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  1. Considering that hundreds of players here were playing that 2W models ignore all aspects of shock, it’s not a terrible leap to see that the similar phrasing created a perception that Unidrins and Su Jian might be susceptible to having their NWI/Dogged removed by Shock.
  2. I have been to a number of massive tournaments in other game systems and run a few myself (150-500). There is ALWAYS your best TO monitoring the Top Table or if you can spare it maybe top 3. The reason is that the stakes are so high and the players so mentally exhausted, that mistakes can and do happen and that TO needs to be there to immediately provide support. If a TO sees something illegal (like moving your model when its not your turn to gain advantage), he is ethically responsible for saying something. I have certainly seen and been involved in top tables that required a quorum of judges to watch because things weren't looking on the up and up and emotions were running high. That was a great move by CB to increase the number of judges at the last table. No one in this hobby likes to imagine anyone playing unethically but that kind of scrutiny is essential if there is any complaint about unscrupulous behavior.
  3. I have spoken with a few top ranked Euro players and mass order lists seem all the rage.
  4. Yea Stop! is the ONLY Hacking Program that does not specify its Burst in ARO (if possible). I follow the logic tho and sounds good.
  5. I just got my second. Necessary in a lot of ways.
  6. Yes, sorry. Didnt clarify. An M drone can really help here and provide a ton of support. With so much camo hiding in hard to reach places those grenades make it easy to address them.
  7. One thing I am finding as I play these guys is the sheer number of grenades on profiles. You know what deals with camo really well? Spec firing grenades. Most camo is low Arm, single wound models. Force them out with a daturazi, krakot, or zerat tossing grenades.
  8. Achilles is a pain, the Marauder HRL in the link is going to be better against him than the Molotok. ONe shot can kill him. Infiltrating Grunts are one of the most disruptive units in the game. Land one and you can do a lot with it. That shotgun is solid in a forward deployed troop. Go for his AI beacons. Posthumans hate those things dying. Devil Dogs are great against special ammo carrying troops. Go for it! I think the super solo MM is a waste. He cant generate what the linked Grunt HMG can. bikes are ok on this one but you really really want specialists that can mine objectives and go in Suppression Fire. The Urugan is great in this and any other mission where you have to sit in a specific place. Surprise Shot your FO Foxtrots, then just Spec Fire the Urugan. DOnt Guided Fire. SPec Fire. He cant counter hack spec fire. Also dont forget that FOing your target makes it easier to shoot them. Thats why there are so many FOs in USA. its their version of improving BS. Achilles Targeted is an aweome target for that HRL which can hit him at even odds or even better if its the Hoplite. Another good strategy: With USA, you want to go first. You have such great alpha strike that you really should go first. In any mission. So if you win the LT roll, pick sides and make him deploy first. If he gives you first turn, great! Go sensor and flamethrower stuff.If he doesnt, so what, you get him to deploy first so you counter deploy and he still has to hit your AROs. All kinds of win.
  9. I think Bolts are a good second list drop against Haqq, Ariadna, and Tohaa. Those 3 factions have extremely high levels of Bioimmunity utility weapons. Arm 9 with high BS is pretty useful for gunfighting. Drop bears in a 5 man link are pretty reliable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I YJ is a great army for Armory because they have Cheap high PHY HI. One of the big problems with controlling that room is templates and PHY14 2 wound good ARM models are fantastic counters. You have Domaru who can Dodge, CC, or shoot. The Su Jian can prone enter that room and has that Heavy SHotgun and high ARM to shrug off wounds. Shikami that are REALLY hard to hit. Back that up with a TR Bot looking through the room or a Ru Shi in Suppressive Fire and you have a really tough bunker to assault. Good luck!
  11. I really do recommend reaching out to Lazlo and Wax and DTJunkie in NYC. Also Plebian is in CT and I heard he's pretty good.
  12. I feel your pain concerning Boston. When I left two years ago, I couldn't get a game in regularly at all. Good luck there man. I just recommend demos. Pandemonium is decent for it also Hobby Bunker in Medford. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The Mine carrying Fiday is your answer to Steel Phalanx. Getting into a gunfight with negative mods is always a bad idea if it can be avoided right? Well, the Fiday can drop a mine covering a myrmidon link, then either engage them directly or use a Djanbazan HMG or shock marksman rifle to attack one of the link members. 90% chance they will dodge providing you uninterrupted hits against what you are shooting at and still a 50/50 percent chance on each guy that they get hit by the mine. As a Hassassins player without msv2 access, mines are my saving grace. Shotguns are NOT the answer people make them to be. You are hitting on 11s at best usually, while they can hit you on 12s same burst, or smoke toss at 16s. It's not even an argument. Shotguns against ODD are a last resort. Stick to mines. Alternate methods include, spec fire, sat lock with an EVO, and spotlight. These can all be used together to force bad situations. But-Mines. Seriously.
  14. Hey @Merchant welcome to the group. I would recommend joing the Infinity of the Sn Francisco Bay Area group. Barakiel and I manage that group along with @efalsken. As Barakiel says, we run weekly meetups at Endgame. I went to GK Fremont one night at Seth's request but it is a challenge for me to do it regulalry as I live up in Hercules. We have experimented with a number of formats for tournaments, including leagues, weekly tournaments, big regional events, even ran the Tagline narrative end of last year. There are a great number of options and ways to play and we would be happy to have more folks from the Fremont area join us when they can. I see that you guys are throwing a non-ITS tournament in April. That will be a great time and we were just speaking about it tonight on the FB group. See you there and let us know how we can help and support.