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  1. Don't forget, Hacking devices were MUCH simpler. Hacking was simply a WIP-(enemy BTS). On a success, the enemy got shut down. If the opponent had a hacker or DHD, they got to be the target instead and had a FtF to protect the friendly being hacked, which was cool. It was why BTS was a negative value. Anti-Hacker Protocols was this targeting an enemy hacker, and made them unconscious. Possessing a TAG was very hard: you had to basically win 2 back to back hacking attempts, else nothing happened. HD+ was identical to HD, except it could basically use 'Spotlight' as it's WIP roll. You couldn't hack through enemy Repeaters, there was no firewall. AHDs, KHDs didn't exist.
  2. Oh, the other fun bit about old Infinity: Shotguns were CRAP! Templates didn't ignore cover armor bonuses (which tbh, I do agree with, chain rifles are still stupid deadly) but shotguns were only +3 within 0-8, making combis more or less downright better, and what few combi-shotguns outright horrid. It was very hard to line up the shotgun blast, given that back then it was also more restrictive in how you placed the templates.
  3. People played whatever their local meta wanted. I did some YAMS, as well as a home-brew level-up campaign with the crew out there. The key is, ITS wasn't really a thing in any meaningful way, nor were the scenarios so universal. We had hostage rescue scenarios, destroy the oil rig scenarios, etc.
  4. Oh. the biggest N2 bit: You didn't have scenarios! None! Everyone played their own until at least C:Paradiso came out, of which the scenarios were so complex at times that they were borderline unplayable. Also, Retreat was a special case then. Now, I don't think Retreat belongs in the game. Why should I be punished and possibly lose for being too good at fighting my opponent? Back when, retreat caused all of your troops to go impetuous--- backwards. So they get an impetuous order that runs towards the board edge, but then they could fire! So this meant that your fleeing troops were laying fire as they fell back. Impetuous also did allow you to use cover then too. also, Loss of LT was far more devastating. Instead of everyone getting an irregular order, back then you just got two regular orders. Period. For your entire team.
  5. Oh, don't forget this was the era when pistols were extra useless. Their +3 range was... 4 inches. In an era where HMGs were 0 at within 8, and +3 up until 32. Sniper Rifles also had a big dead zone, being 0 to hit up until 12, further cementing the HMG primacy...
  6. Most of the big ones people mentioned already. But of course remember the huge table of what guns shut off when E/M'd... bye bye combis and spitfires! The Vector Operator can burn in bug hell for all I care. It was truly the most optimized thing in the game. One thing people don't remember: Many E/M blasts went through walls, but granted a further (negative) bonus to BTS. So your BTS-3 guy becomes a godly BTS-6!
  7. I like a lot of things about the new Avatar, just as mentioned before two things come to mind: #1. The avatar should not hold a gun. His arms should have the guns in them, or for them to be smaller or somesuch. It adds to the menace. He doesn't need a giant stonking gun to kill you, this hole on the back of his wrist does just fine. #2. Probably a bit more superstructure on his back/shoulders. He's a little too much muscle bared on the arms, which makes him look like a thug, not the Leader.. If there was a full continuation of that back-plate with possibly more little tower/spikes or whatever, that could still give him more silhouette distinction from a big Xeodron (which the head looks like) and make him more regal.
  8. Combining her pitchers with an E-Drone (exile) will be nasty. Sectorials may be on the back foot when the links can be neutralized relatively risk free at medium range.
  9. There's nothing wrong with a Custodier if you want to turtle up. Deploy somewhere ultra inaccessible, and activate Cybermask with her LT order. Everyone will already know she's the LT if you're hiding her so actively.
  10. She's a crazy good profile. Since all KHDs are pretty crazy good currently. Being able to lob that much repeater coverage will be utterly brutal. But a very fun one with a lot of options on what you can do with it, we can expect a lot of CA KHD fieldage in the near future. Anyway, time to heroically put this 17 year old into the dirt, just like her meddling friends.
  11. It's not. Because they are all on a fixed price. Which is part of why things can get ridiculous at times, or why some models are a complete steal while others are inexplicable. You could easily still have that 50 point MSV2 guy with BS15, who's armed only with a tactical bow and sucks. Hey, let's issue smoke grenades to Aquila Guards for +1 point. Totally fair, right? After all, it's 'reflected in the cost of BS and MSV'
  12. I mean, if you think a combi rifle is equally valuable on a BS10 platform than it is on a BS15 MSV2 platform... Equipment's value changes based on what other stats and gear a model has. If I have a hypothetical BSG model profile, how many points is giving it an additional LSG worth? Zero. Literally zero.
  13. This is what sensible people think. Because synergies of other skills and factors (such as faction support) alter what's effective. It's partly why things like MSRs on Moderators are almost a joke given that the SWC cost didn't change, etc. Likewise, it's why combi rifle + LSG is overpriced when in reality, it's nearly functionally identical to rifle+LSG.
  14. 'Meta specific' could make any of those people the abberation. I mean, we have people talking about their metas of two room mates at times, which is hardly normal. Seeing something 'once' isn't the same as it being reasonable. Again, people occasionally field Securitate. That by no means makes them a reasonable unit. As to Smoke LGL, well. I mean, if you're paying for 14 points of Morlock to shoot 'Smoke on 14' to 16 inches, that's all the power to you. I will, along with most people, be fielding two morlocks for that price hand-rolling Smoke on 11s to 16 inches just fine. And on 16s within 8. Also again, moving goal posts. There's also plain combi Morlocks and Shaolins. Why. Just why.
  15. I dunno man. I've moved between /4/ metas in that time. It's a bit of a cop out answer. I mean, I've seen /securitate/ about as much as some of these kinds of options--- because I question the sanity of anyone who's fielding 14 pt combi Morlocks.