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  1. Yes. Seed Soldiers can be part of a Fireteam while in Camo State.
  2. Yes, Jaques Bruant can be part of a Fireteam while in Camo State.
  3. The German version is right. Those scenarios should add up to 10.
  4. Yes, all the Short Skills labeled as BS Attack get the bonus.
  5. In N3, SMGs are AP, not Shock. Bostria suffered from the playtester syndrome during the video.
  6. #1-#4: Yes. #5: No. Sepsitor doesn't cause wounds even if the Intuitive Attack is a Critical, just applies it's effect without the target getting to roll BTS.
  7. ​Yes, the Camo can declare Discover + Surprise Shot, as all the Requirements are met.
  8. Yes, the phrase is from a previous version of the rules where Alert was a Movement Skill. So: Declaring Alert reveals a Cammo.
  9. ​The forums software doesn't allow me to change that, so I've disabled the possibility to rate answers. That way everything will stay ordered by date. ​Good question. I'll try to find a better way to handle this, but, by now, I suppose the best way would be to send me a PM or open a new thread with that question.
  10. ​Yes, you're right. It looks like the answer I was given might have been "contaminated" with HS N3 rules changes. I'll ask again and give you a definitive answer ASAP.
  11. ​As far as I can tell, it has to be an ARO because otherwise the interaction between Cautious Movement and Hidden Deployment, spelled out in a Remember box and an example on page 52, would be contradicted. That's a big reason for why you can't simply place the marker and stop--you're not allowed to react to cautious movement when in hidden deployment. ​Then the distinction of turning off HD and revealing only the marker as an ARO is pointless, as you'd have to actually perform an ARO (in which case, all possible options reveal the model as a marker). To further clarify Palanka's earlier response, does the actual model with Camo have to be the one declaring the Order/ARO, or is it allowed to do so at the beginning of any model's Order/ARO declaration? ​It has to be the model's Order/ARO declaration.
  12. As I said before, you can turn on/off the optional equipment at the beginning of an Order or ARO. So, it would be option 2: you have to declare an ARO.
  13. ​I'm sorry!! I meant: Turning off Hidden Deployment means placing the camo marker.
  14. To clarify: Does it mean linked Doctors/Engineers with a Servant fall out of link every time it activates? Yes. ​Yes.