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  1. Still the same problem. On one computer, I reach it on every attempt, on another, sometimes I do, most of the time I get that error message...
  2. I'd say it shouldn't matter. When you're Active (and you have to be Active to perform Doctor), your LoS is effectively 360 degrees. So you can Doctor into whichever direction. not to mention you can't perform any non-Movement Short Skill together with Doctor (say, Doctor + Shoot is a no-no! But Doctor + Move is OK), so you can turn to whatever direction anyway in that Order. In Reactive turn, you can't Doctor, so whatever part of your base is facing the patient, doesn't matter for the purposes of Doctoring anyway. Now, the situation of BtB facing is a bit different if we're talking about Close Combat. Models in Camo / Impersonation Marker Status profit from jumping their targets from behind, when they can't be seen. So facing away from that kind of threat isn't a good idea. Also, while in CC, your facing no longer matters: you can get to your opponent, but have no LoS outside of a given melee.
  3. The Army entry for Druze in QK lists only the Duo Fireteam for them after the update with new profiles. I suspect it is just a mistake, but there will be doubts until it is confirmed, one way or another.
  4. Yup, noticed it already. But as for now I don't know whether the lack of Fireteam: Core in their listing is the new state of QK Fireteams, or just a mistake.
  5. Oh, they surely will. The question is: "when".
  6. Well, personally I was never too keen on Druze. Kinda neither fish nor fowl, though of course it might start looking a mite different if the new profiles turn up in the QK. Odalisques did fine for me back in 2ed. In N3... they are still OK, just I don't play all that often.
  7. You mean, these specific Mercs, i.e. Druze Bayram Security? I doubt that. They've been released as a sectorial, more or less complete - including the new Druze (inc. Arslan, the Druze character) and a new unit, the Brawlers. I believe that if there was ore to be there, it would've already been. But I do not exclude the possibility of them getting a HI of some sort (although I don't think it would be "exclusive" to the Druze Bayram, like the Brawlers currently are - I think the Brawlers will turn up in some other Merc sectorials too). They might, however, obtain an unit from one of the existing factions. Alas, I might be completely wrong on that as well!
  8. Odalisques are a tough LI (they were said to be "semi-HI" by some, until N3 came and Shock Ammo became rather popular). While not great in CC, they are an unit no-one wants to mess up with up close (thanks to iKohl L3). Depending on profile, they're good for short to extended mid-range gunfights, and I do especially like them for close-in, room-cleaning operations. They have a choice of either 6th Sense L2, or 360-Visor skills. Now, in QK they can form Core Fireteam (which is nice, but not anything stellar IMO), or very nice, offensive Haris Fireteam. Their main drawback is lack of Specialists, but this is in turn easily remedied by adding a Hafza FO. If you need a long-ranged weapon, Hafza HRL is also an option (though remeber that in a Haris, only 1 Hafza is permitted; you can however take 2 Hafzas in an Odalisque Core).
  9. That's a good point, indeed (in fact, a handful of them good points)
  10. Or whatever they can buy form their arms merchant (remember, big governments tend to be picky about what they do sell. Esecially to non-national entities). Or even - which is IMO well represented in the Druze list - whatever they consider the best stuff available. Kameels are, therefore, likely to be (in their eyes) better than Salyuts. And Dronbots superior to "chickenbots"... Alas, to everyone their own!
  11. You mean, in the Druze Core? Might be (I'm not able to access Army right now), assuming there is no Brawler ML. In a Core in general? C'mon. Most basic light Infantry units have a ML available, and can form Cores in their respective Sectorials. I'm not sold on that Clipper-in-a-Fireteam: ~ similar cost to a LI trooper with a ML (same SWC). - is still a REM (penalties at Dodging, can't get Prone) - is still S3 (which might hinder maneuvering, especially indoors). - Burst bonus doesn't apply to Guided mode - SML is AP+DA (regular ML is AP+EX) + in a Fireteam (if 4+) gains 6th Sense L2. + BS bonus is applicable (I'm not sure if in Guided mode too. i think it should work, though) Basically, the primary advantage I see is having a SML included into your Fireteam, so you don't have to buy an additional ML trooper.
  12. Well, you can always mix'n'match parts. Eg. get a Nomad SML from someone's bits box (anyone who build himself a full set of Zonds, i.e. 2 boxes, is likely to have a spare SML. I do, I wouldn't be sending you mine because it'd be going half the world around, if memory serves me). A Clipper Dronbot is a little on the small size for a Baggage REM, true, but if you'd add some cargo boxes to the sides, and maybe a plasticard cargo platform (with supplies on it) in the rear, you should be able to bulk it up and have a converted, unique Baggage REM for your Druze. I'd search fro some model set of 1:35 modern accessories. 1:48 is closer to our scale (roughly, 1:56, if memory serves me) but 1:35 boxes and jerry cans should do fine, while being way easier to find. Some ideas: #1 #2 As for having these REMs made to fit your Druze sectorial - well, it is your call, but personally I wouldn't* be getting extra models / repainting my models to fit it. I mean, they're Mercenaries, they use a mish-mash of equipment (bought from whatever supplier / captured / found as battlefield wreckage and repaired). There's no reason why they wouldn't be having it in the colors they had for your other armies. After all, I do use (and intend to continue doing so) Nomad Zonds (Reaktion and Transductor) from my Corregidor army (and in Corregidor paintjob) as my 2nd Shihab and 3rd Fanous for my QK (just along Alguaciles, Iguana and Mobile Brigada). Anyone starts asking stupid questions, i'll tell them the Nomad contractors to QK brought in their own REMs * collecting, painting and playing 3 sectorials (CJC, QK and HB, and having a good start into RTF now) I do not intend to start on the Druze in the foreseeable future. Even if,with my current QK/CJC/Vanilla collection I have the (old) Druze, Bashi Bazouks, two Hunzakuts, Scarface, Valeria Gromoz, a plethora of Nomad and Haqq REMs, and a host of Brawler proxies
  13. Most interesting indeed. Seems the new Sectorials (Tunguzka among them) might be quite a shock to the community... Since none of these markers (save, perhaps, for the Unconscious) is directly applicable to the Szalamandra TAG (TAGs capable of forming a Fireteam are few, so far I can recall only Xeodron in a Haris Team and Gecko in a Duo Team), my bet would be on a slip on CB box designers fault. I.e. somebody took a box design from an infantry 4-model-box, and changed the pics / description.... but forgot to adjust the markers on tabs. Of course, the other possibility is that there will be a Fireteam in Tunguzka capable of including an Szalamandra (I'd guess a Duo Fireteam in that case).
  14. Not that very modern, since it started in 1984, IIRC. Over 30 years and counting But I digress... thank you for setting me in the right direction (I was pretty damn curious about those names' origin, just simply haven't done a proper research before).
  15. Finally nailed it - Tsyklon is actually a carrier rocket (you're right, it was used for Kosmos-series navigation satellites of the GLONASS system).