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  1. Having a relatively large amount of upvotes compared to posts could mean any of a number of things and not all of those things necessarily mean that your opinions are relevant, well thought out or even supported. Just means people upvoted you for whatever reason. You know who get the most upvotes to posts ratio? People who regularly post their painted minis of quality/terrain/art and nothing else. Their opinions on anything else doesn't really come into that now does it!
  2. I also imagine at some point we'll see a Spitfire blister, so the sooner that comes out too please...
  3. Wanting that Ayyar big time Also hoping for the Riots box
  4. I'd just like to point out that the vast majority of Kan's criticisms of CB are on the basis of wanting things to be better for us, the gamers and the community. I don't agree with all of those criticisms, not nearly, but I respect that at the end of the day, he's advocating for the fans interests. That's fair dos.
  5. I love tactical junk. Honestly it pisses me off that there's all these annoying guys attached to my sweet tactical junk collection, gotta clip them off every time.
  6. It's a big galaxy. Morats may be psychologically predisposed towards violence and indeed their culture maximises whatever capability for violence Morats have. But if the only humans you had encountered were the Kwantung Army of the IJA's Asian campaign, or the German Soldiers of Operation Barbarossa, or the Hutu death squads of the Rwandan Genocide, then you'd probably wonder whether it's possible for a human to be a pacifist either. They are sentient beings with self-control. A Morat could choose never to commit violence. These might be very rare but I think it's distinctly possible that in some form they might exist. I think the idea of a Morat anti-government group who considers their culture to be violent, lacking in honour, utterly self-defeating and ultimate a tool to a monstrous alien being would be quite cool.
  7. I'd like to see Holoprojectors and Cybermask in Tunguska but I'm hoping for maybe another Camo or TO Camo option. Potentially out of faction mind.
  8. The T2 CCW is just him screaming USA USA USA in your face. Nobody can survive that much Liberty in such a short time at close range. The machete and knife are both cunning distractions to lower their defences against this attack.
  9. If they get that with their current statline and LSGs they'll cost more like 18pts each. I dunno how much a Repeater or Bio Visor is but +1 BS and +1 WIP with a combi+LSG is 6pts over an Alguacile minimum.
  10. I'd like to see more SMGs and Light Shotguns on Warbands. Like, the point disparity gets a bit silly when the gun is more than the guy carrying it, but I'd definitely consider paying, say, 10-11pts for a Morlock SMG or LSG. And I think those weapons seem suitable too. Light troops, engaging in CQB, deserve light CQB weapons. I think WBs tend to have perfectly fine stats too, btw. Look at regular frenzied Warbands. They cost way more. Most of the reason why they have those BS and WIP stats that don't often come up is to keep the cost artificially down. If they were stripped down CR, CC and PH with smoke they'd be too cheap.
  11. Best post I've read all week
  12. Ariadna has decent tech but one of it's problems is a population of less than 10 million people. There's more people living in a single PanO major city than all of Ariadna and it just doesn't have the economic or military weight to defend itself properly. Even the Nomad Nation outweighs them in both areas.
  13. Initially, I'd sat maybe. The treaty of 1858 though, less than a decade later, was definitely a push for trade, and markets. If the Americans had just wanted better treatment for shipwrecked whalers they'd have been pretty happy with their original deal but they wanted in and wanted in sooner rather than later. And the Japanese were not exactly what you call happy about it, but there wasn't much they could do agains the United States Navy at the time.
  14. Pretty much. Though it's hardly a new or limited phenomenon. The whole British Empire's expansion, in many ways, was driven by a desire to open markets. And the Americans originally forced Japan to open it's borders to trade because they wanted another market to get into. Getting into markets as the dominant partner is a massively lucrative bit of business, hence why Imperialism is so hugely centred around it. Lots of resources to exploit for very low cost, and lots of people to sell to.
  15. I often see sensorbots, and often see the faction specific assault bots (Bulleteers, Rui Shi, Tsyklons etc). I don't see TR bots very often because they tend to die hard once people figure out how to take 'em down. I also don't tend to see the Missile Launcher bots. Personally I use the 8pt Baggagebot all the time as it is very useful and a cheap order but only I seem to be keen on the idea in our group.