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  1. The doctor that kills.........FOR GODS GLORY! lol
  2. I've always loved the Bagi-Mari link and I was shocked when they got Haris as well. The Bagi-Mari link is one of the main reasons to play ASA. They are just SO good. Best link, maybe not. They are MI, so a bit slow, and they are a bit fragile. Though yes, they are well protected for their cost. Still, 1 wound is always kind of fragile.
  3. Not much you can do about that nor does it mean its in correct to setup SF. Especially when Joan makes it so every turn you can have at least 4 units on suppression fire. LGL and grenades are another way to deal with units in SF. That doesn't mean SF isn't useful.
  4. CA are bad guys as well (Sort of) and they are not bias against. Heck Yu Jing aren't good guys either. There really isn't a good guy faction in infinity. They all have shades a grey. With N3 now even the CA are shown in more a grey light. I hope the TAGline changes stay because Pano's niche, the TAG faction is more of a weakness since missions tend to be about capturing objectives which Tags use to not be able to do. Ko Dali was hardly OP, I always though she was a little overpriced. Once your opponent learn how to defend against AD troops, regular Tiger soldiers were nearly as effective as Ko Dali.
  5. I assume those specialist TAGs will be gone after this ITS season but I'd be very happy if they stayed permanently.
  6. I don't think giving them Blitzens would make them any more interesting. They got what I wanted for them, a link. Shockingly enough it was a Haris link which is even better than I dared hope for. If your just going to mock people that disagree with you why do you bother posting? At least try to add something to the discussion.
  7. Oh man, things would be SO different if Bolts had Haris. I think they would suddenly become a very popular choice if they got Haris.
  8. I see you speak Qunari:
  9. The issue of high PH being wasted is a problem for more units than just the Orc.
  10. I suppose I should clarify that I'm opposed to major changes to units like the Orc but an equipment change like adding grenades could be ok. The question then becomes should all basic HI in every faction gain grenades? Theres another problem with Orcs having grenades. It cost into the uniqueness of the Montesa Knight and its LGL.
  11. Orc vs Hospitllar is kind of a bad example since I would use neither in Generic Pano and in the secotials they are not competing. I think both are outclass by an Aquila w/ HMG. Say what you want about MSV 3, the Aquila HMG is well worth its cost. Hmm, I'd be all for adding more weapons to the Orc profiles though. Drop Bears? That would be interesting but I doubt a basic HI like Orcs would get that. I would be really happy if they got grenades though what units in Pano even have throwable grenades? Not the HI. Even if this was done, I'm not sure I'd take them in generic Pano for the same reason I typically don't take basic HI in any generic army. The assault guard is basically an Orc with more interesting equipment.
  12. Thats has never been true in any miniature game I have ever played. And CB agreed or they would not have repriced so many units in N3. I agree that pre-N3 that Orcs were kind of lack luster. The post-N3 haris has given them a role in the two sectorials that can use them. People that have used the haris have reported good results with them. To be fair, basic HI are overshadowed by the superior HI in every generic army. The sectorial that give them links, haris, or duo help these basic HI find a purpose.
  13. Well now we are going back to the balance issue. Is CB pricing units correctly? Should the Orc be cheaper than it is or are certain units too cheap for how good they are, such as the Riot Grrls and Zuyong?
  14. Why would an Orc never use its PH value? Orc do need to dodge. Its not always best to shoot back.
  15. I agree with AdmiralJCJF. Bolts are best as a QCB link because Fusilier handle the long range ARO link almost as good for far cheaper. The increased stats of the Bolts are best used by getting into close range with the enemy. Its in QCB that the bolts become cost effective over the Fusiliers. Spitfire, Hacker, Paramedic, Dropbear, Boarding Shotgun looks like a good link. Its still quite expensive but bolts do allow you to more safely take an obvious LT like the Deva or an aggressive LT like the Orc HMG.