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  1. The core currency of the game is orders. The minimum cost to kill a 5 point chain rifle enemy that you need to move past on your turn is 1 order. Often it's more, when combined with how such cheap models pack defensive smoke or other survival mechanisms such as dogged. If I don't have enough orders to move for my objectives because I spent them all shooting these guys, that's a win. Now, Impetuous is supposed to be the cure to this: By forcing them forward into ARO. Doesn't always work that way due to smart play and the limits of what can accurately engage enemies in smoke, or built-up terrain. Or for heaven's sake, weird stuff like Ghazis blasting you through walls. Add in the fact that Chain Rifles now ignore cover in N3, makes them very powerful. Dodge is a last ditch resort against DTW, since it doesn't change the game state or their ability to attack you again without someone else intervening.
  2. Auxilias have lost a lot by losing the ability to coordinated order. They're still very short ranged defensive troops. To spend orders and advance is pretty much most of a turn, for a flamethrower attack. Whole fireteams can advance on those same orders, or 70 point murdergods. The opposing type, a 5-6 point warband, advances twice as fast for fewer points and more disposability. Auxilia are not that good nowadays except as reasonable backfield defense, a specialist, and rarely, an opportunist. Remember too, they have competition in that role too as backfield/opportunist against CSU Combi+Nano.
  3. One of the actual most important uses of the (good) TAGs that I've really appreciated is the size. Being taller is a godsend at times. Being able to walk up objects such as up the side of a dumpster then onto a roof in one order, and being confident that you can hose down something at 20 inches despite being in the open? That's one order to kill one enemy, as efficient as it gets. Even the really powerful units like Hac Tao cannot do that because of the size difference. Now where people are failing with TAGs in general, is actually leaving them out. TAGs aren't that good at ARO actually. They have good stats and are likely to survive, but you're also opening up your enemy to strike them as they please with weapons that can take them down. Duck-and-cover, using the rest of your force to cover their flanks is a better way to use the buggers for the most part. Incidentally, when you add the climbing plus or superjump to TAGs, they suddenly get extra good as that ability to bully enemies for 1 order goes up exponentially.
  4. cheapest GOOD Tags. Those are crossing into HI Territory. Cheap GOOD TAGs are like the Maggie and the Tikbalang, or even the Seraph that can outclass most anything in stats, but still have an affordable price and good enough weapons, or 'able to easilly work-around' weaknesses. I think the way you'd really bring those more expensive things back is to make all the heavier tags 7-10 points cheaper, like the Lizard and so-forth. And make the cheaper ones cheaper by only like 4-5 points.
  5. Durf. Mental blank out there. I always just remember how great Ojotniks are, how sorta redundant the AP Sniper is, and how there's no model for the shotgun guy
  6. Very minor conversion--- one lock of hair added to forehead.
  7. As a vanilla ariadna player, TAK's gonna be pretty good. Even with existing units and 'for sure links' (ie, Line Kazaks with themselves) and probable ones (Vet Haris perhaps), it'll be quite strong. New units will only make it moreso. A cheaper Scout loadout (shotgun?) could do lots of work. However, I do fear for two things: Antipodes and Spetz. They're already so good, that increasing AVA will be crazy. There's barely any reason to take Tankhunters, or anything else in a vanilla Ariadna list before you slot in two Spetz. Antipodes meanwhile, are the best warband in the game IMO. Their drawbacks are almost non-existant, they don't eat up order groups and they come at such a cheap price. Uberfalls got their AVA increased, but they aren't even a third as good as Antipode Packs. A solid 20-odd point choice certainly won't hurt either, as well as perhaps a RussiaMech (the 100 series perhaps as mentioned vaguely in the N2 core book?)
  8. TAGs are supposed to die and die horribly in the reactive turn to anything that's remotely decent of a combatant, assuming the attacker is pressing at least some advantage (ie, not firing a rifle at a TAG in cover). This is nothing new, and is exactly how it should be. +1DAM doesn't do a damn thing to make TAGs any 'better' in a meaningful sense. Many of the good TAGs you see often in fact, use weaker weapons! Look at Tikbalang and Sphinx if you don't believe me. They have what really matters: Mobility, so that one order can generate an attack vector on a target of their choosing, a 'good enough' weapon, and statline+vismods to ensure they win a fight.
  9. We're back to this again? Bolts pay a shitload for abilities that aren't really that relevant or have better in-faction comparisons, or stack up poorly against out-of-faction opponents. The fact that you get a Locust at 30 instead of a bolt at 25, and the huge leap in capabilities (Infiltration and ODD being by far the greatest) in exchange for highly overcosted, ultra situational abilities (Veteran, Bioimmunity/BTS6) or a more general better trade off (MSV2,Biometric,Albedo and Multirifle for blackfriar) shows that of all the things bolts do, they're even outdone on the Koala side. There's literally nothing Bolts can do that you wouldn't want Fusiliers + 50 points of other stuff to do in 90% of your games. In those last 10%, you're already probably losing if you're depending that hard on Veteran. And hell, if you ran Fusis + 50 points of stuff, maybe one of those was a TR drone or a Hexa or something that kept your LT alive by being better. To make bolts legit without changing their profile much, they just need a Haris guy, and an NCA-only Engineer. It'd raise the stock of the Uhlan too if that happened.
  10. The Kriza Boracs out guns even the Szalamandra, as far as pure rambo power goes. It is one of the strongest single shooter against non-camo models in the whole game. Example: Against a TR drone, the Kriza does: 65% vs 16% A Szalamandra does: 58% vs 16.7% B5 with a -3 mod is incredible. Only the TO BS15 models beat it out. The Anathematic is pretty much dead even with the Kriza in ability to fight a TR drone in this situation. Sphinx is only a teeny bit better at it, but falls off against targets with more armor.
  11. Actually, slower. Because no Gorgos is ever in the field without a symbio 'get out of jail free' mate, while a flame roll can still wreck (and has wrecked) my Jotum before
  12. I'd like to see Varuna and Tunguska starters personally. Or god help us, O-12 or Merc starter. Perhaps that's why Outrage profiles aren't out yet, despite being officially 'New profiles' on the advertisements they sent to distributors?
  13. Such ISS. Very Yu Jing. ARO.
  14. I hope they nerf Auxilia by giving them Fatality L2. That 1 point discount will reflect their now weakened performance.
  15. Auxilia used to have that. They were 0 or 1 SWC LTs on-and-off for like two years.