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  1. Cool, will try to make it. I'll bring terrain for one table if I do. Is there a paint requirement this year? Please say yes.
  2. So I think I'd like CB to get away from cowboy imagery for USAriadna. Sure it should be included in a limited way...but our culture is WAY more than that. Its diverse. I'd like to see more racial diversity in the range. I mean, so far all of the USAriadna guys have been white. Not like I have some PC agenda here, but racial diversity is just a lot more interesting to look at.
  3. I did a bunch of conversion work for my Corregidor army and there's more to come. Don't hace pics to upload but check out my blog post: http://tauofwar.blogspot.com/2015/11/baltimore-brawl-corregidor-sectorial.html Enjoy!
  4. How are you guys handling conversions? I have some converted zondbots from GW parts. Any problem with that?
  5. Best way to do it is drill holes into the back first, then leave the extra flash on the bottles bso they fit into the holes you've drilled. Then insert and viola! At least thats how I did it.
  6. I like everything about this list except McDurrough. Take him out of the list, then build a bonfire in your back yard. Next toss him in unceremoniously and dust off your hands and go back in the house.
  7. In some ways yes. Generally if your brush clogs, it does not spray at all. I think if its too thick, you'll get some splattering and then it'll clog.
  8. I really don't think problem comes from what the paint is being diluted with. You get splatter from dirty airbrushes, bent needles, or incorrect triggering. What you dilute your paints with has little to do with splatter. Dilution really just affects rate of flow, clogging, spidering and pooling. Not splatter.
  9. Wow, I was planning on making a Samsara from plastic card and detailing with bits, but now i can just get the resin version....sweet! Cant wait.
  10. I've actually been thinking about this problem ever since I read about it. I am almost convinced that your airbrush is dirty. Clean it thoroughly. Then spray straight alcohol through it before painting. Then follow this tip:
  11. Wow Red, this thread is insane!!! Do you still play? We should arrange a game sometime.
  12. Could be a number of things. Generally the process for troubleshooting problems like this goes like this: 1) disassemble it entirely and give it a thorough clean. 2) make sure your paints are thin enough, by experimenting with different dilutions. 3) Make sure you are triggering it correctly. Press the trigger down and let air only flow for a second or two, before pulling back to let the paint flow. If you pull back first, paint rushes down and you get paint built up on the tip that splatters when the air flows. 4) Periodically check the tip of your needle as you paint. Paint invariably builds up on the tip and causes some graininess to the finish. I use an old toothbrush dipped in isopropynol to brush off the excess paint. My best guess is that your problem lies in #3. Hope that helps.
  13. I had the same feeling as I was doing this guy...somehow I've got to ding up the weapons. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I can see what you mean by how he looks like carved from stone. I think that is less of a problem in person, but thanks for pointing it out. Can't do much to fix that now, but on the next TAG I'll keep that in mind. I'm not a huge fan of weathering powders on models - I like them on bases and on 40k tanks and Bolt Action models, but on Infinity TAGs they end up looking a little dull and matte for my tastes. Anyway, if you liked my Tohaa, you'll be pleased to know that a box of Chaksa Aux are next up!
  14. Awesome morats, man. Yes when you blow up photos this big you can really see the flaws, but don't sweat it...it only matters on the internet. In person figs always look a lot better.
  15. And I'm calling it. There's still some minor work I could do, but I'm getting tired of this figure for now. I'm also way too excited not to mount him on his proper base. Well here ya go. better pics this time, but still working on it. Cordelia is a bit of a disgrace at this moment so I'm not posting her yet...