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  1. Hi buddy! First of all, thank you so much for purchasing our products! Our friends from Wayland Games make orders to us every month and restock all our range of products pretty often. Maybe they had a problem or someone made a human mistake, but it is weird they don't have Q-Building packs because it's one of the best sold products we have on our Infinity range, and they always try to have stock of them. I will talk to them and see what happened Sorry for the troubles!
  2. *******Incoming message**************Cerberus Black Gate Servers*******Recognition code ***ALPHA 9858-5949***Agent ***VLADIMIR***Message *** Hacked source. Latest pictures taken by the drone before being shot down. Deleting data at the source. Single copy. Analysis of structures without result. Process payment as agreed***End of the message.
  3. During this week our clients have decided through Facebook to do special deals in Infinity. And your wish is our command You will find all Infinity with 20% discount but also can get a discount of 25% on the products we have in stock by adding the "infinitystock" code in your shopping cart!
  4. Infinity’s new book, Human Sphere, has finally come to pre-ordering! From today until April 27 you already can preorder your copy, including preorder miniature Druze Hacker, and also you will get, only in our store, a free exclusive 8 Token Set, designed by Bandua Wargames for Human Sphere! And all this for only 51€! You cannot miss this new Human Sphere edition, with two books at full color, present on a case, full of new bockground, new profiles, missions and a lot more!
  5. Finally, we can announce that tomorrow morning, after three days of work, our new website will be open to the public, and to celebrate we will present great discounts throughout the day. 20% discount on Games Workshop, 20% discount on Infinity, 20% off on Warlord Games, 15% discount on tabletop games, 15% off on Mantic Games and 15% discount on Bandua Wargames products !In addition, among all orders we have until 00:00 tomorrow, we will make several SPECTACULAR raffles that you can't miss!We also want to tell you that we will have a big surprise with new shipping costs, smaller, both for Spain and the rest of the world!Again we apologize for the delay and hope that you all like our new website and we can offer a better and faster service THANK YOU ALL !!
  6. Another year, last November Friday, we will bring you the best offers and discounts with our Black Friday! From today Thursday at 22:00 and all day tomorrow, you will find different discounts in a lot of brands, miniatures, games and much much much much more! Bandua Wargames terrain and accessories: Our own brand with 25% discount! Q-building, accessories and the best of our terrain sets! Wargames y miniaturas / Wargames and miniatures: All Wargame and miniature brands, from Games Workshop to Kensei, Krosmaster, Infinity and lots of other brands, with 25% discount! Juegos de mesa y accesorios / Tabletop games and accesories All the tabletop games from our catalog with 20% discount! Merchandising Merchandising and Magic The Gathering with 15% discount!
  7. Finally, news of October already on catalog and soon also in stock! As is usual you will find the entire catalog of Infinity developments including last news at 15% discount! Also this month we bring you a contest we hope you like it, for every purchase you make from today 11/03/2015 until Monday 11/30/2015 at 00:00, you will enter into, not one, but TWO draws, with which you can win an exclusive Infinity miniature. In the first we will raffle exclusive miniature of Joan of Arc, and the second we will raffl the miniature of Tabitha Lyons Neoterra Bold Cosplay Edition! Two exclusive miniatures that you can only get in Bandua Wargames! Make your order now and take them with you!
  8. For all U.S. Infinity players out there! We are happy to announce that now you can acquire all Infinity related products, including all official products from Bandua Wargames in the same site! We are talking about Infinity Harbour, the new online US store specializing in Infinity products, with a huge stock of products, and of course, with our entire range of products! And to celebrate this, we gave them a great gaming table to draw between all of you! Check out the following video where our friends from Infinity Harbour explain how you can win this great batch of Bandua products!
  9. Hello everyone! I see that all these comments are exactly the same way than our post on the spanish forum, so if you don't mind, I will just translate my anwer there and post it here Thank you very much for your comments, It really meants a lot to us, as we work hard to satisfy your demands, and what we want is that you see our products as useful, and you really enjoy using them. In short, I comment, you can "access" to the building, I mean, all floors and balconies have doors and windows to access, however, we have not wanted to make practicable or playable interiors, because as we were seeing these years, in the end, only a very small portion of the players use them, and sometimes it is pretty uncomfortable, as well as make the final product more expensive. Besides all this, we remind you that Bandua has a whole range of products for indoor play, the HEX range, with stackable and open modules to get inside and interchangeable walls. If you like to play interiors, that is a good option, and is perfectly compatible mix both systems in a gaming table. About the road, it came mostly as a necessity in creating the Infinity table for Salute 2015. Same for street furniture, which is a good complement to the apartments. Of course, all your ideas are very welcome and we are happy to hear them and make more and better products to meet your demands. An example of this is the release of the Alpha range bridges alone that a lot of players were demanding.
  10. We present you Bandua Wargames new releases, which many of you have already seen in London Salute this year. We hope you like them! Aztec Series: The range of apartments and buildings Aztec Series, is designed to take advantage of the three dimensions of your game table, taking the game to a new level, where you can perform shootings and fights between buildings, rooftops and balconies, with a futuristic and urban looking. - Tláloc Apartament As the great Aztec deity, the building that bears his name is the largest in the world of Infinity constructions to date. With almost 30 cm high, and access points, all balconies and coverage, make it ideal for a game on high. The Tlaloc Apartment includes an I-Khol fence, compatible with Alpha Series buildings. - Xolotl Apartament The Xolotl apartment is a large and robust building with several balconies and terraces as well as the rest of the range. With different access points, the Xolotl has a direct entrance to the roof with an elevator. Xolotl apartment includes a bridge that can connect several buildings of the same type, or with its brother, Atl building. This bridge is also compatible with the buildings of the Alpha range. - Atl Apartament This is perhaps the most versatile of the three new buildings, with 3 balconies of different heights, and multiple site coverage will give to your playing table a new character and a way to play completely unknown until now. - Urban Furniture This pack is the ultimate complement to give your table a unique urban look perfectly compatible with any Bandua terrain. All elements of this set are cared to the nearest millimeter, incorporating in all of them, several details in methacrylate. The set of Street Furniture includes: A bus stop, four street benches, and a Mupi with a screen. - Prepainted Street Road With this set of more than 30 pieces, you can build your own road, for any type of terrain and make your table come to life, filling in the gaps between buildings and adding decorative details. Street Road is fully pre-painted, and all its connectors let you create infinite possibilities. In this pack you will find: 9 stretches of road, 3 pedestrian sections 3 cross sections and 24 connectors. - Alpha series Bridge Pack This pack includes three Alpha series bridges. A product that fans suing us since a long time to sell separately and we are grateful to them for this feedback. Now it will be possible to connect as many buildings as you want. - Aztec Series Bridge Pack Like Alpha Series bridges, we have also released for sale a pack with three bridges of the Aztec Series bridges including their methacrylate pieces, allowing you to connect all types of buildings and structures.
  11. We just released all the new products yesterday, and yes, we finally release the bridges ina 3 pack as many of you were asking for it
  12. Well, all the stores and retailers who want to work with us are more than welcome. If you think they may be interested in our products, we can get in touch with them so they can sell all our entire catalog in their store. Feel free to tell them to send us a mail to [email protected], or give us some way to contact them and we will be pleased to work with them.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm glad you like our new buildings, guys! We presented all these buildings on Salute, and Wayland Games had some units to sell there. They uploaded the rest of the buildings that they didn't sell. The buildings will be officially released this month, and Wayland Games will have them all. Also they have the very table that was on Salute to make a raffle between all customers who buy our products to them. The new buildings are thinked to play on the roofs, balconies, and on high terrains. They include all the acrylate parts, and as they are very huge, cover a lot of your table. If you have any doubt about this feell free to contact us on [email protected]