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  1. Bandua Wargames Black Friday is about to begin! You will find all Infinity range with 25% discount! And all the Infinity stock qith 30% discount! Check it out!
  2. Aristeia The Game is here! The new board game with miniatures, based on the great universe of Infinity! From today, until October 26th you can preorder your Aristeia! box with a 20% discount! Both the normal version and the collector's edition, which among other things includes metal miniatures! In addition, with each box you will receive an exclusive € 5 discount voucher from our website for your next order! (Valid until December 31, 2017, for a minimum purchase of 40 €) Preorder it now!
  3. They will be available... forever? Thank you for your purchase buddy! Hope it arrived all well...
  4. Summer sales from Bandua Wargames! From today until Monday 28, you will find all our Infinity stock with 25% discount! And if it is not on stock, it still have the 20% discount! Check it out! Infinity 👉
  5. Not yet, sorry! We are on another project right now, but it will be the first thing when we go back to Infinity stuff
  6. Our last 2 tables for Infinity Interplanetario! The most wanted and waited tables of them all, from our Ready For Battle range and designed for Infinity!Fully prepainted and ready for assemble and play. These two tables that you will enjoy on Interplanetario, are now available for an awesome price! BLACK MARKET INTERPLANETARIO BUNDLE NEPO-OIMIAKÓN'S TABLE BUNDLE READY FOR BATTLE
  7. Hi Arkhos! It is not from Ready For Battle range. Those are unpainted tables (Except for the crates and the Industrial Junk). We are going to release just one table in Ready For Battle range. Two new Infinity table bundles for Infinity Interplanetario! Check them out! - MAG-LEV REPAIR FACILITIES: "The Mag-Lev Repair Facilities are the most advanced on the Human Sphere today, and its work will be doubled on the next couple months, offering the same good service to the new contracts, signed recently." -Ivan Jabois. Mag-Lev PR. - ENVIROSPACE TABLE BUNDLE: The Envirospace range allows you recreate structures and buildings of a place where technology and evolution has come together to create a new kind of human being.
  8. In a few weeks will be held the most important event of Infinity The Game, the Infinity Interplanetario. Once again, we are invited to share with you a very fun journey, in which we will enjoy the Infinity universe, and where we will release some surprises.As every year all the players will enjoy our tables designed exclusively for Infinity by our entire team. And because of this, we have created some exclusive packs with which every fan, wherever they are, can afford these tables with a unique price.These is the first table bundle: Fatma’s Tear: Fatma’s Tear is a down at hell commercial settlement on the Bourak’s Desert, where the smugglers and the Kum Riders have found a refuge. This pack contains: - 1x Mosque & Minaret ba0100072 - 1x North Africa Village ba0100071 (7 different buildings) - 2x 12 Chemical and Wood Containers ba0100022 (24 containers) - 2x 2 Radioactive containers ba0100004 - 2x Big Radioactive Container ba0100026 - 1x Industry Of Murder Industrial Junk BA0100078 - 2x RDS Radar BAI000106 - 2x Hexagrid Powercells BAI000080 9 modular buildings with playable insides. With 73 extra scenic elements with which you will be able to create a whole Arabic themed Infinity table. And its price? The price of all these elements separately is 333.15€, and you will be able to get the whole set by 249.95€ Cool, isn’t it?? On the next days we will be releasing more packs! Stay tuned!
  9. You will need to adapt them, because the walls on the buildings now are double because of the prepainted... So you will need to enlarge the slot were the walls fit. Anyways, we are going to release more types of bridges on prepainted range so stay tuned!
  10. Hi Arkhos! Sorry for the delay on the answer! - The catwalk is 16x8cm and 8 cm high. - All our terrain is made of prepainted MDF and plastic. New products coming this week for Industry Of Murder. Stay tuned!
  11. Hahaha! Yes, indeed there is! We had these signs engraved, and one of them was on Chinese, and we wanted to wirte something like "Home-Made food, like your grandma's" or something like that, and use google translate from Spanish to Chinese is a HUGE MISTAKE . We released the product, and some chinese guy told us on facebook that the text really said "Cooked grandma tits" or something like that! We left it like that, just for the lolz hahaha!
  12. That's exactly the point of them, you can place them as you want for any purpouse you want or the way you like the most. Some people will not care about it and place it in one tower, or use them differently on each game. That's up to you.
  13. Hi! Yes, we thought about it but the last time we wrote something in Chinese didn't end well... About the doors. On the original Q-Buildings, the XL and the M had 2 and 1 doors respectively, and the small one had a door on the top, like a hatch, so we wanted to keep it like that respecting the original design.
  14. Bandua Wargames presents The Black Market Docks, the complete set for Infinity of the Black Market range with which you will be able to mount a great variety of complete tables, with which your games of Infinity The game will be a unique experience. Easy to mount Fully painted Modular Easy to pick up and store Elements designed to facilitate gameplay And if that were not enough, all this at a price, with a saving of 25%, is a unique opportunity to get a complete game table with 58 terrain elements (18 buildings and 40 smaller elements) The underdogs are waiting for you, are you ready? This pack includes: 1x L-Building Warehouse 1x L-Building Cargo Bay 2x Q-Building Gamma Pack 2x Q-Building Betta Pack 1x Holographic Signs # 1 1x Holographic Signs # 2 1x Holographic Signs # 3 2x MAG Radar 24x pre-painted 30mm crates
  15. Hi Buddy! We have thought about it when we made the release, but the problem was that there was too much products at one. Yes we will sell it separately but give us some time for it, we don't want to saturate with too much products On the other hand, due to a design mistake on one of the Holographic Street Signs #3, we have decided to remove it and replace it with a new one. The background of Infinity is very important for us, and we have always wanted to respect it. We hope you like the new one!