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  1. I have the same problem. I'm not sure what tool Vyo is using to create the vectors, but the center of the drawing is on the lower left corner of the document. I use Inkscape to correct this. Under File > Document Properties, in the Custom size section ,there's a button "Resize page to drawing or selection". This will fix it for you. From the command line, it's "inkscape --verb=FitCanvasToDrawing --verb=FileSave --verb=FileClose file.svg" Hope that helps.
  2. I would prefer not to have to upload/maintain the app in more than one place. It is my understanding that you can side-load the Play store app onto an Amazon device and then install from there. Can you give that a try and let me know how it goes?
  3. I've fixed the unit icons you outlined. It's not hard to do, but I just can't keep up with the changes. I'll do a pass and see if Vyo has marked them as such. The update should be live soon. Validation currently handles: G:Servant's are excluded from order counts Is a Lt. present? Handle Frenzy as a regular order during army creation Currently, having more than 10 orders per combat group isn't an error and I think it should be. Plus REM validation isn't happening. I think those are the next two things I'll handle.
  4. For orders, it is a very simple and often wrong calculation. There are some models that don't provide orders and this isn't calculated correctly. Yes, list validation is a pretty big job, but I think it's a necessary feature, so I have to start somewhere. At this point, I think I'll try to get the order pools correct so that you have a better chance of having a correct list. There are still other things like Hacker/Tag required to take REMs, etc. I've fixed the saved list icon problem you reports, but I have not published it yet. Which unit icons, specifically, are out of date? Frankly, there are hundreds of units and I can't keep up with all of them.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I've fixed the problem and it should work now.
  6. List validation is a pretty big feature in its entirety. I don't want to take a long time "in the tank" on order to deliver it all at once. I would prefer to deliver incremental improvements to address the most used cases first before moving on to less common ones. What parts of validation do you want to see first?
  7. Ok. I've updated the available profiles (again) to include Leila Sharif and Xi Zhuang as well as a couple others I missed. I've also updated the graphics system, so the images should all(?) be correct. If you see an image that isn't, please let me know. I need feedback on what you all want next. Options include: list validation (determine if a list is ITS valid - there's going to be lots of rules in this) order pool calculation Coloured weapon range bands If there's some other suggestion, please let me know. I'll pick from the feedback I get.
  8. Thanks for all the updates, Vyo! I have found that the svg for Taskmasters isn't rendering correctly for me. I would include a picture, but the forums aren't allowing me to, so here's a link: Thanks for all your work!
  9. I've uploaded the latest data files, which should make all the units current. Please let me know if there are any problems. Important note! - all your existing saved lists will be deleted. This is still a Beta, don't get attached to your data! /poetry
  10. So it's been about 6 months since CB put out their app. Is there still a desire for a third party Android app? If so, what do you want out of ArachNet that you aren't currently getting out of Infinity Army Android?
  11. A quick tally puts Kaeltar first, and Rasail second. I guess I'll be picking up some Pokemon! Thanks everyone!
  12. Hi everybody! I am collecting a Tohaa force and I have what I think are the basics: Starter Box Kamael Box Makaul Box Chaksa Auxiliars Box What would you recommend as the next thing I should get for someone just starting out with Tohaa and why? I have not played N3 yet, so I'm not sure what models are critical for the new version of the game. I'm looking for solid, multi-use options that can work in multiple lists so I can get a feel for the faction and how I would like to play them. There's a lot of new information between the updated model rules and the new basic rules. Too much information to digest before getting some of the basics. I'm planning on using the airbrush, so the more models I paint in one go, the faster it will be overall. Ideas: Tohaa Support Pack? something something Biohacking? Kerail preceptors look sweet! Are they too specific in their purpose? Any help appreciated!
  13. Yes, pull requests are welcome to the InfinityData project. The human_sphere branch if the correct one. Pan-O has alread been updated, but feel free to look it over. There is a volunteer for the Combined Army already. Feel free to take a stab at the rest. I am on vacation at the moment, so I will answer any pull requests when I get back.
  14. Thanks for the support, guys. I will wait and see what happens with CB's app. If I can add some benefit that their app doesn't provide, I'll keep going with it.
  15. So, I found this from Thursday: CB is making their own Android Army 6 tool. Not sure what that means for this project. I think everyone will need some time to try out CB's tool and see if there's still a need for ArachNet.