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  1. Hi, can I put in a request for both of the Ice Storm Spektrs and the Brigada please!
  2. Hi there, could I put myself down for a Mobile Brigada from Operation Icestorm and the Mobile Brigada Hacker please?
  3. Ah, well spotted! I have not posted anything about them yet. They were pretty easy to put together, though I struggled with some of the instructions (specifically what order to do things). Once one was finished the second was easier. I did not use all thye clear acrylic for the windows and screens though. I liked working with the Zen Terrain stuff, I also picked up a Guard House and some of the Fast Food stalls.
  4. Group shot!
  5. Better pictures to follow, but here's a taste of some vehicles painted up for a recent tournament. These are all from Antenociti's Workshop, I thoroughly recommend!
  6. Some of the latest work, ready for a tournament last weekend. Finished fourth out of eighteen - not too shabby! Full report is here - Here's some models! (Stempler Zond, Clockmaker conversion and a Jaguar)
  7. More updates! The intention is to be able to field almost every combination possible for Corregidor - with some imagination I am nearly there! First up, Tomcats Alguaciles and Hellcat #5 Wildcat with Rocket Launcher Intruder Sniper and Jaguar - big thanks to Hydra for the conversion idea! More pictures and words on the blog, as ever. Thanks for reading!
  8. But wait there's more!
  9. Time for more vehicles! These are from Antenociti's Workshop. More pictures on the blog -
  10. Quick response! Too quick for me to come back and delete my post. Just seen the Druze have an availability of four. I won't need that one any more - sorry!
  11. The Dactyl (converted with a Nomad Combi-rifle, I'm not a complete heathen!) usually counts as a Specialist of some kind - an Alguacil Hacker for the past few tournaments. Go-Go Marlene is my HVT. When I've painted a few more models (ie. all of them) I'm hoping to do a big run down of my Nomad team explaining everything.
  12. Time for some more updates - and a grand shot of the entire team so far! Very happy with this lot, and only a few more to go before I have to start thinking about another Sectorial or Faction... More pictures on the blog, as ever -
  13. Can I put my name down for the Mobile Brigada? Thanks in advance!