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  1. Ayyars are really good They're so flexible and capable, love it.
  2. Asawira box, Spitfire, Shotgun, Rifle, Doctor, two girls, two boys, four tactirocks Oh yes
  3. I already rate AHDs against most factions but I'd like them to have more options vs factions and lists without HI, REMS and TAGs. This would provide that. Sensor to reveal, CLAW program to acquire. Boom! New mine!
  4. A CLAW program, potentially an upgrade, that lets you hack things like Mines and Deployable Repeaters and such, converting them to your control if you succeed, that could be very cool.
  5. Not really a joke. Against shock and viral Bioimmunity is a boost even without picking and choosing between ARM and BTS, and the Zhanying is a respectable ARM 3 effectively vs those ammo types. For it's low cost, that's pretty useful!
  6. Basically for Nomads it's Securitate. Prowlers are often considered to be rather poor too, I think.
  7. It actually suppresses an area, for a start!
  8. I'd like to see more mercs for Vanilla factions. I think it's quite cool to see those characters in the game.
  9. Muyibs are really strong but I find MSV1 to be pretty great and yeah I like the weapon options for the Govads too. Wish they had a Doc+ or a 0 SWC KHD though. I don't really rate regular HDs in Haqq because of the lack of Assault REMs.
  10. Moiras kept it though Because Nomads bestmads
  11. I'd like to see more REMs too Haqq getting some equivalents to the other human faction specialist REMs would be very welcome in fact. I'd be happy for them just to be in the Ramah Sectoral too, seeing as that's the most technologically supported Haqq Sectoral in many ways, receiving a lot of logistical support and supplies. I asked Bostria at GenCon as to whether there'd be new troops for existing Sectorals in the next book and he said no. New profiles maybe, but no new troops. Of course this may change, but it looks like the next book will very much be focused on the next wave of Sectorals rather than any existing forces we have. So don't expect more options for USAriadna or whatever!
  12. Basically the same but you could claim cover so being impetuous was basically woo free orders Achilles V1 was the ultimate bad boy. ARM 6 and ODD! And CC 20 with MA4 back when that meant if he got into CC unless you also had MA4 you'd take a PH 16 EXP CCW to the face. He couldn't fail to land it on you! Achilles used to be insanely good, especially as hacking wasn't so prevalent or good back then. I guess I kind of miss the old co-ordinated orders being unlimited by command tokens, but they also weren't as good as the new ones so that makes sense. I'm not really nostalgic for very much prior to N3 actually, pretty much all the changes have been made better? Although MSV3 isn't as good as it used to be which is a shame. I used to like how you'd just blast stuff in marker state, although the rules interactions were a bit weird I suppose.
  13. Leila Sharif is probably my Infinity waifu I love her tactical flexibility and multi-link options! <3
  14. Obviously it's got to be a Nomad girl More fun