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  1. I really can't believe people are trying to defend this as not a nerf to camo. I dont think its a nerf to Ariadna as I trust CB to adjust points or other special rules. The very basics is it made an unopposed roll now an opposed roll. Giving a minus 3 to dodges when they couldn't have dodged before is useless as is letting snipers in the perfect range and cover to fire unopposed against line troops. I'm super excited for N3 but there are going to be changes and nerfs and I feel like some people think defending nerfs=defending CB. Nerfs are coming, adapt and overcome.
  2. I use Mirage 5 all the time but I'm curious about people experiences with them in quad control and frontline. Both Margot and Duroc need to be alive and in the same zone to contribute any kind of points to these missions which is contrary to how I usually use them (which is to shove Duroc as far up my opponents hind quarters as I can then plink away with Margot). My general strategy with vanilla in for any of the non-zone control missions is 2 combat groups with at least 8 orders each, group 1 is dedicated to grabbing the objectives, the other is Fueling Mirage 5 to mess with my opponent.
  3. He is a may release so will be available for purchase in june.
  4. I love the foxtrots, I always bring three and only ever expect them to interact with objectives but they always seem to surprise me and take down some enemies along the way.
  5. I can support moose warriors
  6. I think its unlikely. If the unit was cool I really wouldn't care where they came from but there is so much to pull from just the USA I don't see CB branching out. I'm not against it just don't think it gonna happen
  7. I played CA for a while for the sole purpose of messing around with sepsitor. Ariadna, Hassassin Bahram, and Corregidor are all forces with no cubes. Basically the way I found to play was to just learn to use the Skiavoros/Anathematic (only sepsitor units I ever took) as the fantastic units they are and when you play against a Steel Phalanx or PanO you can relish in the brain jacking. Like every other tool in Infinity its all about finding out how to make it work for you. P.S. I used witch soldiers in every damn list and never once had a successful coma
  8. There's a lot of different ways to play infinity and a lot of different opinions but I can't think of a single person who really knows this game that doesn't think autocannon and HMG tankhunters are the bees knees
  9. Lol how is questioning whether my attitude is helpful, helpful? I'm not attacking anyone, my point is that it seems like there are a lot of people asking for either changes that are changing the basic structure of the game or just eliminating things they don't like to play against. Catering to people who can't figure out the game might see an initial boost in new players but in my opinion that is where GW went wrong with both there games and I don't want to see it happen to infinity.
  10. MSR isn't available to my primary army of ariadna but whenever I play aleph I can promise you I bring more MSRs than HMGs and they do excellent.
  11. my only true hope is that the Spetznaz is worth taking right now, we keep hearing how bolts will be so much better in N3 and I honestly don't care I want them to be good now and in N3
  12. Reading this thread really makes me wonder how much most people who post here actually like infinity. I love the current rule set, all I want to see in 3rd is streamlined clarifications and boosted shotguns and multi rifles. HMGs are fine and sepsitor is fine
  13. really happy to hear the new antipodes aren't far away
  14. Supposedly this is supposed to be one of May's releases so we wont have to wait to long to find out what he does
  15. New Antipodes...