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  1. 3rd is cool. Wished mine wasn't glued already.
  2. Whow. Great job. Love it.
  3. I voted to keep crits as they are. Not because they cannot be improved, but I haven't seen any proposal that IMHO improves the game. Removing crits or part of the effect throws of the balance. Adding another kind of easier arm roll just adds an unnecessary roll. Okay, maybe unit x survives a bit better than unit y or all units survive the crit in z percent of occurrences ... but that just softens the blow a bit for the price of another mechanic. Don't like. Don't see anything good here. Maybe crits can be improved. But the first question that should be solved before we argue about mechanics is this: What game we want Infinity to be and what rules do we have to make it that game. Every proposed rules change fails in this regard. The current crit rule excels in my vision of infinity - yet there might be a better rule .. or a rule that suites me and some player currently not being happy. So please look for it ...
  4. I try to use them all, playing Haqq I convert most often irregular orders to regulars or shift models between combat groups.. However I finish to many games having still 1-2 CTs left.
  5. Looks correct to me.
  6. There is a camera team by statuesque
  7. Hard to get the numbers correctly. Every one of my opponents played a tag. I'd assume the number much higher than 20%. But this is also not based on actual army lists but a feeling supported by my observations. I'd really like to have the Big-Tag-Weapons issue be solved and FA1 might be a way to go. I believe a small buff wouldn't be bad as well. OTOH the problem with tags is not their killing power but the all-eggs-in-one-basket issue and the relative ease to defeat a tag.
  8. Check the profiles on page 25. The Khawarij spitfire has the skill listed next to the name.
  9. It seems that making the brush wet with soapy water helps to protect the brush - i still wouldnt use a good brush though.
  10. Maybe Angels video helps ... "How to Apply liquid mask"
  11. However shock requires an ARM roll. On BTS weapons like the breaker rifle it is indeed 2 rolls. 1 ARM roll with shock and 1 BTS roll. This mostly matters if shock comes from marksmanship.
  12. The rocket launcher raiden is an insanely cheap and effective aro piece. 2 camo markers and a nasty template aro in a range band that JSA doesn't have plenty. I never played another outfit for good effect though.
  13. The 2 player starter boxes operation icestorm or operation red veil are the best choice for 2 people starting the game if the factions included have any appeal to you.
  14. I don't see an exception for the BTS roll nor that a mine isn't a legal target. The mine (like a trooper with veteran) doesn't suffer and ill effects, that's all. Usual rules should be still in place. IMHO it would need a rule somewhere that an attack that cannot cause an effect cancels/idles/or breaks the procedure after targeting. But that isn't there, so we have to apply a bts roll. OTOH you would have to prove that it's not a trooper under that Marker and I think it would be the only case where you'd have to do that and still be a camo marker.