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  1. Playing against Tohaa recently has made me so jealous Grass is always greener like, but Sakiels, Sukaels and so on are just horrible
  2. That was the most fought over Zone in the campaign. Straight up, more points scored there than entire other theatres combined. It's still got the most points there and it's not been available for a week! Nomad players put massive effort into defending it and managed to just about ensure that they held the most turf there, even if they didn't hold a supermajority. It was great to feel like despite the sheer weight of two faction's massive assaults, they were held off. I liked that. La Forja broke before it's defenders did, the Nomads fought that hard. Awesome. I think the activity slowdown is just that we've been playing for four weeks now and it's take quite a lot of time and effort for me to get my dozen games in. A slowdown is to be expected as fatigue and real life set in. Personally I think a good idea would be to split the campaign into three two week blocks with two weeks between each block, for a total of ten weeks. The intervening periods could be used for CB to issue a variety of flashpoint stories, do post-segment analysis, let people assemble and paint for a while and have a break for all the games, then leap back in when the next phase starts. I also feel that a slightly shorter overall campaign is a good idea because if they're too long they just become a slog and nobody wants that. At the end of the day there are some responses from the player base that come from their nature as human beings playing a hobby game, and are not really reflections of your campaign. The reduced activity here is one of those times I feel. Good campaign, just a month of any campaign will be tiring!
  3. Fuckin A!
  4. August is GenCon month so who knows what we will see. Speculate here nerds! My personal prediction is that Aristeia will be the special release and it will be alongside some regular releases. But what those will be I dunno! Of course we will also see Bostria's GenCon seminar so maybe loads of new stuff shown there!
  5. I must admit, I'm not hugely impressed by all this big talk coming from PanO. I mean for all this military dickwaving, we're here to fight the Combined Army and I think they've managed to claim momentary control over exactly one location so far. Now remind me where was that again... Oh yes! Sygtir! Maybe the honourable ambassadors should convey to their masters a suggestion of less empty threats towards allies and more actually dealing with the Alien Menace? Hmmmm?
  6. I must have misheard because to me that sounded like the honourable PanO delegate was threatening to deploy the armaments of the joint-nation Wotan Blockade against civilian and allied military targets and that, surely, would not be right.
  7. We appreciate PanOceanian attempts to assist with the humanitarian disaster caused by sabotage and blatant aggression from supposed allies at La Forja. However the Don Peyote being a military vessel is off limits to all non Nomad personnel currently; please deploy any relief supplies in designated zone alpha one/one for our review and gratitude.
  9. I don't thin massively devaluaing unlinked reports is really fair, because let's say that I am playing a game against someone who is a casual player, puts his force down every now and again, maybe relatively new to the game. Likes it, wants to play, doesn't mind me taking some photos for a batrep at all, just doesn't want to do that themselves. Why should my report be worth less because of that? I don't think it should, because the game was played, I put the same amount of effort in I otherwise would etc. Will I say "hey you can join this warconsole thing!" yeah I will. If they say "nah I'm good" then that's cool, no problem at all. Their game their choice, and besides it is time and effort. So that's a thing I'd say. But if someone says to me "do you think some people abuse the system because their desperate to win?" me answer is sure, yeah, and those people are a bit sad really, and honestly maybe they should take a step back from that, but that's their business and at the end of the day not something I can control, so I don't worry about it. I have an opinion but I move on. I think BoW will take into account that kind of play. And certainly I don't think that three and a half weeks into an eight week campaign is a fair time to suggest they won't because 1) they say they will, and 2) they did last time, and 3) they haven't even had the chance to do it yet, because it's not over. A lot of this comes down to "I don't like people doing X!" and being told "well at the end of the campaign, if X is a problem, we have ways to ameliorate that" and then responding with "yeah but you haven't agreed with me that X is awful and terrible and campaign ruining!" Well no, that would not be a reasonable campaign manager response. A reasonable response is thanks for your input, we do make considerations for these kinds of things, we will look into it and take action if we think we need to, but in the mean time just try to focus on doing what you're doing and have fun. Which... like what more do you want, really?
  10. Interventors are incredibly good and in no way need a buff. Morgana, if we see her, should get some stuff that reflects the background, whatever that is. Personally? I'd make her a BS 12, ARM 2, Surprise Shot L2 (for Cybermask interaction) Interventor with some sort of superior gun over a combi like a Marksman Rifle or Assault Pistol, so you can take Interventor or you can take slightly more combat capable Interventor.
  11. Assault Hackers are pretty horrible if you've got TAGs and HIs and such, though. Like, AHD aros ruin TAGs. And TR bots go down like suckers to pitchers + a single Zero AHD.
  12. It's just a game so, you know, let's treat it as a game. AKA as an opportunity to have fun in a friendly but competitive environment without anyone taking it personally or losing perspective.
  13. Beba - best sculpt in the box, even if it is the most tasteless by far (not tech-bee bad, mind) Got personality and the pose isn't terrible. I shall paint mine as if she's wearing a skinsuit and use her as a Nomad Pilot, probably. Nakadai - Decent sculpt, pose isn't great, but isn't terrible. Uhahu - weird proportions because she's a wild perpetual child but, again, decent. Not great. Decent. Jethro - actually a decent sculpt with an okay pose, paint palette just looks really bad Handleman - not great. Proportions are weird and face is off. Pose isn't fantastic either. Domovoi - pretty bad. Sorry. Pose and sculpt are just eh.
  14. "Geckos live to fight, and love to get some! Come onto our ship if you dare Pendejos!" Sergeant "Bumblebee" Mendez, Gecko Squadron Leader