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  1. Oh right tactical jump. But thats no where near the same as losing Joan whos an Inspiring Leader. There are only 2 of them in the game no?
  2. Don't they store a backup of their personality? I guess not eh? Well, I still strongly doubt they will kill recreates like Joan or Sun Tze. Haha, killing Joan off would remove Pano's best LT and one of the unique units of the faction. What a dick move that would be. lol Compare that to Yu Jing losing Ko Dali. She was not much better than Tiger Soldiers. Losing her didn't remove a particularly unique feature of the faction.
  3. Pano already had a character die. Poor Toni Macayana. On a more serious note, I doubt recreates will die. After all, even if their body is destroyed or sepsitorized, a copy of their personality can just be downloaded into a new body. If any characters will die it will be minor named characters like Ko Dali was.
  4. About time the Avatar and Salamander got a rescuplt. They were a bit ugly and have long been overdue for a rescuplt. I guess you can blame Pano and all the TAGs we needed to get released for holding these rescuplts back. *sheepish smile
  5. No no, I meant I've never seen someone take a securitate hacker before just because it had 6th sense. You are right that linked hackers can be good (especially with tinbots). There are just better hackers to take over the securitate hacker which costs a whopping 31 points. For that cost people will just take an intervenor instead.
  6. lol, I've never heard of that even being used. Probably because nomad is full of better hackers. I suppose its a niche.....but not really useful.
  7. Except the Securitate has no best profile. Its one of the few never take units in the game. Sure, you can take it and get kills but so can any basic LI. Theres no niche the securitate fulfills that other units can't do better.
  8. Maybe your a newer player but I've been here since Infinity was just a website with preview pictures of the miniatures planned for release. For the vast majority this games history it has been order spam all day every day. A lot of people still have that meta where they play. I'm happy that the meta has been changing to more elite armies, especially now that TAGs can score with their pilots (this had better be a permanent change).
  9. I like onyx force's hackers but they are terribly vulnerable to killer hackers without the aid of an E-drone. CA has the best EVO hacker without a doubt. The advantages of Evo are subtle so its often overlooked but its damn effective. With how dependent onyx force is on our REMs, it makes sense to buff them with hackers. Exile to break links is pretty awesome and the EVO support programs are great.
  10. On the bright side, people that depend on spetsnaz and tank hunters to do their killing run into trouble if you kill those units yourself. Though it might be easier to kill the weakest units. If you can catch multiple units under template weapons, you can quickly wipe out a lot of an order spam list. It is often far easier to say you will just spread out your units than to actually do so. And linked teams are countered by templates quite well. This is a big reason why people love AD shotgun troops. Also, keep in mind that any MSV troops will be priority targets for your opponent. Expect them to come under heavy attack.
  11. Much as there is a heavy bias toward order spam there is a negative bias against TAGs. Many people assume that because there are ways to quickly kill TAGs that they cannot be used effectively to win games. This is an incorrect assumption. Simply put, people aren't experience in how to use TAGs effectively and so I'd imagine those players will stick with what they are familiar with, order spam lists.
  12. 10 - 12 order lists really need to be TAG or massed armor (multiple HI) lists. With linked teams they can be surprisingly order efficient. The goal is to have the majority of your units being tough to kill. You then need to apply proper target propriety. Theres certainly a learning curve for those use to to the order spam playstyle. But TAG/Mass Armor lists are most effective vs order spam lists. If anything, the results of the interplanetary confirm that elite lists can win vs order spam lists.
  13. Drakios and Scylla are great with their Deva Bots. Very nasty if you can catch multiple units (like a link) under a template. Flame ammo also disables that ODD and that helps.
  14. The HD+ version is plenty good even with a mere combi rifle. It gives her access to cybermask which is just SO good. The fact that she keeps MSV 3 with HD+ is awesome. I think people underestimate the combi-rifle. It is good enough to kill most single wound models in the game. You can take other units to deal with TAGs and the like.
  15. Geeko has a chain colt though so the flame ammo advantage the BM has is even more of a niche case. I'm quite happy for nomads to have more elite HI options. I've always liked HI in infinity (they're sexy) and the nomads' two elite HI look badass.