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  1. As a Combined Army player, and particularly as a one that favors vanilla, the introduction of Killer Hacking Devices has played absolute havoc with my list building. Bear in mind I play in a Nomad heavy local meta. The Anathematic Hacker LT went from being my dream Aspect to an unacceptable liability. None of the hacker Aspects are worth the risk anymore, really. Especially now that the Alive! group gave a KHD to literally every single faction and sectorial except the CA... Our regular devices get Sucker Punch, which is great, but they're all too expensive to bring enough of them to fend off a single killer hacker without compromising the flexibility of the rest of the list. But i've always attributed the problem to our complete lack of KHD 's rather than the problem being the KHD 's themselves.
  2. My Samaritan hacker (brought in a Xeodron Haris) went on a tear in a local tourney this weekend. He dropped a Domaru spitfire with his carbine then cut down both Neko Oyama and Miyamoto Musashi with his Krull blade. Against Caledonia he ate a Cameroonian and a Highlander, blunting a very threatening smoke rush. Of course, the Nomads melted his brains but other than that he was a total MVP.
  3. If you only want one, Sphinx all the way.
  4. I guess it depends on what tools you need. I'm an Anathematic kinda guy, so unlike a Charontid main I'm looking for some visor action. And having that visor move in from behind where camo markers are camping is pretty sweet if you can punch a hole in the enemy's overwatch units first. And Ko Dali has D charges too. My wet dream is Ko Dali and a Speculo killer. 😎
  5. I love Ko Dali. For me it's all about the BS14. The Protheion is an afterthought. Yes, she's an investment but she's only marginally more expensive than the high end profiles of the Fraacta and Rasyat. A 28 point AD shotgunner with either eclipse smoke or an extra wound is definitely a good choice in its own right, but if you're making the investment of a spitfire or hacker then definitely consider if a BS14 MSV2 with B5 assault pistols is worth the 3 or 4 extra points. If you're playing against Steel Phalanx or suspect a TO sniper or two then she probably is.
  6. The Malignos is certainly an easy answer. My experience with them is that they are a little more vulnerable than I thought they'd be given their TO camo. Mines and warbands are obstacles that can become almost insurmountable if brought in significant numbers. So something would have to go in there first to clear the way, and that something might be slow and would certainly use up valuable orders which Combined in general doesn't have a lot to spare. The Sphinx is also a natural choice. It can tank a few mines, trade templates with warbands, synch with civvies and move very fast. Stealth provides a degree of protection from hacking attacks. M-Drones, being remotes can't synch with civvies at all. Then I remembered Suryats. They can traverse the terrain. They can tank a few template hits. They can conserve some orders as they move, then split up and do two different jobs. I don't see where they have a place within a generalist list, but in missions that apply terrain effects and don't punish a lack of specialists as hard they have niche available to them. I got kind of excited when I realized that.
  7. The answer to the first two questions is I don't know. Let's say it's a tournament. As to which profiles *I* like best, the answer is none. I don't like Suryats. Not in Vanilla, not in Morats, and especially not in Onyx. It's not that I feel the profiles are awful or overcosted, I just think they either don't compete with better choices in vanilla or can't be supported properly with cheap orders and proper board control in the sectorials. But. And this is a big but, in Onyx in particular there's a great challenge in finding an answer to missions like Rescue. Umbra and Rodoks are crippled by terrain. Unidrons can't synch civvies. Suryats might actually be the profiles we need for those situations. Thank you, everyone who's replied. Your input has been a great help. I agree with the consensus so far that HMG, rifle/LFT looks like the best setup. Or dual rifle/LFT when short on SWC.
  8. Assuming you were playing the Rescue mission and also assuming you felt inclined to bring a Suryat duo, which two profiles would you pick?
  9. Plasma rifle, mimetism, doctor. That's my go to. Doctor helps move the list away from needind EI support, and the plasma + mimetism is a unique and powerful option in a vanguard link.
  10. I had thought that the Combined Army was either directly behind or involved with the ALIVE! movement somehow, so I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't take that KHD... uhh, I mean ALIVE! mercs even though they are available to Tohaa and all human sectorials. Am I the only one feeling the pain of no KHD? I used to consider Combined one of the more capable hacking armies but now I live in fear of even PanO's hacking chops because of those things.
  11. I'll probably use tinbots for them, since I prefer markers for that role.
  12. A staldron is a detachable profile for the Avatar, Xeodron and Overdron TAGs introduced in the latest ITS rules update for this season.
  13. I think everything in the box if worth owning. The Rodoks might not be as popular as a Core Fireteam in Onyx as the Unidron Batroids, but the price discount of the box almost makes them free. The most common playstyle is using the anvil of a Unidron Core Fireteam to provide orders for hammer units such as the Umbra, Sygmaa and/or TAGs in addition to the excellent Shasvastii specialists in the Malignos and Noctifiers.
  14. I'm just glad the Marut's bot is marginally better than the Avatar's. Not in any meaningful way, but just enough to be objectively better. Like how Netrods were arbitrarily better than voodoo tech Imetrons for no reason. Ah, the nostalgia...
  15. That's a really good point. Me personally, I have an affection for Dr Worm and its 3" prone move even though I suck at succeeding at anything with the good doctor... But since you're talking Kurgat taking the cheaper boarding shotgun version and 2 interns is something I could easily see myself doing with only 23 points available.