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  1. That's a fantastic ananlogy Melvin, made me laugh too. +1 Internets
  2. You squee'd there a bit Strombole
  3. Ooh, almost forgot to add this- in Infinity there are no 'bad' units like there are in 40k. Everything has a use and can be used!
  4. There is a place where everyone has added where they live (city, state)...but I have no idea how to link it so I'll let one of the vet's help you with that. Edit:Ninja'd Furthermore, welcome! Although the mechs (I assume you are talking about T.A.G.s) are awesome and to some extent powerhouses, they typically require a good deal of finesse to use well. Additionally, they really only come into their own when they have proper support in a large sized game (300pts). That being said, If you know how to use them well they can be squeezed into smaller games as well, albeit without much support (~200pts).
  5. That picture of the Uhlan is the reason I play Neoterra for my PanO. And the three Stingray3 series tags are the ones based on the same chassis (Uhlan,Tikbalang, and Seraph) Edit: woops, ninja'd
  6. Yeah, IJW is right. Magno put his heart and soul into throwing this thing together for the good of the community only to have people blow it off like so much chaff. Honestly, him not having a problem with this would be a bigger sign of mental instability than freaking out.
  7. Sweet Jesus the Husam looks like a serious badass. And from the description blurb they seem much more like covert operation commandos than intelligence agents... I want all the Husams....
  8. I actually really enjoy the look of the no helmet Vortex. He looks crazily sinister and dark. Can anyone say "my other job is murder"?
  9. remember, once you get above ten models you have to start splitting into combat groups who can only share orders within their group. Oh, and welcome! As for buying all the things, try either or connecting with Chokkonit here on the forums.
  10. holy mother of god that Haqq spec ops looks like a serious badass!
  11. Love it! "In Ariadna Wheelchair drive you!"
  12. trolollolo! =)
  13. Good. I like this. Yes.
  14. Yepyepyep. What is it, the Securitate, Kwarij, and um...the bagh mari? As has been said, you really can't go wrong. Any list can technically be used, but some require a lot more skill than others. For instance I had a friend try to run a list entirely made up of Hafza and Ghulams. In his first game. It didn't end well...