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  1. Hi all I need some help. It looks as though I've managed to mix up the different size nozzles/needles. Any idea how I can tell what sizes the needles are (should be 2x3mm and 2x2mm - already spotted which the 5mm ones are) and which nozzles go with them? These are cheap unbranded brushes/parts so completely unmarked. I have a set of digital calipers, but at which point do i take a measurement from?.. The main body of each needle is the same diameter Thanks!
  2. Well, I had a pretty succesful find on ebay... For £50 plus next day signed for delivery, I managed to snag hte following (based on bad auction description and hard to tell photos) Raicho Vanguard specialists Kornak Old metal Sogarat HMG Kurgat Assault Engineer MAF Starter box Not a bad start
  3. @Graviton "Kornaks stag do" - Brilliant Also, I appreciate the invite to the December event, that's really good of you. We are having a Malifaux Xmas at Element Games that Sunday though, not an official event mind just a few of us that play @DaRedOne Thanks again for the advice. I wish the Raicho looked better to be honest, then I'd havev no qualms grabbing for MAF, as it stands, the none sectorial TAGs are far more appealing to me at the moment. So I guess my shopping list needs to be: Drones box Hungries box Dr Worm Box Cheers
  4. Brilliant info, thanks. That's not a massive outlay either for a playable force I will eventually get that Harris link, just for how good it looks, but I understand your reasoning. Would any of the TAGs work with the models you suggest as well? Thanks Lofty
  5. Hi all I’ve posted here before, a long while ago during the second edition when I played Military orders& dabbled with Morats with some friends at a gaming club. Those friends since left to go to University, and I didn’t manage to stay in the game, selling my miniatures. I have followed the game/miniatures with interest ever since, and around a year ago I bought the Morat starter for myself to paint as The newer sculpts were too hard to resist! I tried to convince my regular gaming buddy (40k/Malifaux) to play Infinity but he has stonewalled me the whole way “we play too many systems as it is.” Albeit in the same breath as “Oh hey let’s start Bloodbowl/Deadzone/Xwing etc”… Anyway, fast forward to now and I found out a chap at work had bought Operation Ice storm and is working his way through an exponential expansion of Space Police TM and he encouraged me to get the minis put together and painted so that we could play some intro games together and learn N3. Of course, the bug has bitten me again and we have been exchanging a fair few emails on the subject ‘have you seen this model?’ ‘look at this awesome terrain’ etc. My question for you fine people is this – What should I buy next?... I saw a YouTube battle report where a Morat player had a link team of Sogarats with Kornak, Oznat with Gakis, Dr Worm and a vanguard deathball with HMG which I liked the look of, and it’s pretty definitively Morat as well I guess as it’s straight forward and aggressive. The new Avatar, Charontid preview, Umbra models and Batroid TAGs are also very tempting to buy purely on aesthetics though but I don’t want to buy anything that won’t work with my current small set of models. I know there are recommended lists etc on Datasphere, but I wondered if there was anyway of combining the shiny new TAGs with my existing Morats, or if I should be looking at eigher/or rather than both. I had the idea of planning for a tournament as they are apparently quite beginner friendly and more enjoyable than Warmahordes events I’ve attended in the past, so with that in mind, it seem April is the next event closest to me (the Northern Open I think), and that’s my aim of learning the game, and getting minis ready for Thanks for your patience Lofty
  6. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully the kickstarter scenery will be in their shop soon
  7. I really like your Saladin paint job, those browns look great. Can I ask what brand/shade of paint you've used?
  8. Thanks Pretty lousy day at work yesterday and I didn't want my bad mood to affect the painting, so I pinned toether kurgat #1 whom I will photograph later with his very fitting base I'd also welcome ideas to convert my second kurgat into one of the non sandard weapon options (I dint know the rules well enough to know which option is better) Thanks Lofty
  9. Ask and ye shall receive! It's only basecoats really, except the green chest plates, which just need some more highlights. I've blocked in some colours so that I know I'll be happy enough with the end result to push on with the others. I'll hopefully have at least this guy finished over the weekend, and photographed with my digicam rather than my phone. Also shown is some of my custom basing, with plasticard flooring & rivets, and hard drive cables as data cabling (ironically). After some highlights and tidying up, the intention is that the Morat are storming some kind of science facility, which will hopefully be represented in terrain and such when I get the time to assemble it Thanks Lofty
  10. Thanks
  11. Thanks for clarifying Just so I don't order teh wrong miniatures, the Doctor is "Óbsidon Medchanoid". If he comes with drones, great, if not (like I think) are these the drones? Thanks again Lofty
  12. Hi Guys Thanks for the suggestions. Why is the paramedic not as good may I ask? I'm yet to really fully understand the rules if I'm honest,m so sorry if this is obvious. The Raicho is a TAG isn't it? Got a fair bit of work done on the Yaogat lieutenant model tonight, but the light is too dark to get a decent photograph. I've gone for the studio scheme, which isn't something I would usually do, but I think it works really well with the models. Thanks Lofty
  13. Hi all I originally posted back in February about my first experiences with teh game, and new models etc, but a lot has been going on (getting married in August, moving house etc), but now I've finally got round to priming my Morat, and I will hopefully have some tasters of my paint scheme in the coming weeks. For now though, a list of what's outstanding; Yaogat box + Sniper 3 Morat, CR 1 Morat HMG 3 Daturazi Hacker I also have two assault engineers, and a Rasyat w/spitfire, but I only just unpacked these, so I haven't had a chance to get them together. As for next purchases, I think I'd like to get a blister of the regular Morat guys, so I have enough for a link team with the HMG, and a spare one to make a medic from, though I would welcome any input on what to get next Thanks a lot Lofty
  14. Hi Guys Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i've looked through the rulebooks, and cant find a solution I know that hackers and E/M weapons disrupt powered armour. buyt how do I know which models are equipped with powered armour? thanks
  15. Hi Guys I'm without internet at our new huse (yay for moving...) but I'm still around when I get time at work I'm thinking of just running all my Yaogat guys and Daturazi with what points are left. A) cos I lovbe the yaogat models I'm still not 100% with the rules, so I might as well enjoy the models getting pinged off the table I've taken all your suggestions into consideration though, and really appreciated the advice. I've just got some plasticard tubes/robs;/sheets to get started on some bases. My poor PanO guys are on bases covered in cereal box cardboard, hard drive cable (looks awesome though) and cuetip tubes as pipes. Hopefully I can do somethjing better with some dedicated materials. I also ordered a 1" holepunch in order to get teh plasticfard to base size, although I've since realised that the bases taper towards the top, so we'll have to see how much too big the 1" punch makes things Thanks for the replies, I'll let you know how I get on on Monday Cheers Lofty