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  1. She's legal (according to Army 6). Counts as Ghulam for Fireteam composition.
  2. Since my meta has grown a little stale thaese days, I really can't tell what I face on the "usual" basis. But HI fireteams tend to be rather rare, due to their cost (actually I'm the guy most likely to field a Janissary or Mobile Brigada Core here). Still, it always comes down to peeling the first Fireteam member off. If you can endanger several of them (via template of some kind), it may be even worthy to sacrifice your advanced model, like an infiltrator with a Boarding Shotgun: ATM 4 HI save vs. Damage 14 Boarding Shogun blast at 11+, effectively, as cover is negated. 50% isn't half bad, and if you make 3-4 out of 5 roll for it, there is a decent chance they'll take losses (of course, much depends on their deployment and thus their ARO). Taking on the one visible team-member with a high-power, high-ROF weapon, like a HMG (preferable linked) is a good way, too.
  3. The problem is that both Fiday Minelayer and Djanbazan+Smoke aren't available for every Sectorial...
  4. Well, as any other model in Infinity, she's a tool. A sledgehamer isn't going to be of much use to a surgeon - he needs a scalpel. Not that a sledgehammer is a bad tool in its own right - it is a matter of what is your trade, and what job do you have to do. In Bahram, Leila is indispensable as 5th member of a Ghilim Core Fireteam. In Qapu Khalqi, she's a valuable mid-range shooting option for such a Fireteam, or alternate KHD faster than a Druze Hacker, both covering the QKs need for a Cybermask Impersonation (because otherwise they lack Impersonation whatsoever). She can fry hacker brains, do objectives (including going after them as an Imperosonation Marker - though she ca't do it while in a Fireteam). She can shoot over renges equivalent to a Spitfire - and with Shock Ammo. I'm not going to try describing her in vanilla Haqq, due to my lack of experience with Vanilla.
  5. Short question in return: and what purpose you want her to fulfill? In what army?
  6. Then again, it's Corregidor, hombre. Ain't no place for fancypants gentlemen & their ladies. Here are the men and women of Corregidor who don't mind getting their hands dirty, if that's what it takes to get the job done! They work hard and aren't getting paid even nearly well enough!
  7. Sure you don't. However, as you see, the cat owns you. As they say, "the dogs have masters, the cats have staff". And I guess the cat is pretty disappointed in you. Staff should be better trained than to surprise one in a kitchen, for Heavens' sake! I mean, those humans... it is so hard to find a competent one these days!
  8. Not only fun, but also give you a lot of advantage if you have a BSG for close-in combat. While the Repeaters aren't going to be really useful in that particular list (because the only Hacker around will be on the same Fireteam), it won't hurt to have Stun Grenades as close-in Speculative fire option. Also, I don't recall exact cost differences, but wouldn't that free up a point or two that'd allow upgrading one Wildcar Combi to No.2 profile? Having No.2 in a team, especially aggressive team, tends to be real handy.
  9. Well, dice luck is dice luck. No way around that one, sorry. Like the situation when my HI Core's leader have eaten 3 crits in a single burst (from a linked Combi, IIRC). Virtually nothing I could do.
  10. Luckily nothing for me to buy I really like the Ranger. And the Grrls, really. They look like rioting was their way. The only complaint regarding them is about box composition - i'd much prefer the Tinbot & BSG controller being a separate blister, and having 2 more models in the box. Instead, we'll have to wait for a blister with the Spitfire (the Multi, if memory serves me, was included in the recent Bakunin starter). Having not read the manga, I won't comment on the Outrage mercs.
  11. And of these, I'd leave the starter as the last one. It is a mix of two HS-era and four 1ed-era sculpts, and not all of them have aged gracefully. I'd say it is long due for a resculpt. With luck, there'd be one by the time you have the other three (and a couple of blisters) bought, assembled and painted.
  12. Well, Qapu Khalqi (one of the Haqq sectorials) can field Corregidor Alguaciles and a Mobile Brigada. So you can use these QK can't field Hassassins, though.
  13. Another trick: use Template weapons. Preferably Direct Template. Get as many targets affected as you possibly can. If you do it in your Active turn, the opponent has a choice: Dodge with everyone, and hope enough of his models survive - and that you'd be out of orders for a Rinse & Repeat. Shoot back and most likely kill the attacker - but there is a good chance (well, certainty in case of a DTW) of getting hit with the template - and likely losing soem Fireteam members. Shoot back with some, and Dodge with others, especially those who have no LoS to the attacker. This, however, means the Fireteam is going to drop some members out, even if they survive the attack. Also, if you manage to Template a Fireteam in your Reactive Turn (as an ARO) it is usually easy enough to affect a part or even a whole team, declaring shot at a point they all have crossed during their Move. And you still trade shots with the Team Leader only - the rest just eat your template. A long-ranged shot with a Missile or Rocker Launcher has been known to wipe entire Fireteams, as only the leader can shoot back (thus going into FtF with the AROing model). Also, when ARO'ing a Fireteam consider shooting at targets other than the leader, if they are visible. Sure, you're likely to lose your AROing model to unopposed shots from the Team Leader - but the tradeoff will be remaining team member(s) taking unopposed shots from you. And once first of them goes down, bonuses start dropping. Then, there's also the good old "mine-around-a-corner" trick. Some troops forming Fireteams are Hackable - so you could Hack them from out of LoS, and Isolate them or even put Wounds on them (if they're Hackers), without Fireteam bonuses (save for ^th Sense L2) affecting your actions. Of course, if your opponent was foolish enough to line up his fireteam behind a corner, there's nothing like coming after the first model in the line with a Shotgun template covering the entire group!
  14. Given the history behind that unit (both in-universe and RL) that would be absolutely hilarious. Then again, we're talking about Bakunin. So - yup, I'm all in favour of that idea!
  15. Then check MAS. While I don't recall anything specifically YJ in style, they have several styles and one could be just right. Plus, they ship within EU.