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  1. Yep, kornak edition too, maybe we see it on september? So that this season finish on the interplanetary august.
  2. I think the kurgat blister will be more usefull but the suryat box will be more more awesome. So i prefer a rodok missile launcher ...
  3. Well, i was very surprised to see torakitais get cheaper. But the aliens are always an exception, no killer hacking device for example. I do not know if they want to go to that route. The other day on the spanish forum they compare de SSA greeks with the morats, the conclusion were that the designers want to try something similar to both sectorials, with punch but with less specialists and no camo. The ddo route was very effective. They have done something similar like passive modifiers as mimetism on the rodoks, and it is worked. But re-done all the rules for the sectorial is another think. Also the designers are sometimes worried about the continuity of the game, what rules or minis we release next year, what we will put on the next book, what flavour will be the next sectorials, what new combinations of skills they created. Maybe we have to think about new combinations like super jump and mimetism on a medium infantry.
  4. I do not think that we will see a line troop in combined army cheaper than 14 points. But i would like that they give cheaper options to the aliens.
  5. That part is not for only vanguard, also for example for fusiliers, I want to see a fusilier with a shotgun, or a spirtfire. Why not? If all the weapons are "considered" balanced and for an specific "range" why are not able to get those weapons. The spitfire for me is not a "replacement" for a hmg, only a patch.
  6. Ahhh, something like the feelling that we get from Rodoks/Krakot? -More unique -More punch -More fun -More flavour
  7. Nice, what list did you bring?
  8. Really? That is a turn-off... Is the same as kuangh-shi? or they are privileged?
  9. Nice! What should be done with MAF fireteams? Most of those answers really I do not know how to choose. No need for change - I want to change - Change is the way to improve things, and always cost a lot. More firepower - Different weapons and load-outs, or heavy missile launcher and grenades and stuff? I always ask for more load-outs, shotguns, spitfires, and very different type of weapons depending in what profile do you choose and not in wich unit do you choose. My "ideal" troop-perfil or the way profiles are done, something like this: Morat vanguard infantry: shotgun, two light shotguns, missile launcher, sniper k1, sniper multi, sniper shock, spitfire, hmg,..... all types of weapons in the basic line troops. Do you think that they only choose 4 weapons? I want to be able to choose from different weapons. like the spitfire or hmg, I do not want to bring a yaogat if I want a spitfire. I want to choose an specific weapon for an specific problem situation, and I want all the weapons be useful in a way, I do not want to choose always the multi sniper because is better in all the situations or in the 95% of the situations. More Specialists - It is always nice to have more options. But in which way, yaogat FO? More flexibility - Flexibility like more options, in what way?
  10. Time to report some bad words....
  11. It is officially answer on the spanish forums.ítico-con-zhayedan/ Vayamos por partes Primero: ¿Cómo funciona el Crítico con la Munición Especial Shock? Un Crítico con Munición Especial Shock causa a su objetivo la perdida directa de 1 punto del Atributo Heridas/ EST, sin que este pueda realizar ya la tirada de BLI. Segundo: Una miniatura que declara un Ataque con un Fusil Breaker y Puntería, ¿Obligaría a realizar por cada impacto una Tirada de PB y otra de BLI, recibiendo dos Heridas en caso de fallar las dos? Sí. Tal como se describe en la página 114, las municiones que afectan a Atributos diferentes no se combinan, por lo que el objetivo debe resolver los efectos de cada munición por separado. Tercero: En caso de el crítico, en el caso del Fusil Breaker con Puntería, la munición base es la que proporciona el Fusil Breaker, la munición Shock, es la "añadida", por lo tanto la munición breaker, es la que entra directa por el crítico y shock es la que hay que tirar BLI
  12. Those are a pretty nice thought.... maybe also nexus... I also wish that it will happen.. but... nwi is strong... maybe a new unit.
  13. So many amazing miniatures....
  14. The rule on the mission have priority, I have to check it.
  15. Yep, Faq is comming though.