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  1. Certs, thanks for posting all the great pics! I put up a few more over at Remote Presence but frankly I like yours better. Here are some RP pics: I am thrilled that everyone had such a great time. Public (and private) feedback is always welcome so let us know what we could make better. Thanks to all the great players who came out and thanks to Josh and Kevin for running a great event!
  2. A quick addition to the NOVA tournament. Irish will have printouts the actual day of: Tabling Your Opponent In the event that your opponent no longer has minis on the table but there are remaining turns in the round, you are allowed to continue playing in order to complete the YAMS objectives. Your opponent must be there to watch you complete the game. Note that you can only score YAMS objectives that you can legitimately claim within the 4 round limit. Given that the total number of YAMS objectives scored across four rounds determines the Best General, you are encouraged to use any remaining turns to claim as many as possible.
  3. And finally here is a bit of shameless self promotion. If you are interested in tracking down the Remote Presence crew at the NOVA, pics of us can be found here: Fair warning we are a motley looking bunch! Also, if you want to come out for some gaming on Saturday all you need is a day pass purchase ($10 - available on site). We will have two demo tables setup but if enough people show interest in coming out Saturday we may be able to wrangle up a few more. Irish or I will check back on this thread to see if there is any interest in doing so.
  4. And for all you newish Infinites out there, we are going to have at least two other new players in the tournament. So feel free to signup even if your grasp of the Infinity ruleset is not 100%.
  5. The requirement to write on your list to indicate various forms of deployment would necessitate multiple lists. So to make it easy, we just ask that everyone brings 6 lists (with the distribution that TC mentions).
  6. Thanks for the heads-up on the need for deployment clarification. I will be updating the Infinity primer with the following. Please let me know if anything is unclear: Deployment Guidelines and Hidden Lists Please use the following guidelines and clarifications as to how you reveal you list to your opponent. You do not have to reveal your printed army list to your opponent at the beginning of the game. For this reason nothing in your printed army list needs to be removed. As noted previously, you must bring 6 printed copies of your army list generated using Infinity’s Army Generator. Nothing on the list needs to be hidden or removed You do not need to show your army list to your opponent at the beginning of the round, however you are welcome to provide a crib sheet to your opponent with those models to be deployed at the beginning of the game if that makes describing them easier to your opponent During deployment of each round, you must describe each model's type and wargear to your opponent as that model is deployed to the table Models in Hidden Deployment, Camouflage, and Airborne Deployment do NOT have to be described to your opponent until they are revealed or are deployed to the table For models in Hidden Deployment, Camouflage, and Airborne Deployment, you must write down on your printed army list how or where they are being deployed Hidden Deployment: write down the location of the model by terrain feature and location on the feature if appropriate Camouflage: deploy the model using a camo marker with a number on it, note the number next to the appropriate model on your list Airborne Deployment: write down the type of deployment planned for this round on your list next to the appropriate model entry [*]Be prepared to show your full army list to your opponent AFTER the round has completed to ensure that you followed the previously noted planned deployments
  7. Updated primer has been posted here (YAMS reprinted with permission): As noted, we will be providing objective decks for players to use. The full YAMS ruleset including cards can be found here:
  8. At this point, we likely won't be updating the primer on However, I will have the NOVA Infinity page updated to reflect that this will be a YAMS-based tournament. Just a reminder to everyone that we are two weeks out and do still have two slots still available! You can go with either a weekend badge or a day pass to play.
  9. We are toying with the notion of using YAMS for the NOVA Infinity tourney. The feedback so far has been that folks don't like purely kill em all style mission even in the interest of trying to balance for all factions. YAMS seems to be getting a lot of tournament airtime. Any thoughts/impressions/suggestions for the way it could/should work?
  10. As a function of the NOVA 2012 Infinity tournament, we are having to get a lot of terrain ready. To that end, one of our volunteers, Lo Pan, made the cool terrain building PDF instructions for us. I figured I would share them in Arcologies as they may help you build your own boards: Shanty Town Build Urban Industrial Layout If you've like to learn more about the NOVA Infinity tourney check my sig for links.
  11. Thanks for the catch. Got that updated on the website now. You can just show up and register on Sunday if you are just going with the one day pass. The only down side is that the free blister you get might already be picked over by other registrants. Regardless, you are guaranteed a free blister and pin or patch just for registering and playing. As far as Fairfax gaming, there is Huzzah hobbies up in Ashburn, VA They do a regular Monday Infinity night. I live in Reston and also host semi regular gaming events. Shoot me a PM and I will add you to our email chain. We haven't done much gaming lately due to the run up to the NOVA Open. Also we are doing some local terrain days (Vienna, VA) so if anyone wants to come out to help build some Infinity terrain send an email to [email protected] for more details and to get on the invites.
  12. The NOVA Infinity Primer is here Bear in mind this is draft. The goal behind the signal primary/secondary mission is to ensure a clear winner each round. The bonus objective is the variable element that provides prize support without impacting the best general award. Having said that, any suggestions are more than welcome. We are trying to ensure a clear cut winner each round and have balanced missions so that one particular faction doesn't have an overarching advantage.
  13. That is awesome! Do you play any of the other game systems we have going? I know the Warmachine stuff is going to be a lot of fun.
  14. I am Austin Sincock, one of the staffers feverishly getting for the 2012 NOVA Open. NOVA is going to be huge this year with a very full schedule. I am an old school 40k guy (and indeed the head judge for our 40k events) but like a lot of Infinity players I am a bit of a 40k expatriate - 5th edition has kinda burned me out. These days myself and a small group of folks in VA are rocking Infinity (we are these guys: To that end I wanted to invite folks to come out to the Infinity tournament on 9/2/2012 in Arlington, VA at the Hyatt Regency. The tourney entry fee is $20 and you can either purchase a day pass ($10) or a full weekend bag (including swag bag and other stuff) for $35. The full NOVA runs from 8/30 - 9/2 so the weekend badge is more like 4 days of stuff to do and we have a deal at the Hyatt Regency for only $85/night. I know you're thinking $30 for an Infinity tournament... WTF?! But the deal is everyone who registers gets a blister of their choice (first come, first serve at registration) and a patch or pin (same deal). At retail that's like $20 worth of Infinity goodies just for showing up. We also have some great prize support like a MAS Infinity building, MAS tokens and templates, full Infinity boxes (Anathematic, etc.) and more blisters. We will also likely be doing some kind of support (maybe a raffle, or guess the jellybeans, or something) for even more giveaways. You can shoot me a PM if you have any questions. We have spots open in Infinity as well as the other events being run. Thanks for your time! -Austin
  15. You say this now, but as you develop into a PanO Veteran, you will learn that the Trauma Doc is our most fearsome weapon! she is fearless, and a stone faced killer and has the blood of masses upon her hands. Normally on our own troops, fuck the Trauma Doctor. Love it! I have also had good experience with the hospitaller and a palbot. The knight ends up being a good anchor point and can effectively hold a position whilst the palbot goes charging down the field healing folks at WIP 14. My recommendation is use your faster HI (magisters or t/knights) along with OS LI troops earlier on and let the hospitaller mop up the remnants.