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  1. Much of the fluff is useless because most units are exalted as amazing. I find it really annoying since most fluff just sounds like meaningless propaganda.
  2. Saladin is also a recreation. "Killing" him would not actually kill him. He could just be downloaded into a new body. The end result would likely be a shadow war with Aleph. Problematic to say the least. Haqq is well aware they are in a precarious situation. All it would take would be an excuse to abandon morality. Say an alien invasion (funny that we have one currently). Such a threat to humanity and Haqq is doing something that threatens the survival of humanity. We can't tolerate that and we have no time for morality. Orbital bombardment, etc. That might sound crazy........unless you have one planet and are facing two rival human empires and an alien invasion. Oh and by the way, Saladin is an agent of Aleph that has made a puppet of those two rival human empires. Even if fellow humans wouldn't resort to orbital bombardment (not a bet I'd be willing to make), there are still the alien invaders who look very violent and blood thirsty. Like I said, killing Saladin would be problematic. Far more likely is that Haqq would "respectful" request the removal of Saladin form Haqq territories. A Hassassin would likely only act to kill Saladin if he was going to slaughter Haqq citizens or other wise endanger Haqq. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Aleph is typically more subtle than such barbarism.
  3. Its not that they are not motivated to fight. I think its more an issue of lack of experience in their troops. If most Pano soldiers are short term enlistment then they will lack for experienced troops. It would make sense in this kind of situation for Pano to request their recreation to be a unit capable of inspiring their less experienced troops. Part of the reason the military orders are allowed to exist is to have a more experienced/fanatical army to deploy when needed. Why is it that a high tech army lack Pano has low wip support personnel? It makes some sense if its because those personnel are young recruits with low experience. Pano's greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. They have a vast territory to defend which would be prohibitively expensive to field a vast and highly experienced (aka higher payed troopers) army. Pano by default has the most to lose in any conflict and defending multiple planets is quite expensive. This is also why the Hexadron exist. Better to element threats before they become problems. Even better is to foment chaos, rebellion, terrorist actions, etc in your opponent's territory. Rivals that are pre-occupied with internal issues do not have the time, energy, or resources to stand against the hyper power. I wouldn't be surprised if Pano operatives were secretly funding and supplying separatist movements across the human sphere.
  4. Heresy. But its expected. Everyones jealous of the best.
  5. lol, yeah right. All hail the benevolent dictator. He knows whats best!
  6. yeah, Hexa are an amusing case of Pano wanting to get into CC. Electric Pulse is a lot more useful on a TO camo unit than on a rem.
  7. Thats true but super jump adds that psychological edge to your force. Your opponent can never be sure if your going to use super jump and that messes with his deployment/movement.
  8. Honestly, its coincidence for me since I just like how evil the Onxy force models look. lol
  9. I don't think GdA need anything extra. They already got plenty to make them an interesting unit. On the other hand, Teutons are almost never used now that they don't have a link. I think they can really use eclipse grenades.
  10. Wow, this makes the MSR Bagh Mari even more awesome. lol Especially since ASA is lacking in ways into deal with tough units like TAGs.
  11. Oh right, and BTS is 1 point higher on the Xenodron. Oh wow, the Black Fraier just got better. lol It also provides the multi-rifle crusader brethren with more use. Drop him down and sneak behind a TAG to stun them.
  12. I need to play more. Stun ammo really does add an element that this game needed (anti-rambo ammo). That makes units with multi-rifles even more useful. Heck, a stun ARO can be great as well. I need to take multi-rifles more often. LOL. Everyone always taking heavy weapons over a multi-rifle is probably why I don't know this. lol
  13. Oh right, its exotic. Damn Stun. Honestly, I haven't seen that used much at all. lol I do think 1 montesa with support is great for both ASA and MO if you want to build an infiltration based team. Sure, they are no Daofei, but they are still pretty good. Hell, Montesa Knights can work in generic Pano with croc men.
  14. Isn't a TAG (since it has STR) already immune to Shock? So the Bioimmunity is only useful vs Viral and stun. So very niche but nice to have when fighting Tohaa and HaqqIslam. Its not that hard to get 12 to 14 orders with a pair of Montesa. Though honestly, just one Montesa is often enough since you can support it with peacekeepers and Nagas or TO camo in MO.