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  1. Odd that they would retire a model
  2. I'm a little sad that the Druze Spitfire is out of the list. MIstake maybe?
  3. Gotta echo the sentiments above, Blisteringly fast service, good communication and just an all around pleasure shopping at .10/10, will shop there again.
  4. Had a game of Looting and Sabotaging with my brother last night. Can you use assault a AC2 objective? And can you use use against berserk it?
  5. When in doubt go with the Wiki. It is the rules errata.
  6. Heya guys What are the proper sizes (base size, heigth and so on) for mission props (beacons, antennas, panoplys etc.? And where can I read about said sizes? Cheers Klaus Edit: Fixed a few typoes
  7. @solkan when you say "deploying it", do you mean like a ordinary trooper in your deployment zone?
  8. @Sabin76 No, my logic is to disregard any and all troops with any kind of AD level completely from the deployment step before turn 1, as they have their own deployment rules (not placed before the game starts and all that jazz). That is why I think it is wierd to have a parachutist be the reserve model.
  9. @IJW Wartrader @ToadChildhighlights shows that you need to place a model during setup. AD is not placed until the game has atleast entered turn 1 @ToadChildWhile the model with HD is not placed physically, there is documentation of where the model is placed during deployment. No such thing is required for AD. Parachutist only requires you to note part of a table edge and not a specific point on the table. Edit: Edited for clarity and I messed it up with the names to, sorry.
  10. To place a miniature (or it's marker) it has to be on the table physically. HD models are marked on the board (by foto og notepad). AD troops are not on the board and although you choose a table edge for Parachutist, that is not a specific point. Deployment rules specifies that all models must have placed or marked at a specific point. I don't now if you can forego AD levels completely, but I don't see why not. Then it would be a regular trooper subject to regular deployment restrictions. It would be a waste of a few points though
  11. It makes no sense that you can use AD at any level as the reserve unit. The AD unit uses it's own order to deploy to the table and the reserve unit should already be deployed in the reserve part of the deployment phase.
  12. Thanks for doing this. You are awesome!
  13. Can you swap in a 3rd muyib, if the Asawira with Haris gets killed and the eam goes down to a Duo? Can you restart a Haris team with, if the Asawira with Haris gets killed and she was the leader? Assume I bungled fire saves in both instances so she is now about as much ash as could fit in a thimble.
  14. Hello Shouldn't Senor Massacre and special fireteams he gives access to be described in his tab in the Corregidor selection list? Cheers Klaus
  15. Heya Cho Can I order the following: Muyib HRL Muyib DEP Najjarun Eng Druze DEP Kaplan + Combirifle Alguacil + combirifle (aim) Wildcat + cr (aim) Cheers Klaus