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  1. In today's' update..... Seems that one Carlos "Bostria" will also be attending this year's Rumble! So come meet the man himself! Oh, and get some games in. Only 12 spots left (88 filled up).
  2. That table on Matakashi got me to want to play Infinity all those years ago! Still one of the best tables ever made in my opinion!
  3. So here's an update for those not following the facebook page.... - The 66 player limit has already been hit (in 2 freaking weeks). So have a new room, and a limit of 100 players now. - This is a two day event. Friday March 17th will be 3 games. Saturday the 18th will also be 3 games! A 6 round tournament! More announcements to come. Stay tuned!
  4. And we are live!!! Go and register people! (and for more information)
  5. Registration for this Satellite Tournament (the only one west of the Mississippi) begins October 17th! Links to be provided soon....
  6. I don't think I have posted pictures of my newest tables. Maybe I have. I don't come here as often as I used to.... Infinity Tournaments/IMG_20160529_164945_zpsqc2vqtoo.jpg Infinity Tournaments/IMG_20160814_141651_zpse0py8ueb.jpg Infinity Tournaments/IMG_20160814_141640_zpsayw4camp.jpg (Edit: I can't seem to load my pictures click the links)
  7. Yea...I am heading into a large tournament and I was told that if the Al Fasid isn't in Army I can't use him (which I understand). We need to get this guy in there soon!!
  8. You sir are doing it RIGHT!!!
  9. All win! AMAZING board! Love it! The colors are perfect and you can see that you but so much work into it. I hope you are proud of it, cause it is amazing!
  10. It's been awhile since I hit this thread. This by far is my favorite in the last few months!
  11. Another blast from the past.... Will your group be represented at this years event?
  12. Wait for it..........wait for it....... The Rumble on Route 66 is coming...... Watch this space for more information..... What can you expect this year from the USA's largest Infinity tournament? Beerfinitiy... 5 round tournament.... BBQ.... Beer.... Fun Times..... Loads of goodies.... Beer.... Awesome people... March 2016 (dates to be revealed soon)
  13. USAriadna Ranger Force finally updated at Infinity Pool. *edit* For those that don't know. Infinity Pool is an Army Creator for those of us with slightly "less" of a computer. Some people like it, use it if you want! Infinity Pool Enjoy!