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  1. It's a rather silly scenario all around.
  2. The only place it really comes up is using the mercenary rules. In ITS, QK can have 3 Yuan Yuan; with Mercenaries they can have 7. But how many Major Lunahs can an ISS force using mercenaries have?
  3. There used to be a "Personality" special rule that showed up on their skills line, but this had vanished even partway through 2nd Edition. I agree that it would be nice to have an explicit marker that this was a specific person, not a rare unit.
  4. Grenades require that the primary target be normally targetable. If you have a camo marker near a regular troop you can catch both in the blast, but there must be at least one revealed trooper.
  5. Oh man, she's such a great counter to the Gorgos.
  6. I would pick up a Maakrep HMG, that's for sure.
  7. It was a bad naming choice.
  8. It's called that because it lets you "dodge" attacks in a way that most weapons do not. Here's how we know it doesn't follow any of the Dodge rules: Bear in mind that Special Dodge and the Dodge Skill are different things with different rules.
  9. There might be a general release with different arms on the same body, but the Red Veil box advertisees both the Ninja and the Al Fassed as exclusive sculpts.
  10. Hello, and welcome to the game and the forums! I myself will not be at Gencon, but the game is pretty well represented there. Several Corvus Belli employees come, and they give some talks, have a booth, etc. There are also a number of events and tournaments that are run, and I'm sure you can meet people and get some pickup games. Paging @BlueDagger, @Cervantes3773, @Magno, etc.
  11. I think it's worth pointing out that Securitate still haven't had a printed 3rd edition profile, so they are very likely to get at least some changes when the next book comes out. That being said, they will almost assuredly cost more than Alguacils without being significantly more survivable. The real question is if the extra skills/equipment they come with end up feeling worth the cost.
  12. My mistake, the PDF has a note that she is in Vanilla as well.
  13. Correct Incorrect
  14. Hacking explicitly states that it does not require LoF to the target. Their target need not be within the Hacker's LoF, unless otherwise specified by the Hacking Program's rules. This is the opposite of the BS Attack rules.
  15. Whoops, I meant Speculative Fire. Typo on my part.