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  1. Will there be any brave souls broadcasting the Seminar this year?
  2. Yes but no other faction have a piece of equipment in the rule that do not appear on any profile ;-)
  3. A bloodly fight at the Nomad station
  4. My alter ego take on some Nomads at the Yu jIng Orbital while trying to send vital intel out of the Wotan Blocade
  5. Yeah that is a either a pretty stupid move or a outright money grab from C.B side. I have no problem giving C.B a good portion of my income but they could be nicer about it.
  6. No nothing like that has been shown yet
  7. Can I get the following Marauder + heavy flame Ohio Minuteman + AP Rifle
  8. It would still be a move that would be leave a lot of players disappointed. The CSU is very useful for a PanO player and unless they get access to it useless to a Haqq and Yu Jing player and vice versa for Aut. Bounty Hunter. Yes C.B could add those figures to the relevant armies or may be be scenario specific model. I for one hope it just a mix a as we are deling with leaked info here.
  9. (as small attempt at humor) Warrens Camping Dairy Day 4: I have made a working facebook interface using dirt and sticks, I shall call it dirtbook Day 6 : My dirtbook is a success I'm now friends with a pair of robins, a deer and a small family of badgers. Day 8 Chaos... The robins keep trying to use the interface as nesting material and I had to ban the badgers for being mildly racist
  10. Very well put. That is why my IC focus is only in fashioning a somewhat coherent narrative for Col. Verinko the devious (and handsom) member of the Stavka Intelligence Department that is my alter ego in the campaign.
  11. Also I would assume that the individual states have some ability to censor the content. Based on either location or possibly even citizenship. Also Aleph and/or O-12 have the ability to censor maya. Remember there is a partial new black out in effect on Paradiso
  12. From what i understand TV as we know it doesn't exists . On Maya (the internet of Infinity) there is a host of Content providers (Companies/States/Homemade) some of these are purely recreational some of these are purely new oriented and some would be be a mix. I think it would be like Youtube on steroids some channels are behind paywalls some are free, all probably have links text articles in the "sidebars" and some would feature advertisers. Eg. In the Infinity universe I would enter Beats of Wars Maya channel (youtube) there I would be offered a selection of videos for my viewing pleasure as I sit down to watch a review of a game on my my Comlog (smartphone) would offer up other videos and a selection of text articles displayed either on its screen or projected in the periphery of my vision via my eye implants. I could then select a new video taking me to a associated channel or to possibly a advertisers channel. Some channels are Fussion: Go Go Marlen show Sabot ! : A military news channel
  13. Solved it... it was my adblocker that some how removed that button from view.
  14. How do you add video to a battle report?
  15. Actually a nice way of starting the hype for us tabletop gamers would be releasing the teams as mercenaries that we could use in Infinity. We already have Major Lunha why not add some more?