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  1. So after you've had some ITS9 under your belt, do you still stand by this observation? I'm thinking Neema looks like a strong candidate now with the whole Datatracker rule. Taq combo is fantastic BTW. Cheers!
  2. Have any of you awesome dudes used the Comanche Walkways with the Cosmica Zeta or Gamma frames? My goal is to have raised Cosmica buildings over the board and I'd like to link them up with walkways. Comanche ones come to mind.
  3. What are your thoughts on running a pair of Nikoul Snipers and Armand for Quadrant Control? Personally my thought on that would be controlling one quad completely with them using minelayer to cover their backs from some AD shenanigans. They will definitely have the range and cover modes stacked in their favor. Just have to watch for smoke screens. Overkill? Guess I'd run Neema triad of some sort to fill out the list.
  4. I like that. Two TAGs. Which one would you pick as a data tracker? I really like that first list. I've been wanting to run a bunch of Sukuel Commandos and see how they do. Only have 3 unfortunately, so I definitely would run a Gao-Rael. As for the second list, do you run the Neema link with the Gorgos?
  5. So fellow Tohaa Generals, I've got this...thing coming up. Since we've been talking lately about 10 man groups and Mercs I thought now would be a good time to ask for some help. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little blank right now on ideas. Haven't played a single game since early July. Missions will be Decapitation, Quad Control and Loot and Sabotage. This whole Datatracker thing has me bugged as well. Thoughts or ideas? On a side note, I find it funny that Sforza, Saito and Massacre are 75pts exactly. Think I might use a Merc or two.
  6. Yeah that exact situation came up one time I was taking on a Haramaki link after my mate went bye bye. Opponent wasn't expecting that to happen and made him dump more orders into the Gorgos. Saved my bacon.
  7. I don't know. I personally like the Gorgos. With the Mates and Bombs, that just makes him more reliable for me.
  8. I've always wanted to run Senior Massacre and Saito. Should be fun.
  9. So can we get any of the MERCS now or just what is in the Army Builder?
  10. So let me wrap my head around this one. MERCS are now 1 swc per merc even if they are already part of a sectoral with a different swc cost?
  11. I'm gonna be honest. When ISN'T Achilles worth it. I like your thinking my friend.
  12. I agree with most points about this post, but isn't it really moot since the winner of Planetario won without a TAG? Wasn't this scenario one of the missions? I do love my Anaconda though...
  13. Just got done reading it. Thanks! Thanks for the replies gents! Didn't see the primer on TAGs until after I wrote the post...:)
  14. Been thinking about starting up a PanO force and I really like the Jotums. Is it really that easy to hack a Jotums? With BTS 9 I'm thinking your chances of losing it to hacking attacks can't be that's bad. Anyone out there have any good or bad experiences with this mighty TAG?
  15. Just wanted to thank Bostria and the lads at Beasts of War for putting this campaign together. I can tell you that my group in the Gateway is having a absolute blast with this and keeping it on the narrative (fun) side.