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  1. This sounds like a knock-knock joke gone horribly awry.
  2. Yeah, the official photo was on a ~60mm base.
  3. I had already forgotten that that photo existed. Thanks, @chaos11!
  4. Do you happen to have the old sculpt as well for a side-by-side comparison?
  5. That makes a lot more sense. Thanks @Robock!
  6. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page: there is a section with zip files of the old holo images. I didn't test all of the files, but those links should not be broken.
  7. It's pretty similar to how Veteran Troops (Morats, Bolts, ...) can completely ignore isolation and not be hunted down via that means. On the one hand, isolation is less common that immobilization, but on the other hand, Tohaa models have to give up wounds, skills, and stats in order to shed the IMM state.
  8. Dogged is a state that individual models may or may not be in. Much like Prone, Burnt, Immobilized, Unconscious, etc., you apply the rules individually to the models that happen to be in those states.
  9. My response is twofold: 1. My answer is pragmatic; this is the resolution that is the most clean and consistent. 2. The relevant bullet point in the V: Dogged state: At the end of the Turn, the trooper in the Dogged state automatically falls Dead and is removed from play. The dogged state is applied and evaluated on a per-model basis. The rule does not say "at the end of the turn, all Dogged troopers fall dead and are removed from play". The Dogged rules do not care if other troopers already executed that clause. Is a model Dogged? Is it the end of the turn? Then you need to kill it.
  10. You check each dogged model exactly once. If it's not dogged before biotechvore, you don't check it. If it's dogged after and you still haven't checked it, you do. There is no single instantaneous "check all dogged models" step. That is what I'm trying to say is you inventing sequencing that does not exist.
  11. I 100% agree that the turn only ends once. It's just that you're allowed to do more than one thing during that portion of the game (if the rules stipulate that that is when you should do it, of course). Also please note that in none of my examples was a model hit by Biotechvore multiple times, nor were any dogged models killed multiple times. You're really twisting the "check and re-check", when you only even have to "check" each dogged model once.
  12. Yes, exactly, there is no defined order. You have to check every relevant status for each model if and when they arise. What you're trying to do is invent an order and then use that order to force a counter-intuitive outcome. Due to the lack of strict sequencing, these are all legal resolution sequences: 1. Apply Biotechvore, including allowing models to go dogged. 2. Kill all dogged models. 1. Kill all dogged models. 2. Apply Biotechvore. 3. Kill some more dogged models. 1. Kill a dogged model. 2. Apply Biotechvore to a model. 3. Kill another dogged model. 4. Apply Biotechvore to another model, which goes dogged. 5. Apply Biotechvore to another couple of models. 6. Kill the model that went dogged in step 4. etc All that matters is that All eligible models are hit by biotechvore. All dogged models are moved to the dead state. You can do these in literally any order you like, so long as it is done for all models.
  13. My comment re: STR vs. W has nothing to do with Shock rulings. Honestly, what I was hoping for was that the Avatar would get switched to having W.
  14. It's currently not clear what the intention there is. The core rules are pretty much silent on movement that is not part of a skill or ARO. (Specifically, Guts and Warning). There is an FAQ that says that the movement from failing a guts roll cancels suppressive fire, but it does not address turning to face due to Warning. For consistency, however, I would apply the same ruling in both cases. N3 Frequently Asked Question Updated: 1.2 Q: Is the Suppressive Fire state cancelled when a trooper, in Suppressive Fire, fails its Guts Roll? A: Yes. There are no FAQs addressing the interaction between IMM states and Guts/Warning.
  15. I was half-expecting it as a minor edit in the N3 core book. But alas.