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  1. hi, The tournament goes well, with a victory of Panocs. (not so well if you are like me an Haqqislam player ) edit : 19 players, and more pics here Here the tables : Thanks for Interruptor for his seminar. It was the same market research suggestions shown at Gencon, but presented by Interruptor. > Acheron SpaceShip game : hard to exists with Xwing. > Acheron Fall : It's not the final name of the next book. This title is too "end of the story" and suggests that the humanity is losing and is invaded by CA... And it's maybe not what happens... or not ^^. The only thing you can be sure about is that the name Acheron Fall is not the name !. Probably less troop profils than Human Sphere. Maybe 3/4 troops for each new sectorial Army. This troops will give the "color" of their sectorial army. And don't expect many new rules too. The Paradiso Campaign may be reworked for N3. The story will be the same but as the paradiso profils were transfered to N3 & HSN3, probably some new troop profils will appear. > remote Racing Game, Aristreia, DogBowl, Dungeon Crawler : Those ideas are for Boardgames. The goal is to bring new customers into the Infinity universe and offers more to old ones. But Boardgames are more plastic models. CB needs subcontractors for plastic... And the quality of the plastic is lower than their own quality stantards. They don't want negative feedbacks from their old customers about the quality of their models. They like the idea of more "Chibi" design to differentiate the two materials but they have many negative feedbacks... > Escape from Morats Prison : Bostria love this idea for a Boardgame and test feedbacks about it. ^^ > Red Veil Extension : They want to make a bridge between Red Veil and N3. It will be a box of ~3 models with new scenarios and some "new" rules from N3 (only new for RedVeil players) > O-12 army pack : O-12 was in the first book, until the book was full ^^. Then posponed by the Tohaa. Now O-12 needs to be reworked for N3. > Fantasy Wargames : Need a new team and 3 years to write the rules, necessarily different than Infinity's ones -> 1 year for the Alpha (pave the way), 1 year for the Beta (play testing and reworking), 1 year for the Master (play testing even more and correct it) He shows us the preview of the Hsien warrior Multi-Rifle He speaks about how he works the rules. He relies on local playtesting. To explain this, he uses as example Triangulated Fire. In CB, the only feedback was "useless", and testers don't use it. If he listens only internal feedbacks, TF wouldn't be included. But some Uk feedbacks was good and he decides to include it. Rules are not played in the same way. Even in Spain, there are local areas particularities and he likes those different ways to play with same rules ^^ ps : I was late (I took care of intitiations) and I didn't take notes (everything come from my poor memory) ...and thank to Interruptor for signing my V1 Infinity book... It's now even more collector ^^ edit : pic from the restaurant with Gutier
  2. Hi everybody! As last year, we are organizing a tournament at the Octogones event between the 1st and 2nd October. Schedule: - Saturday 1st October: the first game will start at 10:30am (3 games for the first day). - Sunday 2nd October: the first game will start at 9:00am (2 games for the second day), prizes will be awarded at 2:30pm (14:30). Players are asked to be present 30 minutes before each game (8:30am on Sunday) ______________________ Where? Address: Espace Double mixte 19 Avenue Gaston Berger 69625 VILLEURBANNE (close to LYON) FRANCE - Sat Nav: > DD Coodinates: 45.78111°, 4.87173° > DMS Coodinates: N 45°46’51.996 – E 4°52’18.228 - From the A6 motorway: Follow the Western ring road, Exit at "Porte de Saint-Clair", follow "Villeurbanne / Domaine Scientifique de la Doua". - From the A46/A42 motorway: Direction Lyon East, follow Villeurbanne, Exit at "Croix Luizet" (number 6), then follow "Domaine Scientifique de la Doua". - From the A7/A43 motorway: Follow Lyon Northern ring road, Villeurbanne, Exit at "Porte Croix Luizet" (number 6), then follow "Domaine Scientifique de la Doua". - From the center of Lyon: Follow Villeurbanne Charpennes, Tonkin, Domaine Scientifique de la Doua. - From public transport: Tramway T1 and T4 going to IUT Feyssine : stop at Gaston Berger ( T1 goes via Lyon train stations). > Subway A and B : tramway transfert at Charpennes, > Subway D : C26 Bus transfert at "Grange Blanche". > Bus C17 : Direction "Porte des Alpes", get off at "CNRS" bus stop. > Bus C26 : Direction "Grand Clément", get off at « La Doua » bus stop. ______________________ 1 GENERIC RULES: The tournament will follow the standard ITS rules with 5 scenarios/missions (mid tier "Joint Operation", 300pts 6 SWC and no SpecOps), no extra but depends on the situation painting award may be available. The measure will be in centimeters, but if both players agree to play in inches so be it. 40 players maximum, inscription validated once the lists and tournament fee will be received. Each game must be played within 2 hours, after 1 hour and 40 minutes the referee will call the last turn so no players shall start a new turn. Both players must have the same number of turns (except Retreat! situations). Saturday : - Supplies - Frontline - Rescue Sunday: - Supremacy - Comms Center The first draw will be random then the Swiss round will be used. Special rules: Some tables will use interactive terrains such as structure etc... 2. MATERIAL Each player must have their own dices, tape measure, models, rules, templates and an army list that must be check at the end of the game by your opponent. Each player must also provide objective markers. 3. ARMY LISTS Each army list must be ITS legit. Lists must be clear, precise and each equipment must be listed with its points, SWC and AVA. All lists will be checked with the tournament application. The lists must be sent with Army Infinity. The deadline for inscription and lists is the 18th September 2016. 4. HOBBY All models must be glued on their base and the line of sight must be represented. All models must leave no doubt to your opponent about what they are . (see ITS rules) No painting requirement. 5. ARBITRATION One or two referees will be present through the duration of the tournament, in order to comprehensively address the issue of disputes between players. The referee is always right and there is no appeal against its decisions. In case of bad behavior, a referee have the right exclude a dishonest or discourteous player . 6. WINNNERS Winner: ITS points and prizes. Unless last minute problem everybody should leave with something. 7. ENTRY FEE 5 euros tournament fee will be asked on the top of the event entry fee. You can prepay the event on the following link: Preorder is 16 euros but if you pay on the spot it will be a bit more. If a player does not show up or is kicked out of the tournament, no refund will proceed. Please feel free to ask any question you have. - Internet : darkdoji[at]; - Phone : ask by Mail; - Post here More info to come !
  3. Thanks, I missed this point
  4. I'm not sure to understand the question. But Enemy repeater only extend the hacking Area of your Hacker In ZC of this repeater. It's not a backdoor to the hacking grid of the enemy. Then 1. no, it doesn't Your Hacker next to an enemy repeater can only ARO against hacker/HI/TAG... in the ZC of the enemy repeater. 2. Hackers are not Repeater. They don't extend Hacking Area. Only if the enemy Hacker is in the ZC of the repeater, like your own Hacker.
  5. It worked well at the Italian tournament of Rome. It's the best way to have a fair and clear way to play between different versions of the rules. Two ITS lists If no problem we have between 20 and 30 players right now but we can had more tables if needed. Tourism taxes are not optional. There will be prizes for a lot of players, we always try to give prices for each players, we are currently contacting sponsors, so no more details for now. if you want an idea of last year tournament prizes, check out "Bureau Aegis" on facebook, there is a picture of the prizes (for a 16 players event) here is the link:
  6. "he must distribute his attacks as part of the BS Attack declaration." "As part of the BS Attack declaration" is the point of this sentence. This is the answer of this question: "When do I Distribute the Attacks?" And not this one: "How do I distribute the Attacks?"
  7. It's not covered by the rule In N2, Impetuous order are used to CC. In N3, the rule doesn't specify what happen if we can't declare Combination of Skills of the Impetuous Table during an Impetuous Order... I think it's work like N2, but I don't find the rule in N3 ^^'
  8. 1 - no, you can't p178 Engaged State "»»For this reason, they can only declare CC Attack, Coup de Grâce, Dodge and those Skills which specify that they can be used in CC Combat or in the Engaged state, as Reset." Idle can't be declared in CC (edit : but a skill can become Idle in CC...) edit 2 : 2 - you can't declare Move in CC... Same as 1 ^^
  9. p21 Face to Face Roll IMPORTANT! For actions to be resolved with a Face to Face Roll, both troops must affect each other directly. Affected mean only "something gonna happen" its not only "take a Wound". Hit by a Bullet is being affected. State Change is being affected. Being under a Template is being affected (even if its a Non-Lethal Nimbus one). Etc... Reset a BS Attack don't affect the shooter. Throwing a smoke grenade in front of a MVS2 don't affect the MVS2 model. Face-to-Face is not a realistic mechanism with Models really stopping the other ones. It's an abstract mechanism allowing only one Model to do what he declared.
  10. As Light Blue TO give Total Cover to Blue, the LoF requirement of the BS Attack is lost and he can't applie effects. p31 "IMPORTANT! [...] If the Player declares a Skill and, when he applies its Effects, he realizes the Requirements are not met, then the Skill is considered null." Black Idles
  11. Reset vs Hacking and Reset vs IMM-1 are 2 different things
  12. Smoke "not an Attack" is only the last sentence of the sub-section "Smoke and Speculative Fire". (or I missed something) I think a point in Effects would have been welcome Anyway, thanks for answers.
  13. Then... > "Non-Offensive Ammo" = "Not an Attack" Smoke Grenade Attack doesn't trigger 6L2 > "Affected = Targeted" Regular Grenade Attack triggers 6L2 for all affected 6L2 Right ?
  14. Let's start with an example... A friendly Fiday want to hug a group of linked Fusiliers. The fireteam is complete and each Fusilier have 6th sense L2. The Fiday is too shy and declare a BS Attack with Smoke Grenade right in the middle of the Fusiliers (and from outside their ZoC and LoF). What can do the Fusiliers ? Let's talk about terminology... And any Infinity Veteran knows how each word is important. 1. Smoke grenade is Template Weapon (p36) => All Fusiliers Affected can Dodge as ARO (everything ok here) 2. 6th sense L2 (p93) To trigger 6L2, "the user must be the target of an Attack." As Smoke Grenade have the Trait Targetless, no Fusilier is a target: 6L2 is not triggered. Then Fusilers can only Dodge with PH-3 Let's talk about old time... The old way to play was different and old habits trouble me. For example, a BS Attack with a Grenade Launcher right in the middle of a Fireteam triggered all 6L2. In N3, only the 6L2 of the target is triggered and all others members are only Affected but not Targeted: they can only Dodge with a MOD-3. Let's talk about the ultimate question... The fusiliers can only Dodge with MOD-3 or is there some super secret hidden rule who said "Affected = Targeted" and all Fusiliers can ARO BS Attack ?