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  1. I added Fatality L1 to all TAGs. I figure most people will be playing with the ITS 9 rules in effect, even if they aren't playing ITS games.
  2. In a normal game? You say "hey, dumbass, you forgot this mission has datatrackers" and then you fix it. In a tournament or similar scenario it's a little bit messier, since a player could hypothetically be trying to claim an unfair advantage. But there are already a number of ways that you could have an "oops" during deployment; I feel like you have to do your best to stamp out obvious cheating attempts while not punishing less experienced players for genuine mistakes. For the first couple of tournaments under ITS 9, I'll try to remind people of this new rule. And if your opponent deploys nothing but markers/irregular, it's probably ok to make an offhand comment about how you guess their reserve model has to be their datatracker as a gentle reminder. Hopefully it's not something that gets abused too often.
  3. To add to that - the way I read it, it is not legal to deploy all of your models as markers, and then reveal one when you nominate your datatracker. The datatracker rules say you have to pick a non-marker model, so you have to have already deployed at least one model as a model in order to be able to fulfill the requirements.
  4. I mean, I think that's a terrible idea in the first place. But it's not really any different than an all-camo list. If the mission requires you to nominate a datatracker, then you must deploy at least one model in a state in which it may legally be a datatracker. Even if this means you have to forfeit the benefit of a special skill, such as AD or Camo.
  5. It's the same rules as being shot out of a zero visibility zone. There's a -6 modifier to shoot back, or you can dodge without a modifier. This specifically means that it does not impose an additional modifier; it does not negate any other modifiers you might have from other rules (REM, TAG, Motorcycle, Hyperdynamics, etc).
  6. I'll make sure to add them in the next release.
  7. Whoops, did I forget to put them in? I could have sworn they were included in the last update. If not, I'll make sure to include them once I do the big ITS 9 change, which will be after Army is updated.
  8. Please see my post in this rules forum thread:
  9. An isolated model doesn't actually change combat group membership. This matters when it comes to using command tokens to swap models around. As I recall it, Bostria used that explanation (its own combat group) when first revealing the effect in a video. It roughly represents the same effects as the isolation rules, but there are some minor differences that can crop up in play.
  10. Unfortunately, you have to choose one or the other, since Holo1 does not grant surprise shot. The Lu Duan's Holo1 options are very limited, due to silhouette. I don't think the TR HMG is a legal option. I recommend just going with Holo2 with two echoes, and enjoying the benefits of surprise shot against your foes.
  11. I just wish that the scenarios actually said things that way, because it is a little unclear how it's supposed to be scored.
  12. Have you seen the new Avatar sculpt?
  13. Since things are resolved simultaneously, it's not really clear. Symbiont Armor has an explicit note that Fire, which causes it to lose all remaining wound points, must be resolved first. In this state, failing an ARM Roll caused by Fire Special Ammunition means losing all the points of the Wounds/STR Attribute of the Active Symbiont Armor Troop Profile. If the bearer loses more points of his Wounds/STR Attribute during that Order, deduct them from the Inactive Symbiont Armor Profile. When performing the ARM/BTS Rolls, the player must first make all those rolls due to the Fire Special Ammunition to facilitate the roll and effects sequence. This is roughly analogous to the effect that Maestro has, so for lack of a better precedent, I would say to make the roll against Maestro first, then all other rolls next. In that case, failing both would indeed kill the Asura.
  14. It's really variable. I only buy minis for factions I play, and am sometimes sad to see that other factions get prettier models. I also play Infinity mostly for the rules; the beautiful minis are a definite plus, and they helped draw me into the game in the first place, but I've bailed on games with pretty minis and bad rules before, and I would play a game with boring (but maybe not actively ugly) minis if the rules were compelling.
  15. Just to round it out further, this wiki page includes a list of every kind of pistol.