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  1. The problem wasn't in my meta. We created our own solution. The winner of the LT Wip roll could also choose the location to battle in. The discouragement came from checking a vital theatre of operations and seeing one player posting three or more victories against the same opponent a day, almost every day, and only ever logging battles in that location, nowhere else.
  2. With the caveat that I didn't actively participate in this campaign (I only set up a Wotan account so my opponents could log their battles against me if they chose to do so) I was wondering if there was an official method for selecting which mission to play? In my local meta we tie the mission/location to the LT Wip roll, and this tends to prevent the phenomenon of a specific player always getting to play all games in the particular theatre that he or she chooses. That phenomenon, whether you personally choose to take it seriously or not as a problem was responsible for my own loss of interest in the first campaign and my reluctance to give the second one a shot. And I know I'm not the only one who felt this way. So, if there isn't an official method for mission selection, maybe consider implementing one.
  3. I'm definitely less concerned about enemy KHDs when I'm playing a sectorial.
  4. Were you taking suprise attack into account?
  5. I didn't feel like we needed a spitfire legate, and I was prepared to lament not getting a more needed miniature, but hot damn that's a good looking render. That and knowing that the nexus is actually happening soon has me pretty excited. But no KHD.... CB, when your faction has big, expensive heavy infantry hacker lieutenants and the only cheap cheerleaders available are remotes, not having a KHD is a very painful disadvantage.
  6. The jungle bases look amazing. As for Sheskiin, I think some spots or stripes on her tentacle would look great and the armor could use some black lining between the plates to make it pop,
  7. Yeah, I agree. Army painting logs would have a good place in their army subforums. But maybe that's just us. Anyway, I'm off to see your work.
  8. Change Tohaa to wounds. Combined Army to... Restricted access? Aleph to points cost.
  9. No other factions have zero access to KHDs. Sucker punch on a vanguard hacker doesn't make up for it. Goodnight sure as Hell doesn't.
  10. Give us access to deployable repeaters and perimeter weapons and I'd take that deal.
  11. I use the Gorgos to prevent dust from accumulating on a 55mm circle of volume on my shelf. Larger than that actually, if you count the G:Synch Chaksa.
  12. Hector, unfortunately.
  13. Hunger games? Quiddich? No. It's Blood of Heroes. Gear up, Juggers.
  14. Apologies, I didn't mean to dogpile. And I agree with your point.