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  1. You report a miscast / mispack just the same, just noting that the blue code was not included. I had such a case - missing piece and missing code in a freshly opened blister. I made a photo, added a description and mailed it all to CB. Worked just fine.
  2. tactica

    Well, a few years ago Bostria told us they were testing a "flying bike" type unit for Haqq, something around bike speeds plus Superjump. It wasn't yet decided if it was to be a REM, a "bike" with a rider, or something yet different. But from what I hear, it has been dropped. So this is just for the curiosty value.
  3. Actually, I love the Sensor idea. It would be giving some purpose to those damn Sniffers (IIRC Celestial Guard or Bao troops already pack a Sensor loadout, but still). Damn pity we don't have Sensors in Haqq beside the ubiquitous Rafiq the Sensor Bot...
  4. I doubt the light shotgun - she's packing a Heavy Pistol already. I guess that's it for the weapons. X-visor is possible (some other visors too), I wouldn't be excluding some form of a Hacking Device either.
  5. Cool unique character. Any. I mean, there are so many colourful units in QK - Bashi Bazouks, Hafza, Odalisques, Sekban, Djanbazan, Jannissaries, Kaplan, Azra'il, even the Druze... ...actually, frack, there would be potential to have a Fat Yuan Yuan character! Sure, 99% of the Yuan Yuan are lean & mean, but there could be that oddball fat one who looks nothing like you'd expect a warrior, but remains a legend in the community - burping, farting, stinking pirate you can hire, if you dare - and who keeps on fighting against all odds (excellent place for a NWI).
  6. Well, the concept art shows her using uniform parts (shin guards, trousers and I guess maybe the tunic too) I've recently seen on the Red Veil Touareg sniper. Note that parts of the trousers and tunic match the design for the inner side of her cape / cloak (and to my eyes, the pattern is damn close to Kryptek camouflage pattern actually just) more brown than the real Kryptek's Banshee variant). I'd say Mimetism is a given, and wouldn't be excluding a full-blown TO Camo. if the IS didn't had TO Camo Sniper Ninjas already...
  7. I'm afraid lack of CoC in QK is a designed, intended weakness. The Bahram has an easy access to CoC (in a non-character form, even!). Strategos, I guess, the same. There is one Strategos in Haqqislam, and it is the Saladin himself. In my eyes QK is the place for a plethora of colourful characters, way more than Hassassins are. However, it is the Bahram who get special characters exclusive to their list (Husam Yasbir and Hussein al-Djabel), while QK is the ugly redheaded stepchild there - we have to share Scarface & Cordelia with everyone else (save for Caledonia and of course Combined Army), and Leila with Bahram (fluff-wise Scarface Team are Mercs aligned, IIRC, with the stars company, and Leila has a Daylami background, so again closer to Bahram than anyone else). But well, it was like that since the QK came out in the original HS, and there isn't much signs it is going to change. We have to bear with it.
  8. Then by all means, @Spleen, go for the YJ. Or Bakunin, if you prefer so. Or both - after all, why not? I mean, it is a game. It is about having fun. If you feel the QK isn't giving you the same level of fun it used to, why not change the pasture (at least for some time)? The grass on the other side of the fence might be greener and tastier (or at least, it will be different) than here. Try it, have fun, get your spirits up. Don't force yourself. I'd suggest against getting rid of your QK models, though. Because I'm pretty convinced that you'll be back to them one day, and while the YJ or BJC or whatever else will have the "wow new stuff!" appeal, the QK will be like putting on your old, well-broken, comfortable marching boots. Luckily, prices for Infinity models are reasonable enough to allow (most of us) to have more than one army
  9. You're playing vanilla Nomads? Then, perhaps, you find little use for Regular models 9pts apiece - so called "cheerleaders". However, keep in mind that Nomad players do also include Nomad Sectorial players - as of this moment, comprising of Bakunin and Corregidor players. And in Bakunin, Moderators are the basic line infantry unit. And they do have their uses there, believe me. Personally I don't use Moderators for just the same reason: I play Corregidor, and thus they aren't available for me.
  10. Sure, N3 and HSN3 took away a lot of their "special sauce" list building-vise. But I still like them. I have chosen them - my first army - for their fluff, and the Men of the Gate, protectors of the Silk trade, are still what they were in that department. Sure, in time I've buildt a Corregidor force, and supplemented my Haqq range with models to effectively have a Hassassin army too, and I alternate betwen these three (with good chance of widening my choice to cover Ramah once these are released as an army). But the QK remains my first army
  11. He's surely a nice alternative for a Lasiq in vanilla. Since we don't know him to be available to Haqqislam outside vanilla, I believe that's it...
  12. I beg to differ. Yuan Yuan originate from the Yu Jing controlled space. Haqq (the Funduq Sultanate's Men of the Gate, to be precise) just hire them. And Fat Yuan Yuan aren't a separate troop. Avicenna is a rogue Recreation (so real point of origin is Aleph). Druze are independent, they just made a working agreement with Haqq, so their HQ caravansarai is in the Bouraq system. But they, for example, have been working for PanO corporations and Tunguzkan mafias too. Of these, only the KTS and Lunah can be singled out as mercenaries of Haqqislamite origin.
  13. But I catch your drift, absolutely We have similar problem in Polish regarding military hardware terminology. Leftover from WW2 terminology, I guess. Still, the current mutation of the PK machinegun used here is named UKM (Polish for Universal Machine Gun). Still, it was the standard machinegun for the infantry, even mechanized, here (don't ask me how the guys fit into a BMP-1 with it, cramped as it is, but they did), RPKs were issued to airmobile / air assault troops. The infantry LMG you mention - well, that's already in the game, under the name of Spitfire. The Fusilier, Azra'il and Jotum are by far not carrying the same weapon - Fusilier has a plain one, Azra'il has extra oomph by the means of AP ammo, and Jotum, if memory serves me, packs a MultiHMG, which is capable of firing AP, Shock, Stun and EXP ammo, making it a very different beast. Still, the real reason for having similar power weapons there is basically game balance. Same reason why we aren't really seeing vehicles - imagine the can of worms that would get opened if we got models invulnerable to all weapons with no Anti-Material trait, for example.
  14. Allow me a completely uninformed guess, but I think the VORC loadout should be not ones requiring separate, Varuna-only sculpts. I.e. weapons/equipment you don't necessarily represent on models.
  15. It is all a matter of messed up terminology. I assume you refer to some variant of the PK family - Wikipedia tells me Serbian Army uses Zastava M84 and M86 machineguns (being, effectively, same as PK and PKT). Having one of these in every inafantry squad was the standard pattern for the former Warsaw Pact armies, too. However, in NATO terminology, a PK or equivalent (M60, FN MAG / M240 to the Americans, GPMG to the Brits etc) is not a heavy machine gun - it is either medium or universal machinegun. What they understeand as heavy machine gun is something comparable to M2 Browning in .50 caliber - our Eastern European equivalent would be DShK or NSV (which is used by Serbian Army under th name of Zastava M87) in 12,7mm caliber - which is a bit on the heavy side for a man-portable weapon Not to mention the whole argument started - as it was already mentioned - from a mess up in the original Spanish-to-English translation: the original Spanish text uses the term "ametralladora" ("machinegun", a general term), not "ametralladora pesada" (specifically "heavy machinegun"). Who and why made a generic "machinegun" of the original text into the "HMG" we see in the English rules, we can but wonder. But it keeps causing a lot of disorientation among the players