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  1. Nope, only the buildings, but probably a future product sure Like I said on another post, there will be huge things coming on Salute this year!
  2. More new products full color! Order tokens pack, designed specifically for Infinity The Game.Each pack contains 10 full-color tokens with different faction symbols, made in 3 mm thick acrylate and 25 mm diameter. Hope you like them!
  3. Hi everyone! About the prepainted style, well, it is not hand painted... I can't really tell you how this is done, but it is not a sticker, or a patch. It is more similar to a printer, but not exactly... Anyways, the finish are very high quality details and a strong surface pretty hard to scratch, you can even roll metal dice on it and the paint will hold the bowl. Somebody asked about the doors, you can remove them like the old Q-Building range.
  4. New discounts for Infinity on Bandua Wargames! From today until Feb 28, you will find all Infinity range with 20% discount! and ALL OUR STOCK WITH 25% DISCOUNT! Do not miss it!!
  5. Given the great success of our READY FOR BATTLE range, we have decided to create this EXCLUSIVE WEB pack, with everything you need to build your own pre-painted Infinity table! Take a lot of scenery, ready to play at a reduced price!A total of 16 BUILDINGS and acrilyc 8 PANELS! Enough to completely cover an Infinity table and enjoy your favorite game like never before! Completely prepainted and ready for battle! Also, this pack has FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! So wherever you are, you will receive this whole table on your house for nothing more than its very price! In this SUPER PACK you'll find: - 2 Q-Building Pack GAMMA (2 Q-Building XL, 2 Q-Building L and 2 Q-Building S) - 2 Q-Building Pack BETA (2 Q-Building XL, 2 Q-Building L and 2 Q-Building S) - 1 Q-building BETA L - 1 Q-Building BETA S - 1 Q-Building GAMMA L - 1 Q-Building GAMMA S - 1 Street Signs #1 (4 different panels) - 1 Street Signs #2 (4 different panels)
  6. We still don't know when will it be ready, but we are working on it
  7. Working on it right now! Also, a new type of Q-Building is coming (L-Building? Z-Building? SOMETHING-Building? we will see...) Of course with a new texture, different of this two, but it will look pretty complementary so they can fit all together and don't look weird. Also, we will probably release some of our old terrain on this prepainted stuff as well. AHEMTRAIN...AHEM AHEM!
  8. Hi guys! Sorry for the delay! I didn't recive the advice from the forum when you comented Yes! We already have those! Everything we made until now is unpainted. It is very resistant, you have to scratch it with metal or something sharp to rip off the paint. You can even roll your dice on the top of the buildings with no problem
  9. We present you Ready For Battle! The new range of pre-painted terrain from Bandua Wargames for Infinity The Game! A completely detailed, and textured range of scenery, with a high quality and taking care of every detail.. The already known Q-Buildings have been modified and enlarged, and now you just need to assemble them to start playing on a perfectly painted and detailed table! Accompanying these new Q-Buildings, we have launched the new holographic signs, with pre-painted methacrylate and support! 2 packs of 4 signs each, with hooks to hang from the buildings or standing on the ground. Making each game different. And as a finale, a pack with ALL at a reduced price! 6 buildings and 8 fully pre-painted holographic signs! Ask on your store, or order from our online store! Individual buildings can only be found exclusively on our website!
  10. Hi buddy! First of all, thank you so much for purchasing our products! Our friends from Wayland Games make orders to us every month and restock all our range of products pretty often. Maybe they had a problem or someone made a human mistake, but it is weird they don't have Q-Building packs because it's one of the best sold products we have on our Infinity range, and they always try to have stock of them. I will talk to them and see what happened Sorry for the troubles!
  11. *******Incoming message**************Cerberus Black Gate Servers*******Recognition code ***ALPHA 9858-5949***Agent ***VLADIMIR***Message *** Hacked source. Latest pictures taken by the drone before being shot down. Deleting data at the source. Single copy. Analysis of structures without result. Process payment as agreed***End of the message.
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