1. Pretty badass Wonder if QK will get the new Druze?
  2. I think if he had a Full Auto L2 missile launcher with a Light Shotgun that'd be okay. No supression fire after all on that loadout.
  3. Nomads look way better in black and red than CA, who should be more alien purple IMO.
  4. I like the gun It looks cool And as we all know, the cooler it looks the better it is at shooting mans.
  5. Veteran 2 does, but 1 doesn't Veteran 2 is also on a grand total of one troop in the game I think too, in a faction I don't play and wouldn't lower myself to play either
  6. Veteran doesn't include V: Courage For some reason I got it into my head it does, and now I always forget it doesn't
  7. I think the pricing on some things is off But not by a lot. MSV3 is probably a few points too much for example, but we're talking like 3-4pts max here, and that's not a lot considering it tends to be on a 60-70+pt chassis. And I think their pricing of stuff is definitely better than ever before, that's for sure. Part of the problem is that people say stuff like "ARM is overcosted!" whereas what they mean is "taking ARM rolls is a result of losing a ftf and that is an undesirable situation, therefore it is tactically inadvisable to enter a situation looking to rely on your ARM stat" which is true, although it does mean you're paying for something you'd ideally never use (though realistically you will, regularly, and that's why it's not overcosted because it actually can make a big difference especially against certain attack types). Also whether the pricing of whatever thing is off is highly dependent on common forum wisdom, which will tell you a lot of things which are complete garbage.
  8. I'm thinking the exact same thing man These new "Nautical Zonds" I think will be S6 Remote Presence TAGs, probably way more expensive than Geckos though.
  9. That TAG makes me giggle and blush like a fucking schoolgirl Holy shit
  10. Because fuck you consumer! I own the old Szalamandra pilot but I'd honestly like to see a new one, for sure. Especially as, with a KHD, it's well worth using. Oh you've got an Assault Hacker? Eat a Redrum.
  11. Nomads win Flawless victory
  12. So I think it's fair to say most people want to see a Dire Foes character for every troop type that can, or will in future be able to, make a spec ops. How do people feel about the Dire Foes in terms of characters they'd like to see then? Do we prefer the multi-loadout versions like Yasbir and Konstantinos, or the single option ones?