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  1. Completely agree. 3 round limit places a known cap on action. Bring a 10 order list, your maximum action is 30 orders. Likely more like 22 orders after deaths, with little to no dedicated aggression orders. Aggression orders being impetuous and able to dedicate to smoke, chain rifles and CC. Bring a 16 order list, with 4-6 impetuous, your max is 48 orders with ~18 aggression orders. Which likely averages to 30 scenario orders and 12 aggression orders. I have tried for years now to be successful in objective scenarios with a single group and its a challenge. The game was VASTLY different with no round caps and really only capped by retreat.
  2. Enjoy promoting your warcrimes by baiting them with falsities.
  3. The willingly caged mind whose species has barely learned to fly wished to lecture on "freedom". Arrogance would be a compliment, but arrogance is predicated upon possession of capability. Not simply being saturated in ignorance. You believe simple possession of your facility is somehow a victory? HAHAHAHA! Like your mind, your cosmic views, you can't even see you are chained to doomed cause. Please, continue to sink everything you have into a single and fruitless purpose.
  4. What a delightful pleasure it is seeing your PanO softskins fling themselves incompetently at Sygtir-1. We toy with your controls, your antennas and amuse ourselves in your predictable response. Retract inward to defend a hollow symbol of comfort. Sink more and more of your resources in a show of pathetic impotence. All those worlds, all those resources, all these bodies and you can't hold back a few recon forces. One would be almost inclined to offer you a way to salvage your dignity, but we know you have none. You've resorted to the dredges of tactics to even keep pace with us. But please, please continue with your pride driven desperation. It will only serve to show the rest of your myopic species just how barren your resistance is.
  5. Magno is indeed a commendable commander for the Nomads and I will enjoy liberating him from his foibles. But do not confuse me with that of an inferior softskin. I am Umbra Magnus
  6. This is a huge benefit. Playing against some JSA lists as a Nomad player, this proved to be excruciating.
  7. This isn't news to us. We suspected results were predetermined. Why do you think I challenged Bostria? Why do you think we kept attacking Zhurong? To disrupt those ppans
  8. When I check Flamestike, nothing has been updated for 8 days. Even when I go to the theater or faction pages. The only thing I see updated are a few batreps and the forums. For 8 days, I have no knowledge of what has changed.
  9. Throwing stones from a position that was given more stones than others. This campaign was Yu Jing's to lose. Since the beginning. Given a large lead in a single zone, no immediate secondary threat. Enough to initially deter anyone else from coming at you. Freely allowed to attack the weakest faction, in the lowest active zone at the time, because everyone else is currently engaged in their home area. No CA threat from a secondary location. So spare us this chest beating nonsense.
  10. When your arguments describing aggressive actions centers around "rightful ownership" as dictated by you, you don't get to lecture anyone about freedom. You don't seem to appreciate just how much O-12 favors Yu Jing in Zhurong and on Flamia. For what purpose you have been gifted with this favor, we are not certain, but its tantamount that O-12 does not succeed in its meddling and distractions of what is truly threatening our species. We fight Yu Jing and PanO. We did not "let" CA build a beach head in our own territory, just like we are not letting you build up a beach head in Zhurong. Calling us terrorists is the simplest and cheapest form of propoganda to force away the ennui of your citizens toward your own revulsion of freedom.
  11. Can I get some of that Astropot?
  12. Nazroth sets the bar, Nomad style. Now others follow. Where others first accused as a cheap ploy for more games, now recognize the Nomad community is just enjoying being Bromads.
  13. Who said it was yours to begin with? Who granted this to you? And while you were reviling in your misplaced privilege, while the rest of us were blindsided by O-12 mishaps and miscommunication, once again the infamous insecurities of the Dragon went on full display as YOU and your resented idol attacked the rest of us and our "allies". Exploiting the confusion of the outbreak as yet another powerplay, another land grab. "Rightful owner" my and humanities' collective ass. What is to stop you from claiming everything under the sun, under the circulars? You are no different than the Combined Army. You are no different than that petulant, confused, and tantrum ridden children of Neo Terra. So you enjoy your desperate cling of Zhurong. Because I and our select Nomad assault force....will......not......stop. I've already felt the bayonet of Bostria in my back. All it did was convince me and my army, that Yu Jing can make all the claims it wants, you can beat your chest till its blue, but WE KNOW that this is all a farce, that Yu Jing has rigged this and sold out humanity for your egos. For this alone, and the actions of your Supreme Commander, you will lose this campaign. I guarantee it.