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  1. Oh, me too. But once this was brought up, I checked it up on the Wiki - and indeed it is a thing there!
  2. Well, surely it wouldn't hurt if the Odalisques had another heavy weapon apart from the Spitfire - or a Specialist on their own, for that matter - but they do well enough with Hafza support. And as for Azra'ils... their N3 incarnation is not really suited to Fireteam deployment. You'd have to spend a lot of points and SWC to from a Core out of them, and it would merely be a concentration of heavy weapons with low mobility. They are better off as single models. And I say that having a quintet of 2ed-era Azra'ils, including a converted Spitfire, gathering dust in my display cabinet.
  3. As @Momo234 said, any friendly model with D-Charges can detonate any friendly D-charge (one per Order). This seems to be an N3 thing, as back in 2ed only Engineers were able to do that.
  4. To explain furter: You are allowed to do in one Order: one Entire Order Skill, or one Short Skill, or one Short Movement Skill & one Short Skill one or two Short Movement Skills. Both Dodge and BS Attack are Short Skills (neither is a Short Movement Skill), therefore they can never be performed within the same, single, Order.
  5. Only if you're Japanese :P. Actually this remids me a scene from a book ("Campa w skawach", by Piotr Strzyżesz). Matters not why, but the author happened to be in Beijing, and enlisting help from a local guy (because the author knew no Chinese, and the guy knew some English). So, they did what needed done, and are now taking a lunch in a small eatery at the train station, about to part their ways. The Chinese guy decides to ask the question that must have been chewing on him for quite a while: " - Hey, tell me, is it true that Europeans eat raw meat?" " - Well, some of them do," - replies the author cautiously, likely with steak tartare in mind " - but don't some Chinese eat dogs?" " - But they cook them first!" As it turns out, the Chinese culture considers the habit of cooking your food - or at least, meat (I'm pretty sure there is a lot of fruits they do eat raw!) - to be a feature that distinguishes even the marginally civilised people from total savages...
  6. How about going after your opponent's Regular Order pool? Or his Lt? Hassassins seem to be well-prepared for that kind of action, and once you deprive your opponent of Regular Orders, his Irregular warbands become suddenly much less effective.
  7. I have a (male) part of a TV News Team (i.e. the cameraman) from the old Grenadier's line. I didn't needed two, so I passed the (female) interviewer to my buddy. All that well in the CP-era, when there was no general-release WarCor model (and I dislike the Go Go Marlene really badly).
  8. If you can approach within sensible range, a Lunokhod is a holy terror. especially a buffed Lunokhod. In Corregidor, the Big Bad Wolf. He's a quintessential rambo - fast, maneuverable, and difficult to stop (thanks to ARM 4, W2 & Total Immunity). He isn't much afraid of anything save for high-Burst AROs (Total Reaction, Suppression Fire etc) and some types of Exotic Ammunition.. Iguana. Yes, if you rambo with it, you'll lose it. So what? It is a cheap TAG, and once it is off, the Operator pops out and starts blasting away with the HMG. And while your opponent is congratulating himself on offing oyur TAG, you just bring the rest of your list to bear. And that's only the units that weren't mentioned yet.
  9. Not that our postmen are always perfectly OK either, but this guy was from some delivery service. We don't call them postmen.
  10. I guess I should be adding Layla Sharif to the opening post. What do you guys think about her (in the QK context)? IMo she's nice, but far from necessary: one of our two KHDs (the other being the Druze). Marksman Rifle. This, in turn, makes her an interesting addition to a Ghulam Core Fireteam, giving them: a "baby sniper rifle" for no SWC cost. Never hurts to have that, always gets you some firepower with better range than a Rifle. another specialist. Again, doesn't hurt to have that. I don't feel her KHD as such is of much use there, as a Ghulam Hacker provides more utility value in that department. But if there isn't one, unlocking REMs deployment isn't a bad thing, either. Operating solo, she can, of course, apply a Cybermask, and move faster than the Druze. The problem is - it takes Orders to do, so I would rarely use it myself.
  11. Though I can but wonder how does that setup maintain the seal during a suborbital drop...
  12. It all depends. Govads can be used as a Core, where they basically work the role of upgraded Ghilim. Better stats, MSV L1, plethora of heavy weapons. However keep in mind you can still choose them as a Haris Team, which brings quite some ARO goodies with long-range, powerful weapons.
  13. Well, that's the news we got, if memory serves me, around the C:P era...
  14. We were talking about Heavy Infantry. Specifically. Tarik isn't HI.
  15. Just for the record, Haqq HI (Janissaries, Azra'il, Al Fasid, Ayyar) are BS 13, with Asawira standing out as an consummate elite regiment with (among others) BS 14. So, for Haqqislam, it is a relatively small sample containing 80% BS 13 HI, and 20% BS 14 HI.