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  1. Since we're theorycrafting... why LRLs? There is a disposable Flammenspeer, after all, a fire-blasting Panzerfaust equivalent.
  2. Well, there was that joke about two women who were doing prison time in the same cell for 10 years, and were being released on the same day. They stopped on the jail's doorstep to have a lil' chat...
  3. Just like there are none with Shihab and Shaytaniah. I.e. until you get a Hacker or a Repeater (deployable or walking on its own drone legs, i.e. Fanous) parked within the scorpion's ZoC.
  4. I wouldn't be ruling out new profiles for the Touaregs to show up with RTF release. So Touareg KHD can still happen. I guess al'Hawwa KHD, however, won't happen: it would be stepping on the toes of the only KHD in Qapu Khalqi, the Druze KHD - and virtually making the Druze redundant. QK has some problems with setting up a decent repeater network, after all. Interesting enough, the Hassassin Bahram has two entries on KHD list, yet neither has any form of forward deployment available (Hassassin Govad KHD and Hassassin Barid KHD).
  5. I don't think it was exactly the case. After all, she knows ISS ain't any better. And black ops aren't usually perceived in terms of ethics, but in terms of necessity to meet one's goals. Otherwise they wouldn't be "black ops". And we know that since the beginning: Haqq wouldn't be needing the Hassassin Bahram, the boogeyman of the Sphere's popular culture, if they weren't going to use it. And let's face it: most intelligence / counterintelligence / special / black ops branches do not advertise. I was making this point before: - if you cross PanO, the Hexas will see you get killed "by parties unknown". - if you cross Yu Jing, the Oniwabans or Ninjas will see that you die "in an accident". - if you cross Haqq, the Hassassins will see that you will be found dead in your "safe room" with a Hassassin dagger in your heart, and a meticulously calligraphed death warrant in your cold fingers. Usually. Other agencies prefer plausible deniability: "we? We didn't do that. And in case we did, you can't prove a thing." Hassassins prefer upholding their terryfying reputation: "it was us who did it. And we'll do it again to anyone who crosses us". Of course, that might be their general modus operandi, In some cases they may need to deviate from it, and keep a close lid on a case - like the op major Lunah took part of.
  6. Since he started leaving traditional Hassassin cookies at their nightstands. Accompanied with a hand-written notice and a dagger
  7. Old Man from the Mountain's watch list? You mean the long one, or the short one? A hint: everyone is on his long list...
  8. I'd say that wouldn't be Infinity way. Save for Voodoo Tech, most of the stuff in Infinity is more or less explainable. As I said, terraforming tech isn't going to work on a tactical / squad level. Plus, it would be impossible to justify should the Haqq troops be operating on non-Haqq territory. An example just off the bat: Neon Lotus Space Station from the Red Veil introductory campaign: artificial environment, and IIRC, owned & operated by Yu Jing...
  9. Because he can pose as somebody else (in this case @cibili suggests to pose him as Ghulam GL) who can not be a Lt from the legal standpoint. Therefore protecting your Hafza Lt. from assassination attempts as "this totally can't be a Lt!". Also, he has 1 ARM more - once the push comes to the shove, this may be making a difference between standing tall and falling on his face. I mean, if you have odd 4 pts and no really good idea on what to do with these - upgrading Ghilim to Hafzas really is a an idea that's not half-bad. For these 4pts you get the beforementioned +1 ARM, and +1 BS. Not a huge difference, but there are times when even a small difference becomes the difference And, as I said, sometimes there is nothing better to do with these 4pts (because, for example, you already have all the Nasmats you are allowed, and you can't / don't want to start another Combat Group with something cheap and near-useless, etc., etc...)
  10. Don't tell me they are capable of chatting? I mean, with anyone than other Grrls (and I dare not guess what they do chat about)? For everyone else, especially if they happen to be male, they seem to have nothing but yells and screams, and a pretty real chance for physical violence... You want a "decent soldier" off Bakunin? I'd guess the Lizard Squadron pilots are decent. I mean ,as soldiers. When talking Bakunin, the term "decent" becomes a mite peculiar on its own...
  11. I guess you actually can't. Terraforming / ecological engineering / environmental engineering are things that probably can work as weapons - on a strategic scale. They would make a very powerful and dangerous weaponry in the strategic sense. Because think how inducing a climate change, or altering weather patterns, or water levels (by draining or swamping territories) could damage enemy economy, supply and morale. However, this takes time. Decades, years, or at the very least, months. On the low-end of the tactical scale Infinity is played it may merely provide interesting fluff reasoning for specific objectives in a scenario. After all, you can't do more shovel-work on this scale (space- and time-wise) than you need to kitbash yourself a foxhole / sangar in a hurry (see Sapper skill, n.b. not available to any Haqq unit I can recall). We could, possibly, be getting more biology-based weapons: not only Viral or Breaker guns, but also Swarm Grenades. We could get bioengineered critters / altered animals to fulfill the role of our Perimeter Weapons (say, something small with a lot of attitude and big venomous teeth) or attack REMs (if Ariadnans can make an Antipode Control Device with essentially 21 century tech, we could likely make a better control interface and graft it onto some really nasty critter (weren't there any big cats with even bigger cattitudes living in the Hunzakut Mountains of the Gabqar region...? Failing that, we surely could find an adequate nasty beast on Paradiso!) gene-engineered to make for a fine war machine, including allowing our Hackers to boost them (with Supportware) like real REMs. These could be actually - due to their biological origins - having Wounds rather than STR (so our Docs would be fixin' them), better Dodging than REMs (rules-wise, give them enough Hyperdynamics to offset REM penalty for dodging) and way more resilient to hacking (you could, possibly, hack the interface, but the critter's brain is still there. If our, say, Gabqar Rock Panther, has an interface that allows Haqq EVO troops to make the predator recognize "its kitties" i.e. other Haqq personnel, and "threats to its kitties", i.e. enemy personnel, making the panther sit down and start licking itself clean in the middle of a fight - achieving IMM-1 result - is a mite difficult, though still possible. A bio-REM of that type could have low BTS, representing its vulnerability to BTS-affecting weapons, but enough levels of Deflector to make hacking it a real challenge). The one problem I see with these, however, is stepping on Tohaa toes fluff- and design-wise. I believe it is doable - Haqq may have biotech not as advanced as Tohaa designs in some fields (symbiobeasts, symbiobombs/mates, more-or-less Exalted species like Chaksa, or these new small blue beings - I know they're not really an exalted species themselves, but you catch my drift...), and taking a different angle on other fields. Of course, there's also the fluff problem of Haqq philosophy - would creating living beings to fight humanity's war for us be acceptable from the Haqqislamite point of wiev? "Supersoldiers" (including bio/cyber enhanced troops like Odalisques as well as genefixed like Khawarijs) are a different kettle of fish: they are fully sentient beings and I'm pretty certain volunteers: it was their conscient decision to be altered so they could fight for the betterment of Humanity. A Gabqar Rock Panther would be taken from its natural habitat and grafted a cybernetic control interface without asking it for an approval, after all: do we have the moral right to do it...?
  12. It is essentially splitting the hair in four, but fluff-wise: Asawira get their Regeneration from state-of-the-art automedic suites in their HI armors, Odalisques aren't gene-altered, instead drawing their abilities from cyberware / bioware implants. Now, it doesn't make them "bioengineered supersoldiers" in the strict sense (that applies to gene-therapy results we see in Djanbazans and Khawarijs). Without a doubt, however, both these units show the advantages of Haqqislamite excellency in the field of biomedical sciences (including field medicine, bioware and cyberware implants). But as I said, I'm basically splitting the hair in four. Regarding the topic though - I do not see any gaping holes in the Haqq abilites. Yes, we lack some. We are limited in other fields. But we can work around these - and we do. Maybe it is the desert philosophy: do not expect the fate to be filling your cup to the brim every time, for you'll be sorely disappointed. And likely feel offended - for why there isn't more for you,huh? Be grateful for what you get, for it will be enough. And you should make sure it will be enough, because that's what you got, and you have to make do with it. And generally the Haqq players I read about here (I'm the lone Haqqislamite in my local meta) actually make do. Those who struggle tend to be inexperienced players who ask for guidance - and do get it quickly. I miss dedicated combat REMs like other armies have - but I've accepted that these are not likely to happen in Haqqislam. Same with plentiful TO Camo or loads of MSV L2s. The Hassassins do without MSV L2 at all, and they still make for a formidable force (in N3 at least, of course. 2ed was a bit more difficult for them).
  13. Slightly more pedanitc: since it is about Kasym Beg and Kum in general, you cannot declare "Assault" anyway. They have no Assault skill. I'm pretty sure @Wombat85 meant "move + CC" Order. With Kum's 8-6 MOV you can do it from quite a distance. And this ocmbination of skills requires no LoS.
  14. "Arrogance and stupidity' indeed...
  15. It is Corregidor, not Tunguska. We don't need any fine print. It is either there in normal-sized print, or it ain't there at all, because it is so bloody obvious we don't need to waste time writing it down. In case of underperformance you'd be given a fine bootprint on your butt while leaving out of an airlock. On Corregidor, that is a case of "bloody obvious": you don't work, you don't eat. Nor, in fact, breath.