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  1. NCA's pretty straightforward. All lists tend to be one of the following archetypes: Fusiliers, mid-range thing or two, and a super-HI or two (Swiss mostly) Fusiliers, Bulleteers and multiple misc. stuff (Hexas, Garudas, Devas, CSUs, Locusts, Auxilia) Fusiliers, and Uhlan. Fusiliers, Bulleteers, and Hexa/Locust (-6 mod spam) Fusiliers, Auxilia spam, and anything else you damn well please. Something weird that involves ORC haris but is probably inferior to just running swiss guard. Anything that involves bolts which is basically the same thing as playing a fusiliers list and having 50 points forget to disembark from the dropship.
  2. In all ARO cases, the same trends mirror. Trinity is downright bad vs pretty much all targets (you don't care about shock, you care about either stopping their attack or killing them), and vs an Umbra... let's see. BONUS SCENARIO: Enemy is Umbra Samaritan (WIP14, BTS3, NWI) and the KHD is reactive turn. Umbra is using Carbonite (note: Basilisk is usually worse than Carbonite). REDRUM: Umbra wins (62.1 vs 23.5). KHD has a 12.1% chance of killing Umbra. SKULLBUSTER: Umbra wins (64.2 vs 20.1). KHD cannot do more than 1 wound. TRINITY: Umbra wins (74.4 vs 12.7). KHD has a 12.7% chance of killing Umbra. In this scenario even, the best possible case for firing an ARO Trinity over a Redrum--- it's still much, much better to use Redrum.
  3. Hey all. So, there's a lot being said about Hacking. I for one, think so much of it is horribly redundant. Today, let's look at one redundancy: KHDs! These are powerful, meta-changing hacking devices that really have no downside. They're cheap, they murder enemy hackers, and defend themselves against said hackers pretty darn well (through Murder). They have 3 attack programs, which I think for one illustrates the issues with Hacking being an obfuscated system as far as what happens. Examples: Let's take a Hexa KHD as a baseline guy. He's pretty standard: WIP13, no BTS, Standard KHD. Let's not assume surprise attack is being used, to make it more fair. I'll also assume each hacker's using the best program they have available to try and defend themselves. SCENARIO1: Enemy is basic hacker. Hexa KHD (Active) vs Alguicile Hacker (WIP13, BTS0, Using Brian Blast). REDRUM: Hexa wins (70.3 vs 14.6) SKULLBUSTER: Hexa wins (67.2 vs 15.2) TRINITY: Hexa wins (65.5 vs 16.9) SCENARIO2: Enemy is Assault hacker Hexa KHD (Active) vs Zero AHD (WIP13, BTS0, Using Carbonite) REDRUM: Hexa wins (60.2 vs 26.7) SKULLBUSTER: Hexa wins (56.7 vs 27.5) TRINITY: Hexa Wins (54.22 vs 31.4) SCENARIO3: Enemy is HD+ with above average stats Hexa KHD (Active) vs Custodier HD+ (WIP14, BTS3, Using Suckerpunch) REDRUM: Hexa wins (49 vs 30.7) SKULLBUSTER: Hexa wins (46.8 vs 33.1) TRINITY: Hexa wins (43.7 vs 37.1) SCENARIO4: Enemy is basic hacker with high BTS. Hexa KHD (Active) vs Bolt HD (WIP12, BTS6, Shock Immune, using Brain Blast) REDRUM: Hexa wins (63.1 vs 12.6) SKULLBUSTER: Hexa wins (62.1 vs 13.3) TRINITY: Hexa wins (55.3 vs 14.3) SCENARIO5: Enemy is a @%# INTERVENTOR. Hexa KHD (Active) vs Interventor HD+ (WIP15, BTS9, Badass, Using Suckerpunch) REDRUM: Hexa wins BARELY (35.3 vs 35.1) SKULLBUSTER: Hexa wins BARELY (37.5 vs 37.4) TRINITY: Hexa LOSES! (30.2 vs 41.2) SCENARIO6: Enemy is an high-WIP elite hacker bit with low BTS. Hexa KHD (Active) vs Davanas HD+ (WIP15, BTS3, using Suckerpunch) REDRUM: Hexa wins (46.1 vs 36.1) SKULLBUSTER: Hexa wins (43.7 vs 37.4) TRINITY: Hexa LOSES! (40.9 vs 41.2) SCENARIO7: Enemy is a high-WIP assault hacker with NWI Hexa KHD (Active) vs Posthuman Mk2 AHD (WIP15, BTS0, NWI using Carbonite) REDRUM: Hexa wins (52.6 vs 34.6) with a 41.67 chance of a kill. SKULLBUSTER: Hexa wins (48.84 vs 35.41) with a 14.7 chance of a kill TRINITY: Hexa wins (46.7 vs 38.9) with a 46.7 chance of a kill CONCLUSION There is no reason to ever use any ability from the KHD other than Redrum. It's far superior in nearly all cases, against all targets. Skullbuster is ALWAYS inferior: Even the very close shave where it's chance to win is slightly higher for the Interventor duel is made up for by the fact that the Interventor's chances go up as well! Trinity is ALWAYS AWFUL. Even against the NWI target, you have a slightly higher chance to kill them, in exchange for them to have a comparably higher chance to kill you. The game should never have even bothered giving the KHD any program except Redrum, and this demonstrates a bit of redundancy in how the thing works.
  4. Getting Irregular -> Regular is only one portion of it. In MO, your link team usually needs to do the heavy lifting. She can't use LT order or any part of Inspiring leadership aside from the somewhat cornercase override of Religious (which isn't in itself worth such an obvious LT vulnerability). The added desire to have Joan in a link team (That's not Magisters unfortunately, so that means a death star formation) is really a big drawback alas. If you're constantly breaking links and blowing orders to coordinate attack something, why haven't you just drowned them in BS18-21 B5 firepower yet? That's almost certainly more orders efficient vs most targets. You simply don't get nearly as much mileage out of her in MO than Vanilla, where all of her advantages can be applied.
  5. I seriously don't understand flipping out over the outrage box. Much of the issue is the paintjob on Domovoi. The others are perfectly fine, and using non-standard design elements from an existing faction. Do we really want more people dressed in the same basic LI/MI equipment each faction internally has since 3d? As for Beba, is she any worse a sculpt than the current pilots? I don't think so. Jethro's issue is solely palette plus the community's exhaustion with (mercenary) Snipers. The rest look just fine.
  6. Uhahu Beba and ninjaguy look fine. It's the paintjob: too much reliance on airbrush gradients, and not enough balance of light and dark on the others. And Jethro is a goddamn mess of colors that don't work. Also this does mean who is Mr. Hounds Tooth Cloak that we saw earlier?
  7. Joan is much, MUCH better in vanilla lists than MO. You get a huge value out of the free coordinated plus making everyone regular. Her real function is 'Every turn, you get 4 free move orders' from her LT order and the coordinated. Her go-to for me is 2x Bulleteers and Miranda, creating an ODD assault squad. Running her with Warcor, Techbee and ABH Sniper is also pretty much highly recommended out of sheer efficiency. Everyone'll gun for her, but she can play conservative. I actually like using the Mobility Spitfire version of late, as a 2nd-line attacker behind her ODD wave. Anyone who goes after her has to come in close, while she can beat most things that start midway up board. Her main enemy in fact, are assault hackers with isolate. Turn 3, just cut the limiters and have her go for whatever you need to go for.
  8. I'm quite happy with the Outrage box. They're all good--- only Domovoi is the outlier for having such a plain chest. No worry, it's the over-airbrushing that's distorting the look. They're all going to get profiles, it's for sure. And it forms a solid basis for a future merc faction anyway even if they aren't otherwise fieldable together. Also don't forget
  9. The Swiss Guard is probably the best single 'super' unit in the game (ie, 50+ point 'can take on anything') guy. It's stronger than most TAGs due to small size, TO+ARM5, decent weapons, and most vitally, a very affordable cost. HMG is a general 'take all comers' weapon. Missile can outfight most opponents due to how powerful missiles are with TO Camo, plus that incredible shotgun that allows it to dominate all combat at 0-8. Being able to surprise, and very easilly screw up any link team with a BS18 shot, while probably being -12 to return fire is insanely strong.
  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the basic zond sculpts. Just because it's not crawling with greebles doesn't mean it isn't a good, aesthetically pleasing model. It's OK to have flat surfaces, you know? Honestly, I think a few resculpts are worse. The new Caledonians feel slightly... off... in some way. The Yaogats are better looking, but lost a bit of distinctive character (as well as the game changing making them cruddier). Also for example, the new CA Drones lack a lot of character the old ones had, at being weird jellyfish, despite being more detailed. I actually like also the older design Tikbalang better than the one we ended up getting in metal, even if I do like the new design also. I'm also totally surprised at people ragging on the Lizard. It's actually a really good sculpt! A little static perhaps, but the model details are really cool. The old paint job just shows it weird. I really like mine. Szalamandra meanwhile, is a legitimately bad sculpt that needs to be updated, just like the old Armored Cav or to a lesser degree, the old Guijia (which was just different).
  11. KHDs are inherently extremely strong. It doesn't need a powerful platform to be good. Why? Look at the Zero KHD for example. He's a specialist! For what, a point or two over an FO Specialist? That's great. You are now a hacker, with tools to kill hackers (thus covering one of your vulnerabilities by having a hacking device), all for the cost of 3 points and 0 SWC. That's incredible. And I'm fine with it, given that KHD profiles are relatively rare and specific to certain loadouts. Just the mechanics behind it all need a look over.
  12. Oh, the Sphere is in trouble. For now, the Eldar have acquired Breaker Pistols!
  13. Hacking is the poorest part of the game's entire design. It's a humongous list of mostly redundant abilities. The fact that so many people need a hacking helper or to consult a very convoluted chart to use it at all shows a problem, especially when it comes down to just being 'shoot magic at specific enemy types within 8 inches'. For one thing, the program list is crazy redundant between devices, particularly when some programs are downright upgrades with no trade-off. The second is that for the most part, the team buffs are very, very specific: Just marksmanship for remotes, +3 PH for the one landing roll, and that's pretty much it. If you don't need those, then hacking doesn't help your team. It just otherwise presents some shut-down zones for a very specific set of enemy units. Yes, the mechanics 'work' but they're not elegant or meaningful. You simply autopilot to the one or two choices that make sense in a given situation and use them. DHDs are stupid because they don't defend anything. You make yourself vulnerable by having them, and their abilities just slightly reduce that vulnerability to yourself. They should be called 'Support Hacking Devices' or 'Inferior Hacking Devices' for their lack of interesting play. They certainly don't help you protect your TAG or anything.
  14. Outrage box? Now that's surprising news. Looking forward to them and the Riot box, and seeing how creepy that tinbot ends up..