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  1. Hmm all that talk about orbital strikes and explosions make me wonder what would happen if the Combined army got control of the Yu Jing frigate. I mean plausibly PanO could turn the defence platform on it and blow it up. saying "We could not allow the defence of the Human Sphere to be compromised so we were not willing to wait and see if Yu JIng was able to regain control"
  2. Well they both depend one O-12 for Interstellar transport so there is that. Also I is mentioned in the fluff that many O-12 use the AEF (Ariadna Expeditionary Force) as its extended arm on Paradiso. The same is more or less true of the Aleph forces while they may have their "own" bases on the ground I do not think that Aleph have any "navy"
  3. @solkan Had the same reaction when checking the fluff. It has also led me to wonder if it is a kind of prelude to the next book. We know that there are Svalarheima sectorials on the way. So i just wonder if this may be a sort of prelude to the next book.
  4. @Pierzasty I get you, flamestrike was pretty fun but I felt that the tone on the BoW forum got at little too "shrill" But we mostly stayed within our local group.
  5. Maybe I will finally have reason to use multi-terrain option on may Tiger soldiers
  6. Personally I think it may presage a new book focusing on Svalarheima. It might be a "update" on the campaign rules from C:P may be containing one new sectorial per faction or some such. Really hope to see more of the station and ships of the HUman Sphere.
  7. Well you wouldn't seeing as the "grand prize" was that the fight for Flamia and its fate is supposed to appear in the next book. So you might have quite at wait one your hands (a guess between Christmas this year to 3 years down the road) but we will know more after the AdeptiCon seminar and GenCon
  8. What section 9 said. But the Wu Ming is not entirely trusted that's why large formations of the (Fireteam core) requires the presence of a Imperial agent. I just wish that there was more flexibility in what type of agent. By the way I will soon try my 5 man Wu Ming link with a Zhanying Hacker.
  9. It would also make a certain amount of fluff sense. There has been many mentions of the Ariadna Expeditionary Force and it importance for the war on Paradiso and how it has become the main tool for O-12 against the C.A.
  10. Otherwise use the form on their website, It's my experience that the way to go or use [email protected] I belive he handles most of the shipping inquiries.
  11. It is totally possible I have run a couple of one shot senarios with the material available, and it works just fine. I also agree with your assessment regarding the the delivery of the core pdf.
  12. Okay it kinda make sense as it is made as an add on for that box.
  13. Hey sorry if this was announced somewhere. Is there no fluff for the new Dire Foe pack? I just got and there is no code (or at least I can't find it) like in the others. I know that C.B has the mission in the Download section?
  14. The Hsien with Tinbot is very nice backed up by Fairy Dust he is also impervious to hacking attacks. I've had one ignore hacking AROs from two Interventors and Zoe in order secure a Mission Room.