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  1. You can find the February news in our online store! Cateran of Ariadna (with an scenery base, but if you only want it just to play you can build it on a small round base), Order Sergeants of PanOceania, Oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune (double arm option) of Yu Jing, Carlota Kowalsky & Moriarty of Nomads and Kurgat Mk12 of Combined Army.
  2. You can find the January news in our online store! Teutonic Knight Spitfire of PanOceania, blister with 2 Hassassin Muyibs (Rifle + Light GL, DEP) of Haqqislam, Prowler Spitfire of Nomads, Yaogat Strike Infantry Multi Sniper Rifle of Combined Army, Sophotect (Doctor, Engineer) with Hologram and Mother Forge enclosed. visit:
  3. You can find the December news in our online store! Blister of Moblot Sapper HMG, box of Imperial Service (Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack), blister with 2 Hafza Unit, blister of Gwailo Multi Rifle and box of Myrmidons (multicomponent). visit:
  4. You can find the November news in our online store! Blister of William Wallace (EXP CCW), box of Military Order (PanOceania Sectorial Starter Pack), box of S
  5. And the first order goes to...... TRRRRRRRR TRRRRRRRR TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR CHAN!!!! Psychotic Storm!!!!
  6. You can find the September news in our online store! New blister of Ghulam Infantry, Imperial Agent Pheasant, Cassandra Kusanagi, Aswang and the box of the remotes "Rebots" visit:
  7. The Tournament Packs have the same items (by now..)
  8. You can order the Infinity Tournament Pack in our online store! The Tournament Pack entitles you to earn points for the Ranking. The score in the Ranking is sed to get awards, Ranks and also the Medals in the forum. For more information: Our online store
  9. hey! happy birthday Psychotic!!!!
  10. You can find the August news in our online store! New box of The Hungries "Gakis & Pretas" (4 Gakis or 2 Gakis + 2 Pretas), Shock Army of Acontecimento (PanOceania Sectorial Starter Pack), Naga Hacker, M
  11. Hehehe you're always the first
  12. You can find the July News in our online store! Moblot, Sin-Eater Observant, Djanbazan, Garuda Tactbot and Armbot: Peacemaker & Auxbot Visit:
  13. You can find the June News in our online store! Celestial Guard, Bran do Castro, Gwailo, Dasyu and the new version of the Haqqislam Starter Pack Visit:
  14. You can find the May News in our online store! Chasseur, Knight of Montesa, Marut, Hassassin Fiday and Sh
  15. This information is for russian players! Our Russian distributor launched the website for Infinity: