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  1. Be careful with Bit, she not that good of a combat unit. Save her for objective grabbing and nuking enemy hackers. I think the best use of her minelayer is to place a repeater right next to your Q-Drone. With assisted fire, the HMG Q-Drone is a decent long ranged attacker.
  2. She has minelayer but no mines. Can you place a deployable repeater with minelayer?
  3. Sepsitorization might damage the mind of the victim, maybe limited their mental abilities/creativity/free will. It makes good but limited puppets. More useful agents work for the EI by their own free will. Which would explain why the EI personally debriefed Bit. We know the EI understands humanity enough to make use of proaganda. The name Charontids itself came from an EI message. The EI just sees Bit as a more useful agent and propaganda tool if she remains non-sepsitorized.
  4. The big advantage of the lone Xenodron over the Overdron is saving 1 SWC. Which is a big deal since I find Onyx eats up SWC quite fast. Especially now that you want to spend 0.5 SWC on Bit & Kiss (she so good!). Because the Xenodron with red fury is basically the same cost as an elite HI in other factions, its a pretty great deal. Superjump is another big advantage it has over the Overdron, you gain a lot of mobility and surprise attack angles.
  5. Except they aren't lies. The combine army's worlds are efficiently run and likely nice places to long as you obey. The most interesting part of Bit's new bio is that apparently it was the EI itself that talk to her and convinced her to switch sides. EI is a crafty little SOB. Shhh, we don't talk about that. *whispers "the EI is everywhere and knows all"
  6. I'm both upset and ecstatic. I'm upset as a Pano player because we didn't get switch. On the other hand, I'm also a combine army/Onyx player and having a KHD in the CA finally is amazing. Also, Bit has both pitch and deployable repeater which is great because the CA lack repeater coverage. Shes especially great for MAF since shes a specialist with marker state. Pretty much their best specialist.
  7. Its not just smoke that makes Saito great. Hes also an awesome Melee character. We can have fun in melee with a Pano Sectorial! Also, laying down smoke is still useful for advancing up the board vs long range AROs and for getting your knights in Melee as well. That KHD Nisse will be getting SO much use. lol
  8. I noticed, and theres a special mixed haris of OS + Hospitalier. This is blasphemy, this is, this is Svalarheima! I think I found my new favorite sectorial. lol Oh and a KHD Nisse. Cybermask using Nisse. lol
  9. Holy crap........Pano can finally get access to smoke through an optimal tournament rule? So worth the 1 SWC tax. lol
  10. Armbots are the best REMs in the game. Really amazing. Even better when you can support them with hackers (its great that they have repeaters) and have your own powerful KHD like Scylla. ASA puts up a decent cyberwarefare game now.
  11. I've been away for a while. What are you guys talking about? Did I miss something that got spoiled?
  12. Pretty much what I'd say for Onyx force. For Pano, I still like the Aquila w/ HMG even after the N3 nerf. Its always got high BS even outside of its optimal range. Often the best way to eliminate long range AROs. Pair him with another tough attack piece such as the Swiss Guard or a TAG. Overall, I like true HI with 2 wounds, immunity to shock is nice so I can heal them. The extra wound is nice insurance vs lucky crits.
  13. No, 2 intruders can be really good. But 5 is overkill for their cost.
  14. 5 Intruders is overkill. They are not HI who, simply by virtue of having 2 wounds, are quite a bit sturdier than Intruders. Also, HI are faster with 4-4 move.
  15. Oh shit, i forgot about that. Grrr. But yes, THe HRL/AP dude is still only 15 points. Nice catch. I'm terrible with rules. lol