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  1. My understanding has always been that baggage is indeed a double edged sword; the model is worth more points if it survives and also costs you more points if it dies.
  2. It's true, we don't know the actual rules text yet. At least, I don't know if it having been released. This skill is going to be very interesting to compare to the dual BS weapons perk based on cost and how exactly it works. I'm very curious if it applies to all weapons regardless of type, or if it only affects certain categories of weapon. As for fireteam interactions, our current most similar example is Ajax. He has dual Combis can join a fireteam, granting a total of B 5 Combi fire. As was raised previously, so far there appears to be an enforced cap of no more than 5 dice on any single attack. The highest burst weapon is the HRMC, which has B 5, and the highest linkable burst is 4, also resulting in 5 shots in the active turn. While it would be trivial for them (as the authors of the game and all profiles) to break this ceiling, they seem to show no desire whatsoever to do so.
  3. Snipershots often come out a month or two in advance. I'm guessing Shikami are August or September.
  4. I will offer only the comment that those videos are somewhat famously not good evidence for strict rules interactions questions.
  5. On the flipside, at this point I'm willing to bet money that Kriza can't do any fireteams bigger than duo, since that would let them double-stack +1 B bonuses.
  6. One of the requirements for BS Attack to trigger in ARO is LoF to the target model. Same for Mines. REQUIREMENTS In the Reactive Turn, LoF to the Active trooper is required. REQUIREMENTS The user must have LoF towards the target unless the BS Weapon, Special Skill or Equipment used states specifically that it does not require LoF. The BS Attack one is less immediately clear because of the stacking interactions between targetless, etc. However, there is nothing that explicitly allows you to make it as a ZoC ARO, so you cannot do so without LoF. Everything you say about placing smoke looks correct.
  7. I think fireteam interactions are going to greatly limit what units can get this skill.
  8. The owner of the holoechoes will have to tell their opponent during the resolution phase that the echo lacks this skill (even if the attacker has MSV2). This will give away that the echo is fake, even if the echo does not get canceled (such as if the attacker rolls a miss).
  9. That model is really annoying to put together, and sometimes there can be minor casting defects that make it hard to get the cloak to snap together correctly. You may need to use a file to smooth things out some.
  10. Default is infinite height for simplicity.
  11. Thanks, I didn't have the time to double check the wording last night; I was dashing that message off as I was in the process of logging in to another game. Looks like the 2nd edition wording was slightly more ambiguous: "... to make him look like another trooper in his own army." But the HSN3 wording is in fact quite clear, as you point out.
  12. Just from a design and playetesting standpoint, it makes sense to close off old profiles at some point. It's a shame, because I think that rule could be interesting on some existing models, but it's totally understandable.
  13. I don't think this particular thing is explicitly covered in the current FAQ, but they are available either on the downloads page of or on the wiki
  14. I get your question, but it is allowed to be any model that could be in your army, not just a duplicate of a model that actually is. This has been confirmed various times via comments from CB, the Holoprojector support in Army 6, 2nd edition FAQs, etc. They use "army list" to mean the list of units available to your army, not the list of units you chose to bring to a single battle.
  15. Ah, thanks for clarifying your question! Holoechoes are a marker state, but they do not forbid you to target them. That is a rule that Camo and Impersonation both have, but it is not inherent in the marker state. Your opponent has the option to delay ARO against them, but they may also shoot if they want to. You can, however, get Surprise Shot and Surprise Attack, regardless of what target your opponent did or did not shoot at.