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  1. I'd make them S 1 rather than W 1 to represent them being all cybered up, like Chimeras But they'd be warbands not REMs.
  2. It'd be nice if ALEPH was indeed up to something and that something was teaching OSS troops to form fireteams like some sort of Sectoral Army ?????!?!?!?!
  3. That would be cool but with Interventors and Krizas I think I've got plenty of anti-MSV troops in Tunguska Still, Pulzar instead of Chain Rifle with a Biolocator on a Kuang Shi-style platform would be great
  4. I'd say if they had a warband it'd look like a Myrmidon or Daturazi more than anything. But I don't necessarily expect one.
  5. It's not really poor that 50% of the lists had TAGs TAGs are the biggest investment in the game, really. 50% of the lists is more than I imagined and also more than I'd say means TAGs are comfortable right now. If I was going to an event with those stats I'd absolutely take a good Assault Hacker every time for example.
  6. The advantage of a TAG; Isn't it's speed and ability to vault most obstacles with great LoF Isn't high ARM with multiple S Isn't high BS with high SWC heavy weapons It's the combination of all those things.
  7. The Hellenic, Vedic and Norse mythic cycles all originate from the same Indo-European sources though, so that ties them together. A third ALEPH Sectoral using a Norse theme could be awesome! Fantastic work there with the dossiers, they look absolutely great. Hope CB shows an interest!
  8. I'd like to see some quality commando troops, like whatever these Hollow Men will be. Some classic Nomad Medium Infantry with holoprojector, Camo, something like that.
  9. The best TAGs are 100% the cheapest ones.
  10. Govads are really good MSV1 is no joke. Makes them the best at ranged combat of all three link types. Veteran L1 is very useful when it comes up too. I have loads of time for Govads.
  11. Flipswitch more like loserswitch
  12. Honestly, though, I wouldn't give that Myrmidon the ARO. Careful placing is a thing. But yes it's more likely that Atalanta is hiding from my own active turn fire. Which, you know, is kind of the point really aint it? I've got some kit here that forces her to keep her head down and that allows me more free reign of the battlefield, to advance and choose my avenue of attack. That's the advantage I really want.
  13. That is a catastrophically silly line of thinking. To be a Knight you need to be 1) a Christian 2) physically and mentally fit for military service 3) willing to take the first two and put that towards serving the Military Orders. Nothing there says Male. And before anyone steps in with their "but but but women in the military..." line let me remind you that regardless of what you feel about that, the setting clearly has the opinion that women are perfect capable of serving in front line combat units. So there's literally no reason not to have them unless the setting had some arbitrary rule that there weren't any. Which as Gutier has said, there are. Like seriously if the next Hospitaller box had half women half men would that be so bad? Really? Come on.
  14. It's pretty powerful Whether it's OP or not depends on the cost, of course. And it won't help you in a lot of circumstances like whenever you're not making a BS attack.
  15. And it should be! But it's differently effective for sure. I feel like the Kriza will rarely not shoot back just to impose the penalty, but something like a TO surprise attack will definitely make me consider a dodge ARO.