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  1. So Scylla either has severe scoliosis or is half-centaur half-snake, and Drakios suffers from priapism (Which has to be an absolute bitch in combat). They are ASS's affirmative action hires?
  2. To keep it simple: Making a product from one of their partners semi-mandatory, specially one that may change from this year to next since ITS is subject to changes from season to season, is a bad bad baaaaaad idea, and they should feel bad. I'll either use dice or make my own deck, thank you.
  3. Few weapons can do that in ZOC (The Jammer, I think, and it doesn't do damage). And no weapon makes Tohaa immune to fire. Not to mention the lack of offensive hackers was supposed to be one of the balancing points of the Tohaa, so maybe it wouldn't be wise to give them unrestricted access to it? Just saying.
  4. Wrong
  5. Zhayedans, of course! Shows that I have yet to get a few N3 games under my belt. Ghulams may be in there, although I'd like a different line infantry (If the Naffatûn don't fulfill that role for the Caliphate, that I don't really see them doing) to show the Sectorial's high-tech, elite feel. And the Ahl-Fassed, with their shady ethics and not really high-tech kit (Basic powered armour, no real high-tech weapons to speak of) I think would be quite definitely Khanate.
  6. So far Naffatûn, Khawarij and Tarik (Bostria mentioned Tarik linking with the Khawarij, but it was a long time ago, so unconfirmed), the Maghariba Guard and at least two named but unknown Super-Soldier type troops, the Muktar and Numair. If we go by ethnic origin of the units and their names, the Murabid Tuareg would fit in here too although thematically they seem to fit better with the desert-based fast-moving outlaw theme of the Khanate.
  7. Infinity: It's always your turn to freak out about all the shit that's going down when it shouldn't?
  8. I love the new design. That said the old ones are perfectly fine and releasing a 4-mini box for a troop with 3 sculpts and 2 profiles which is not in any of the currently-available Sectorials is quite meh.
  9. And then there's Qapu Khalqi, which can throw all your points calculations off the window thanks to the Hafza.
  10. Has it been confirmed anywhere that the Halqa will be in the Sultanate? Because the Mech Deployment, fast reaction force flavour makes them sound very Khanate to me.
  11. So instead of being racist PanO is classist. Still not egalitarian. Not to mention the being so genocidal they provoked a species of bloody tunas into terrorism.
  12. Don't worry, Sobakaa just wants to throw a tantrum, no risk of discussion there. Also, the way he throws strawmen around, one would think it's a regional sport around his homeland.
  13. Original Khawarij, sometime around 2008 I think, and still looking classy as Hell?
  14. There was some Bostriaspeculation once after a local tournament (booze and churrasco were involved, so take with a gain of salt) that the Halqa would be Linkable when their Sectorial came out.