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  1. MSV3 gives enough reason to field her. I know many people doesn't value MSV as high as ODD, but that's a different issue Remember, vanilla is full of conflicts like that. Look at how similar some PanO units are. Compared to that Asura and Achilles are much more different. Once we'll get Vedic sectorial she'll be the go-to elite HI there and won't compete with Achilles.
  2. Personally I hope for Danavas, if we're talking about hackers.
  3. Which I dislike as well, mostly because both models are very static. But I agree, that in this particular case it makes some sense.
  4. Please no. It blurs the line between sci-fi and fantasy too much. Thunderwolves was what made me stop playing Space Wolves. Fenrir as a unit name is perfectly fine, though.
  5. How about we stop throwing terms like "bullshit" around? I don't agree with Kanluwen about the Aleph units integration as well, but there are ways to disagree without getting rude. Main problem with Varuna is that we still don't know how it'll feel in terms of gameplay. Obviously it'll be hi-tech, but the known unit roster is evenly spread between light and heavy units. We don't know if it'll be more focused on holding the line or on mobility (though my money are on the latter), if we'll get more units with infiltration or other special deployment rules, if there will be Varuna-themed MI or a light TAG, if there will be any 'borrowed' Aleph units and which ones.
  6. Hell, maybe we could get AD HI, killing two birds with one stone.
  7. From what I see Ninjas are around 3-4 pts more expensive than corresponding Spectrs, depending on loadouts. Not that comparing units directly, without taking into account what's available for their factions, is a good way of determining their value.
  8. Single F-K allowed into any Core link would help a lot.
  9. MO in general could use some more mixed links, but that's another story.
  10. They don't have to be optimal, optimal MI are Nomad's specialty. They should be simply nudged into one direction, either making them a better toolbox, or more streamlined, specialized unit. Currently they're neither here nor there.
  11. That is incorrect. There's a big difference between criticising a person and criticising a behavior. It's perfectly possible to be a normal person and still occasionally act in a nasty way; adressing the behavior highlights the problem, without making a personal attack. Again, instead of getting defensive take a step back and let's discuss constructively here. If you have any issues with people resolve them via PM's There's nothing wrong with saying someone is wrong, but if that's the whole message, with no further explanation or counterproposal... yeah, it's not constructive
  12. From the Wiki: Template Weapons on a Close Combat Template Weapons that affect at least one trooper engaged in a Close Combat affect all troopers in that Close Combat, even if some of them are not in direct contact with the Template. Bear in mind that troopers cannot declare Attacks against their friendly troopers. So no shooting a shotgun in Impact Template mode into CC.
  13. No, he didn't. He criticized your behavior and phrasing. Your posts are nasty, you've been called out on it multiple times, and yet you're claiming that you have moral high ground you do not have. Please take a step back and discuss in less confrontational manner. On the main topic: guys, can you remember any games that were decided by criticals? As in "I'd have won/lost if not for that critical hit"? Because when I'm looking back I can remember games that were influenced by crits, but none that were truly decided by them. Another factor is the precise moment of that crit. During first two rounds they aren't that painful (aside from things like E/M weapon critting against TAG), because a well constructed list has the capacity to recover using plan B/C/etc. They're much more decisive in the final rounds, when we often engage in all-or-nothing, high risk/high reward tactics, and our backup options are gone or severely limited.
  14. I like the idea, I think it's an very easy conversion.