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  1. I'd second the post on learning with either Red Veil or Icestorm. Yes it won't help you with your Aleph specifically, but you'll get the basics down and it's a good jumping off point if you're brand new.
  2. Playing with the army builder and what was in the bundle I came up with this;
  3. I'd love to have the Sensor Lt come with a Devabot. Devabots for everyone!
  4. Or you could go the expensive option, take the MSV L3 Asura and not even worry about the dice.
  5. Sensor Deva is great and we do have a sensor remote too. Atalanta is also good at dealing with Camo, but that's only once it's been revealed which I guess is what you are after.
  6. @Seartethel The box for the Guided Missile launcher remote is this one; just FYI.
  7. I'll respond to your points in order from top to bottom. There's no right or wrong answer here and I did more or less the same thing, moving from 40k over to Infinity. Point 1, Mk.3 Proxy, It's a very cheap spitfire, so for that you can't really knock it, but that's all it is. Out of that and the Spitfire Asura you listed originally, I'd rather have the Asura, much more expensive, but much more survivable and MSV3 to basically ignore negative mods to shooting from anything other than range and cover. Plus auto-discover can be useful. If you love the model then go for it! Against the Mk2 the big difference is TO Camo and infiltrate. By way of example, if you have the Mk.3 in cover it's -3 to hit for the enemy, the Mk.2 in the same position is -9! Plus having hidden deployment for free up to half way up the table (you can go further if you want to risk your dice) can put you in a great position to put the hurt on the enemy (surprise shot from the sniper, or the hacker if you really want to) puts another -3 on the enemy's dice so you're potentially stacking to -12! Point 2, You are correct, the Proxies only count as one model for the sake of the combat group. If you want the Asura Lt then go for it. One of the parts to Infinity is sometimes it is useful to hide who your LT is. You don't reveal it to your enemy but some lists have an obvious one and capitalise on this by using the LT order (which forces you to declare who your LT is). Gets you another order and the Asura is beefy enough to make good use of that. I'd definitely want something to keep her alive, the Sophotect is good for that! Point 3, I understand totally, but the Paramedic Dakini is basically a paint job and it's a very useful profile. Point 4, Yes, the remotes aren't the hottest looking stuff I'll give you that. But a Missile launcher that doesn't need LOF and gets a flat +6 to hit. I like that lol. Point 5, You're welcome. Only other thing I'd ask you to consider is the characters. This isn't like 40k where they are all stupid OP, in fact, the background for the ones in Aleph in particular are really cool as well (at least in my opinion, I understand that other opinions are available and just as valid). They are AI recreations of historical personalities creating purely for defeating the EI of the Combined Army. As with anything in Infinity, they can be killed, but if you don't like them, that's fine of course. Hope you have fun with it and get some people to play against. It's a bit of a learning curve but well worth it for the depth of strategy!
  8. Well, in the previous game to that I had a Myrmidon Spitfire that, on the first order of the game, was going to move and throw smoke to give cover for Atalanta to pop out and shoot a Nikoul sniper. The only ARO is the Gorgos who is down to hitting on 5s, pretty safe I feel there. NOPE! He gets the 5! The Myrmidon goes down and I spend the rest of my first turn dropping more smoke to cover the Dakini Paramedic to get to him to heal him up as I need the Nikoul dead to move up field without spending even more orders chucking smoke. It summed up my day to be honest. Stacking stuff for an 85% success rate and failing more often than not lol. I was using my Aleph dice and everything!
  9. Can't believe I missed that! Thanks!
  10. How do you do that in the online one? I'm trying and failing like a right dweeb.
  11. I'm learning N3 myself, going to be playing Haqq primarily but while they are on the painting table I'm playing my Aleph. So, I'm not the most experienced player but I'll give it a shot. First of all, you don't want to split your groups like that. You want 10 orders in group one to start with. Otherwise you'll just not have enough orders to go around to do anything, especially once stuff starts dying. Also, 2 Asuras are VERY expensive, yes they are good but I'd personally only want to take one. You've got more than enough specialists and visors to cover shenanigans from the enemy so that's good. Mk.3 isn't the best profile for Proxies, you are also lacking Netrods and the Mk.3 covers the same ground as one of the Asuras. So we can cut that. So, working with what you have and rejigging things slightly in light of what I said we get to; As the Deva was just a standard one (looks like you're working off the starter box) I upped him to the Lt and gave him a Devabot for DTW goodness (proxy with a Dakini to start). Swapped a normal Dakini profile to Paramedic as this nets you another specialist and a vector for healing stuff (just be careful what you heal though as you don't get Doctor rerolls for the Paramedic). I swapped an FO Thorakite for a second Paramedic so you can cover different flanks if needs be. Gave you another proxy with the FO, added Netrods so you can Proxy efficiently and everything is in the one combat group. This also leaves you with 79 points to spend on stuff in a second group. Outside of the Mk.2 sniper you are lacking long range firepower, an HMG or Missile launcher. With all those FOs the Samekh might then be a good buy as it can camp at the back and get decent shots, Then for flavour perhaps a Dasyu KHD for some surprise head-popping of HI and Tags, or just for fighting against other hackers. TO camo and Infiltrate gets her where she needs to be. Then a Smoke Myrmidon to help you get the best out of those visors. Throw the smoke and shoot through them for normal rather than F2F rolls in active turn. So, with juggling some groups around you could have; Again, not sure if this is what you are after or if it's that helpful but this includes most of what you were looking at to start with but makes it more efficient order wise at least.
  12. The list I ran over the weekend had all 3! Naga with mono mines to control a flank at midfield. The Dasyu FO as a hidden specialist and Posthumans (Mk 1 Engi and Mk2 Hacker). The hacker got an Overlord ARO off on a Gorgos and the chap was all for calling the game there until he worked out that the Symbiomate could eat the attack. I love the Naga mines, they force your opponent to make tough decisions and adapt their plan to react to you. Anything in hidden deployment can be a really nasty surprise for your opponent too. I never actually used the Dasyu (other things needed the orders as my dice were awful, Atalanta hitting on 17s and only hitting with one out of two shots for 4 orders in a row!). Dasyu KHD is one of my favourite profiles too as well as one of my favourite models in the faction.
  13. Got the tracking number, says "pre-registration" though and that status was on the 8th so that suggests to me it's not been sent yet.
  14. Totally your fault matey. If I'd have ordered in minute 1 we'd have them by now
  15. Yeah, same here. It seems like CB didn't realise just how many people would jump on a deal where you can save 50% lol.