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  1. The 2 player starter boxes operation icestorm or operation red veil are the best choice for 2 people starting the game if the factions included have any appeal to you.
  2. I don't see an exception for the BTS roll nor that a mine isn't a legal target. The mine (like a trooper with veteran) doesn't suffer and ill effects, that's all. Usual rules should be still in place. IMHO it would need a rule somewhere that an attack that cannot cause an effect cancels/idles/or breaks the procedure after targeting. But that isn't there, so we have to apply a bts roll. OTOH you would have to prove that it's not a trooper under that Marker and I think it would be the only case where you'd have to do that and still be a camo marker.
  3. I don't see how being isolated effects the mine. But it would loose camo state.
  4. Hi. I just ruled on a tournament on this topic, but I have doubts whether I ruled correctly. Can you move an AI Beacon like netrods to another combat group with a command token? They do take a space in a combat group and provide an order. The text in Commands Tokens: Tactical Use however states that you can move *troops*. At other occasions the rules make sure that AI Beacons are not troops but deployable equipment (like you cannot repair them or data scan them (see FAQ)).
  5. The blast focus is at the same spot for both lines. The sentence is about where to place the template, not where the shot originates (and thus about the orientation of the template).
  6. I know what trouble some minis can make but to give another example... I had absolutely no trouble with the Tuareg sniper. It fitted like a charm.
  7. I kept many pdfs but not all. It doesn't give a great insight however. It's much more what you do with data than if you collect it. I assume data collection of CB is great. I hope they analyze the data well too.
  8. Works! Looks interesting, have to delve into it more.
  9. The link doesn't work for me.
  10. I had all my minis in Feldherr bags but had bits bend and even break and occasionally paint run off. So I switched to. Magnetized transportation system (a-case) and am very happy with that. I also store my minis the same way as I transport them.
  11. We totally should. I'm a bit swamped in work but Sundays are usually possible to do hobby stuff. Sadly no, there is a store in Aachen that has Infinity stuff but I wouldn't consider it a great Infinity shop. Same for Cologne. I mostly fix my infinity needs online @
  12. It will be a great and fun tournament
  13. Hi, I'd love to help beta test this app.
  14. There are also some players in Aachen - like me.
  15. He still has to stay out of Sight.