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  1. Azure Dragon - 10 available for £120 inc VAT, £100 ex VAT Gaming mats on 20% discount until Monday.
  2. all back in stock now - if you have old decals requiring replacement then message us via social media or drop me an email. Wea re waiting on a re-order of graffiti decals though (sold out again)
  3. yes, in November all of the Undertown stuff should be appearing (as soon as the last KS items go out)
  4. We've produced some new boxsets of vehicles to give you more options in purchasing multiple discounted vehicles. Prices start at £20.00 inc VAT / £16.65 ex VAT, All packs qualify for Economy and/or Free postage depending what else in your basket... shipping to USA from as little as $4 USD
  5. Hi John,
    Can you let me know your address, please?


  6. I will be weathering some over the next few weeks as it happens - but I use normal railway style weathering techniques and simply spray-varnish over them to seal them. THe only *trick* to this is that varnish will almost always darken the weathering - so you make it a bit lighter than you finally want it and then varnish. The varnishing is the trick though - it must be very light and must only ever *mist* the surface if the surface gets *WET* then it will ruin everything... there's a bit of a knack to it.
  7. They haven't finished moving or setting up - yet
  8. Checking...brb... and, fixed, the cart had all the stock "reserved" for unknown reasons, so wasn't showing them.
  9. Still for sale on the website:
  10. Probably November with an October pre-order period of 2 weeks.
  11. Hi chaps... it's very weird, the production files are correct and our stock is correct, so we've no idea how that's happened, but clearly, it has. tis very odd. Do you want them replaced with the correct sets?
  12. I checked the production files and they have the logo on the grey outer section, the white inner section is plain... so, I don't know. Checked cut stock and they match the production files.
  13. New media is being made in South Korea. Then the Printers are moving 1000 KM to a new town during August... so I don't expect much movement before September/October.
  14. You guys have removed the paper covering on the grey parts, haven't you? (On that images it looks like the paper covering has been left on some parts.. .. in which case you've got the grey parts on the wrong way around.)
  15. Hiya, Load pics to flikr or similar?