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  1. It's been over a year since I've posted in this blog, but that hasn't meant that I haven't been playing. I just haven't been as excited about the game to spend the time cataloging my experiences when my experiences throughout the Tagline ITS season have been the same thing over and over again; Getting shut down by the Alive! crew and Killer Hackers everywhere. I played one large tourney (Rumble on Route 66) and several one off games with vanilla combined. Led by the Anathematic Hacker LT, sporting a Ko Dali/Speculo wombo combo and various drone support. In all those games I think the Anathematic survived one battle, and all but one of those deaths were from Redrum, the other was from a spectacular one round burst from an Intruder HMG. Redrum never took him down easy, it always took multiple orders, but once revealed his death was always inevitable. Disheartened, I turned my focus from Vanilla to Onyx, in particular IJW's Xeodron Haris list. I had much more fun with this list than I thought I would, and found it to be much more versatile than I had expected. I took this list to 2 local tournies, winning one of them. I had trouble with vanilla ALEPH that packed a lot of hacking power and PanO running a Jotum/Cutter list, but was well pleased with the performance I managed to pull out of the list against HI centric JSA on a corridor table and Wallace order spam CHA on a more open table where turtling up with overlapping B2 AROs and one ikadron positioned ahead and to the side to draw impetuous in that direction put my opponent on the wrong foot. But I really wanted to play vanilla. That's my jam. I just couldn't see a fun method for working around what I felt were native disadvantages in the current meta. I could either forgo hacking altogether and limit my access to hackable units, or I could overinvest in hacking so completely that I'd have practically no variety or versatility in my list building. Then the next ITS season came around the threat of Alive! faded away, leaving only most of the factions out there with access to KHD's... It helped, but I was still pretty bummed out. I was reluctantly tossing around ideas on how to make vanilla combined work in a way that was rewarding for me, when Bit and Kiss suddenly fell into my lap. She changed everything. Now I had a cheap, effective method for trying to keep Killer Hackers from focusing down my hacker aspects. Now I'm really excited to scare up some games and get this blog thing going again.
  2. Morats reward a player who can master the various quirks of coordinating their excellent link teams and smoke throwing extreme impetuous warbands. Onyx rewards a skilled strategist who can make the most of strong, expensive units with little room for tactical errors.
  3. I think one giant glaring weakness per sectorial is enough, and that the lack of board control is negotiable with the powers that be, but you may well be right...
  4. I would certainly enjoy a g:synch morat huntress, but I'd still rather have a morat Moran masaai huntress. Some peripheral weapons would address one of morat's weaknesses (first turn board control ) without stepping on the toes of their intended fluffy exclusion from the marker state. But all in all, more female morat sculpts would be appreciated.
  5. I think her limited availability in the Combined Army is actually pretty slick. We know Morats can't have her because they are determined to never, ever have access to the marker state. But Shas not getting her too makes it feel less like the Morats are being picked on, and I'm hopefully confident that Shas will get their own unit with KHD in their big rework. She's got practically everything I've been crying into my pillow at night for Combined not having access to. I'm excited for my vanilla Combined.
  6. Same old story. Just Mortys killing Mortys.
  7. Redacted
  8. You really put some depth in those dark colors. Great job! Keep doing what you're doing on that Samaritan.
  9. That's just what Carlos wants us to think.
  10. Caliban might get Haris, but I bet the Feuerbach profile is prohibited from joining.
  11. I haven't tried Recon myself but I can see it's merits. Sometimes when I get some buds over for gaming but end up with odd numbers it seems ideal for some quick and dirty round robin matches so everyone gets a chance to play. So thank you, Orph3u5 for opening my eyes to this option. I personally enjoy stepping out of ITS bounds every now and then.
  12. I'd rather have had Switch too, but I'll settle for no one having the bastage.
  13. The good news isn't so much that we captured Bit, it's that Switch is dead. That ubiquitous pain in my rear has been waiting for me on every battlefield of every front; lurking beneath the guise of every Grunt, Kamael, Keisotsu, Volunteer, or what have you, waiting to melt the brains or brain equivalents of my hacker Aspects and Umbra. Good riddance, monster. May the fires of Hell consume you.
  14. Lifeblood, May it burn in Hell.