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  1. Correct all you have to do is touch part of the target's silohette with any part of the template. Also worth noting the template is 3D so rotate it to know it's true shape if you need to get really clever with it's placement.
  2. He's a dick, avoid at all costs. Especially don't make eye contact or you may end up with a Four Horsemen shot in your hand.
  3. Quiet you
  4. I would like to throw out there however to any mysterious Spain guys that may be watching that this should totally be a thing. FtF LFT with my Grenzer would make me very happy.
  5. This would actually be incredibly powerful in some situations if it turned a DTW into a FtF roll. However DTW state "If an affected trooper declares an Attack against the user of the Direct Template Weapon as the second Short Skill of an Order or as an ARO, then that Attack is resolved with a Normal Roll using the relevant Attribute" turning this into a pointless tactic.
  6. It's more just the fact that like every campaign ever people are gung-ho in the beginning but interest waivers as time goes on and life dictacts time nees to be spent elsewhere.
  7. That ol argument has been debated to death. You can't play RAW with that answer because legally you can't even use most ladders because your based can't be "Fully in Contact with the surface" with pretty much every ladder modeled out there. If someone wants to be silly and claim prone climbing up a ladder just tell them you'll count it as long as they can place the model there horizontally without holding it
  8. Close, Coordianted Spec Fire you have to be touching the same target model not point. A point on the board being a target is for Targetless. Targetless doesn't have to target an enemy model, regular types of spec fire do. This is balance for camo units. If a spec fire from a grenade could just target a point like tragetless you could just lob grenades at camo markers and pretty much negate camo.
  9. That just means that you can't mix BS attack and Speculative Fire in a Coordinated order. They all have to do the same things so all BS Attack or all Spec Fire etc.
  10. Ironically, avoid it like the plague when I can. It's good for a giggle, but by no means is a good choice for ITS.
  11. It costs a Command Token per attempt, you're at a -3 ph to attempt (-6, +3 rage), and your targets get to dodge at -3 PH,. No real issues seen here.
  12. Player A - Declares move, describes the route, moves the model Player B - Declares ARO BS Attack with a Rocket/Missile Launcher and places the template at any single point Player A's model was at during the move. Player A - Declares Second skill Roll resolutions. Anyone in that Template space during the order would be hit, excluding guts roll move of course.
  13. Funny enough, I've never actually made it to GenCon myself lol. It's on my bucket list, but making it back for another Interplanetary takes prescience. Bloodynin3 - If you have Facebook hitup the WGC Infinity group and you'll definitely be able to find some folks up for a pickup game.
  14. To avoid the confusion in here, your simple answer is no you may not. Targetless means you can target any point on the table rather than an enemy model. Throwing a grenade is still a BS Attack (that uses PH instead of BS) and still requires LoF to the Active Model to declare it.