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  1. Interplanetary Greetings. In order to have more international players at the event, we are working on making both the trip and accomodation in vigo easier for you. Here we have some useful advice about how you can travel and sleep in our city- The Trip: For every foreign or alien visitor, there are different key cities for reaching our country. Madrid: Capital city. Perfectly communicated with Vigo. The simple option. Barcelona: Spanish most Cosmopolitan city, great for tourism. More far away from Vigo, but always an interesting option. O Porto: Interesting airport in Portugal, posible the most economic choice and just 150 km. away from Vigo. I must mention that the Spain/Portugal frontier is almost like an imaginary line. No problem at all. Once you get to one of these 3 main cities, or whatever you’ve chosen, you should get to Vigo. Vigo: Has its own airport, but with less flights and a bit pricey. It is the best route if you want no problems at all. It is well communicated with flight from Madrid, Barcelona, London or Paris. Santiago de Compostela-Vigo: Has also an airport with more affordable prices and there is a perfect train to Vigo every hour that takes 1h30min. O Porto- Vigo: This would be a very interesting option if you have good connecting flights to the O Porto airport. There is an efficient bus transport from O Porto to Vigo. No problem at all with renting a car in all these airports. We will be glad to answer all questions regarding your trip & Accomodation for Vigo in this mail address: [email protected] Accomodation: We have two options here: - La Florida Inn: This is a big guesthouse with enough room for 26-30 people. There are doublé and triple room with toilet. Very nice place with terrace, garaje, laundry, Breakfast included. 10 minutes walking away from the Tournament place. This is the best option that we have been using for the last 3 years making this event. Great place for resting after the tournament and meet other players. PRICE: 20 Euros for person every night. - For those interested in having a room in one of the city’s hotels (Some of those are maximum quality), we will be glad to help you. We will be glad to answer all questions regarding your trip & Accomodation for Vigo in this mail address: [email protected] Have a nice day.
  2. PRE-REGISTERED! 1 Aetolia 2 Aishar 3 Akula 4 Ángel Luis Jarillo 5 Anguirel 6 bala_perdida 7 bardulf 8 Bill Evans 9 Bluedagger 10 bou 11 Cabalier 12 Commander_Frost 13 Crave 14 Daixomaku 15 Dieldien 16 Elrumbas 17 Erebus 2.0 18 Evenlord 19 Exorcito 20 Garhex 21 Glaurung 22 Gondol 23 Gorkanorro 24 Gragner 25 Iagoblackened 26 Ichiyuken 27 Jazel 28 John Walker 29 Kelthret 30 Lionelvzla 31 marbeso 32 Meldinov 33 MWAxis 34 Nehekblú 35 Novo 36 Nur 37 Omadon 38 Patton 39 Pelayo 40 Per3z 41 Pipboy 42 QUELOUCHA 43 Raqui 44 Semy 45 Shinji 46 Sibeluis 47 Sparco 48 Toonir 49 Tozino 50 Ugrujito 51 Ulf Come On, send your e-mails!: [email protected] More information soon .
  3. The colors are: -blue building: base color: light grey (model air) shadow: light grey(model air) + blue green (model color) light: white(model air) + light grey(model air) Light 2: white(model air) Dark green building: Base color:Barley grey(model air) + interior green(model air) light: Barleygrey(model air) shadow: interior green (model air) yellow building: base color: Light grey(model air) + flat yellow (model color) Shadow: orange brown(model air) + base color light: flat yellow (model color) + white(model air) I hope that it helps you. thank you very much everyone for the comments!!!!!!!!!
  4. PM sent Thx for all your votes
  5. Hi buddies! im from the spanish forum. And i come here to show you my mini, to this competition. I play with Haqquislam, and this month i painted the lasiq. And to change a bit the scheme of color i made a winter lasiq! I hope you like it ! Thanks Magno to organice this!