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  1. Concerning your old fan-art thread, how about making a female helmetless Sikh with the traditional female headwear? I think it would be a great piece of art if you ever did make it reality.

  2. I was unsure how much the rules had changed, as I have been away from the game for about a year, Im sure I will play the other armies too, but I wanted to work on one of the unfinished armies and just didnt know how much the rules had changed. Truly, I have always sold Infinity based on that simple truth. It wasnt so much a worry about lists but just which would be easiest from a modeling and gaming standpoint, as I was unsure how much the rules had changed...
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  4. Hey everyone, long time no posting I am not dead, but still slowly working on things and just recently getting back into the game and I have a sorta silly question... I own all the armies, but several of them are not painted: Ariadna, HaqqIslam, and Tohaa. Id like to start on one of these for the new edition. I have just about every Haqq mini, and they are all assembled. The Ariadna is still in the packaging and I would need a few things The Tohaa Im up to date with releases but again, nothing is assembled. My question: My two primary opponents are Ariadna (focus on camo) and Yu Jing (balanced). Both my opponents are very solid players, tournament winner super competitive types. They are rules gods. So which of the three armies in your opinion would be a good choice for me to work on/play? I like all of them, so aesthetics doesnt matter. I can build a decent list as I own just about all the minis. I just dont know enough of the new rules to decide where to go from here... Id like something pretty easy to just pick up a play. My gaming experience is limited to maybe 20 games using my Combined Army, Pan Oceania and Aleph armies. But I want to complete a new army that I have sitting around. Suggestions? Thanks for help in advance
  5. I have a poll going on my Deviant Page, come take a look Also still taking requests for a little longer.
  6. Looking good! Makes me want to draw him....again! (adds to list)
  7. Interesting suggestions. Another Druze father? lol What would you like to see different, or just another version?
  8. Thank you for the compliments. I really hope someday we can get a female Druze...but until then, I decided to draw her. I am glad to have you revisit! Thank you very much, I enjoyed working on her immensely. Thanks, I am curious to see if anyone out there makes a female Druze, not because of me (although that would be flattering) buut because there isnt one, and thats just wrong. Now on to my next bit of news...I would like to see what you guys and gals want to see next? I have no current plans for any more Infinity pieces...mostly because I had a list going, and Ive about run through them all now. So if you have any ideas, please send them my way, I am going to try and do what is requested most, so assuming there are a decent list, I will make a poll to decide what order to go. You can also message me a PM or on Deviant Art if you prefer your request not be seen (for whatever reason) or if you have other non Infinity fan requests, I would consider those too. Thanks so much for all of your support, even the silent page view or favorite means a lot to me.
  9. Hey everyone! Here is a new upload, one Im pretty excited about! This week is Aleph Spec Ops Chandra and Druze Mercenary "Bad Kitty" Previews: I also uploaded some Chun Li fan art and more Samus Aran, in line art fashion this time. Come take a look! BlitzJaegers Deviant Art
  10. Hello again everyone, I hope you are enjoying my more frequent posts now that I have a scanner again. This week I posted Boba Fett, Juri Han from streetfighter, Scarface and Cordelia, and The Ariadna Spec Ops Intel. Let me know what you think! BlitzJaegers Deviant Art And to respond to comments: Thank you sir for the very kind words. Im glad you like them. The Kamau has always been a favorite of mine, I tried to make the pose reflect the minis character which of course was "dat bodysuit..." The custodier was not my choice but a constant request by the folks here, I did enjoy drawing her outfit though, and changed it to suit my tastes. Thanks PS, I worked very hard on her but it was a labor of love, there is more Samus to come! (I have 3 unposted so far).
  11. May just have to go next year...
  12. I would consider going to my first Gencon...but I thought it was basically impossible to find somewhere to stay?
  13. I wish I could have played but none the less, it was nice to meet some of you in person finally. The terrain and armies both looked great. Hopefully next time I can be more involved.
  14. Fixed the link. Should go straight to gallery now. Also, I will be out of town for a bit, but when I return I have druze, 2 spec ops, scarface and cordelia and lots more fan art. Its monday emoji today. I lied.