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  1. The new Minutemen look great. Seriously great. Good weapons, nice style. Now, there just needs to be a single new USA Sculpt that isn't someone standing. Just... need a crouching person, or a running person or someone reaching out! Anything but 'hand on gun, standing straight'.
  2. Pretty much Regulars or Rao/Bagh Mari are your options. Orcs maybe, but they're always fielded in Haris to be useful, so it'd be a lot of eggs in one basket to do that with the HMG. Singe Bagh Mari are going to charge into close range danger, IMO Regulars are usually your best choice. They can at least hide which one is the leader due to cost.
  3. Unit balance is part of the game, no? It's part of one dimensionality if certain units aren't really very effective, nor as fun as others. BranDo Castro is an example of an inefficient, but very fun unit. His mobility is wacky, and perhaps he'll get off an assassination. Most likely, he'll die horribly. but it's still fun. Orcs came up because part of the issue is the price formula. You could give them all Blitzens for 1 point more, and we'd all eat it up and it'd make them flexible and interesting. Or you can make them PH15, which makes them cost like 50 points base and suck balls and also not be any more interesting.
  4. A Noctifer: BS12, PH10, WIP13, ARM1, BTS3, TO Camo, Dogged, Shasvastii. Combi is 24 pts, Spitfire is 30/1.5 A Hexa: BS12, PH11, WIP13, ARM1, BTS0, TO Camo. Combi is 24 points, Spitfire is 30/1.5 Somehow, PH11 is worth the same as Dogged, Shasvastii, and BTS3. I--- really doubt this to be the case. Heck. Order Sgts vs Fusis.. +2CC, +1WIP, Religious... somehow 3 points more. Especially when Religious isn't really an advantage, just a trade-off, as opposed to back in N2, when it was basically Veteran L1.
  5. This is also why certain units are profoundly good, due to optimized choices. Riot Grrls are a great example. BS13 (which is plenty), MSV1 (helps their BS more than 14 would when it counts), ARM3 (which is enough, and much cheaper than 4 for some reason), hyperdynamics (a little bonus that makes them PH16 when it matters, yet costs less than making them PH14)... specialists, and every trooper has utility grenades for almost no cost, a combi rifle, and a blitzen. 30 points. Frenzy has literally zero effect, since they're always run Linked. Weapons are flexible (Spitfire, Missile)
  6. CB definitely hand adjusts profiles... sometimes. There's no formulae that'd generate 1-pt Pupniks, or Pi-well. Or probably the newest Dire Foes for Haqq/YJ, who are crazy cheap for what they do. Heaven knows how Posthumans were priced base.
  7. The real defense against smoke warbands backed by MSV is more chaff of your own. Mines. Warbands. Forward Infiltrators. Crap that it takes more orders to chew through than points. Let me explain. To defend against approaching smoke, MSV needs a clear line of sight to likely approach lanes. That means it's vulnerable for being pasted by an active turn shooter. In nearly all cases, assuming comparable defense mods, the active turn shooter has a tremendous advantage. So let's say you have that Blackfriar Sniper covering an area where you think enemy Warbands are going to smoke assault through--- well. That's what the 'problem solving' nature of most Infinity lists come in. Anybody that can match range and fire B3 or better has your blackfriar dead to rights in the majority of cases. The best defense is really not allowing the enemy to attack, and costing them too many orders to even attempt die rolls. By ducking into nooks and crannies, or using crud like Mines, Infiltrators, Warbands of your own, Koalas, hacking auras, etc to deny ground. Or just stuff that takes a few more orders to kill reliably, like a narrow lane TR bot.
  8. As always with bolts threads, this has descended into the standard formula of optimal situation cherry picking ideal conditions, instead of common ones. Frequently, you DIE if you're attacked by an enemy active turn since they have the advantage, tiny stat changes or not. Likewise, you WIN offensive FtF most of the time since your burst advantage is huge, especially in a link team. This usually means normal weapons, in the 8-24 range area which is most frequent. Spending 3 orders on a Hacker Spotlight EM Grenade Attack is cute and fun, but not an effective choice in 90% of games. Also, no. Bolts are not necesarily more survivable in forting up mid-field than Fusiliers. Why? Because the Fusiliers can be backed up by Sierras, Bulleteers, Locusts with Drop Bears, Hexa Snipers, etc. Because they cost 50+ points less! Plus, they're faster and more supporting units means more order efficiency. That's the rub of not actually considering realistic conditions and costs, which is where most of the Bolts' few advantages evaporate. Given their greater points-per-order not really lining up with twice the effectiveness, they suffer.
  9. Hardly. Note, I play Nomads quite heavily. Particularly, Bakunin. Optimization and making correct decisions are part of wargaming too, you know. Bad All Rounders are crap like Grenzers, who do no one job good enough to be worth it. Amazing all rounders are stuff like Riot Grrls, who pay a tiny amount of points yet gain huge, easily applicable capabilities. Or even Taskmasters, who escort themselves up the field with great synergy, template weapons when they need them, and good powerful high burst or blast stuff. Intruders have unique capabilities no other unit in the entire game can duplicate, which can let them dunk on any unit in the game in a favorable attack trivially. I'm sorry you don't seem to understand these types of nuances. I'm sure somebody out there's making Securitate work for them. After all, SS2! They're so much better than Alguaciles, right? RIGHT?
  10. As illustrated before, 90% of the time their only advantage is BS13 instead of BS12 vs Fusiliers, which really, REALLY doesn't matter much. It certainly doesn't matter costing 2.2 times as much! What matters in Infinity is how many mods you stack, and who gets the drop on the enemy. So really, in most practical cases of a link team applying hate on some target or making them sweat with a nasty ARO, they're about as good at shooting but costing way less. Performance only matters as much as cost effectiveness. One could design a SuperBolt with BS14 and carries an assault pistol, tactical bow, and heavy pistol with his shotgun and rifle, but costs 40 points. And it'd be the worst unit in the whole game, despite being 'better' than a bolt or Fusi. So maybe that BS13 or PH11 saved a Bolt where a Fusi would have failed. But more likely, you rolled a 14-20, and died. And if it was a Fusi, you're down half as many points as if it was a Bolt. Unfortunately, Infinity is not a game that prices all-rounders well unless they use undercosted combos (see Chasseur or Leila Sharif). As evidenced by the double taxation of the 0-8 rangeband.
  11. Kamau are an interesting comparison to Bolts, considering they share many stats, and are halfway between Fusiliers and Bolts in their profile. For 6 points cheaper, Faster, Better WIP, 1 worse armor. Gains a movement skill. And strips out the skills and LSG. Weapons are more bare-bones, except for the unique and useful X-Visor LGL. They'll be getting shotgun options we know, as in the dossier...
  12. That's not really the case though. There's many MI that offer interesting advantages vs their LI counterparts. If we count only Linkable MI, then there's certainly exceptions (after all, MI like Intruders or Sin Eaters don't quite count) Bagh-Mari as mentioned, are wonderful. So are Rodoks, a major chunk of flexibility and useful abilities. Most of the Ariadnan MI or HI are really the same way, and have useful advantages such as the Marauders, or Minutemen. Moiras and their like are well respected MI. Briscards are fantastic. Thorakites are MI and are great. Lasiqs are mobile, survivable and deadly. Muyibs and stuff like Kaplan are technically LI, but mechanically are basically MI as well for that 16-22ish point 1-wound trooper, and have useful advantages. If anything, poor linkable MI are an exception that we keep remembering BECAUSE they relatively suck (Bolts, Wildcats, Yaogats and in the future, Grenzers)
  13. Things are valuable only in comparison to their alternatives. Sometimes, those alternatives are internal (why take X when I can take Y?). Sometimes, they're external (You after all, may need to face those enemy units and need a comparison). If we had a faction of nothing but 30 point Avatars, a 29 point Flamer-Squalo is going to comparatively suck by internal measures. But that's still objectively good vs the rest of the game, as an extreme example. In this case, I find that PanO comparisons leave the bolts wanting, which is the overall thrust of the question. You can play what you like, sure. But don't be dismissive that they don't stack well vs their alternatives. Fusiliers are a stupidly good link in NCA. Blackfriar's a generally more flexible non-linked Drop Bear dude with comparable weapons but more valuable skills. I mean, if Bioimmunity was free, I'd take it. But if it cost 30% or more for a unit's cost, it's a waste. Likewise, too much of a good thing can produce a sub-par unit, by stacking on more and more abilities but just jacking the cost. Consider how poor Kirpal Singh usually is with his anti-synergy, situational abiltites and vastly greater cost, vs simple Akal Commandos who do the same job 90% of the time, for much less. Etc.
  14. People were saying that it's a valuable trait. It really isn't. It's equivalent at the end of the day to 'Worse Mimetism vs a narrow handful of units' and 'Somewhat more durable when you're in deep crap and get nano pulsed'. The vast majority of encounters it will be facing has Bolts as a Fusilier that costs 1.2-1.5x as much, but has only the benefits of +1 ARM and +1 BS, but is slower and has generally worse specialists, plus some very situational weapons. I'd rather have the Swiss Guard bonus on top of a Fusilier team that's 80% as capable.
  15. The point is, that it illustrates one of the main bolt selling points is a lot less than advertised. The only other thing it has is Veteran, which has anti-synergy within the faction due to Neoterra having few capable forward lieutenants to take advantage of greater LT risk. It also illustrates bolt tactical inflexibility as they don't get other tools that the statewide better unit ALSO gets like Haris. Add to that the amazing awesomeness of the Fusilier link at half the price or less, then you see the issue. I'd rather have 5 fully loaded Fusiliers and a swiss guard, than 5 fully loaded Bolts and nothing else.