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  1. What I am hoping for is a modular kit. That way, you can leave the railing off of one edge and attach the walkway to a large structure or just use the walkway, without any railing, as flooring for a corridor, etc. Agreed. I love having to run cost/benefit analyses in games. It makes it more interesting.
  2. Ah, I looked around for it and did not find it. I gave up. Yes, it may be a challenge to work them into a game, given the LoF free-for-all that they pose. However, I think small sections attached to building structures, of one sort or another, may work. Give the sniper something to hide behind after popping off a few shots!
  3. Howdy, y’all! I like the Micro Art Studio ( ) range for sci-fi terrain. Those crazy Poles are creating more & more stuff specifically for Infinity, now. Here is a work in progress (I do not know if it has already made its rounds on the forum, yet):
  4. Thanks, PsychoticStorm. The plan is for us to play at around 100 points or so, at first, and then ease our way into some 300 point battles. Really looking forward to getting these gorgeous minis put together, painted, and on the field of batttle. :cheer:
  5. Good stuff, Tralfagar. I was looking for ideas on how to make the armies competitive with one another. I am just getting started on reading through the rule books to get a feel for army building, so your experience helps. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Magno. I have started to play around with the army builder. I am, now, looking to proxy some of the models I have for other characters, so that I can get around 150 points an army. I love the look of the TAGS but they are such a drain on points, especially that Marut!
  7. thanks, xango! As for army size, I guess I want to raise the nomad army list to the level that the ALEPH list is at already (I assume the ALEPH army has more points than the Nomads, at the moment). One army is for my roommate and the other for me, so we want the points to be close to equal (we will be having a go with just a couple of miniatures at first and then work up to using all of the models I have). Looking forward to playing and painting this game, big time! Gorgeous models and looks to be a fun game.
  8. Hello! Completely new to the game, but I love the look and the rules. I got two of the army starter packs. I would like to create two armies from these lists with close to equal point values. I imagine the nomads may need some more figures. If anyone could give me some army lists, that would be great! Thanks! Here is what I got: ALEPH: Marut (TAG) ALEPH: Devas Functionaries (Spitfire) ALEPH: Nagas (Sniper) ALEPH: ALEPH Starter Pack (6) Nomads: Lunokhod Sputniks (CrazyKoalas) Nomads Szalamandra Pilot Nomads Szalamandra Squadron (TAG) Nomads Interventor (Hacker) Nomads Starter Pack