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  1. I totally did the same thing! You, my friend, are a genious!
  2. Here is the WIP of my Anathematic, its been sitting at this stage for about 2-3 weeks due to work taking all my painting time.
  3. Amazing work in a super short amount of time! Very impressive!
  4. Thanks for the feedback! The purple-ish/pink (or pink-ish/purple?) has grown on me.. and yeah, I'll go for the same color for the eyes. Icchan, to be quite honest, I let the airbrush do all the heavy lifting/ time consuming stuff which is basically the figure's main color and the highlights for that. Then I just start picking out a few areas to do in a different color along with the details. That, and I paint minis in batches, like, I did the same colors for the Unidrones and the Anathematic with the airbrush in one sit down. All that makes it seem like I paint fast... hue hue hue... but not really
  5. Finally showing my combined army some love! However... I am quite split on the Anathematic's WIP and would like to ask you guys what you think. I'm not sure on what color to go with for the gun/palm lightsource... For some reason the pink doesnt seem to sit well and may just need some time getting used to (maybe im just not used to including it in my palette or the fact that I tend to stick to a color "temperature" for the whole mini?) The other color I was thinking about instead of the current pink was a turquoise/blue like the gems/osl on the back... So, what do you guys think it should be? Leave as is, or make it all turquoise and dropping the pink all together?
  6. Neko! My brotha-man, we need to go out and shoot stuff again. It has been too long since our last tabletop skirmish!!
  7. I have been neglecting my Combined Army since I couldn't decide on a color scheme. After much contemplating what colors to use I decided to go with this.
  8. Realized I never got around to posting the finished Father Knight And a Knight of Santiago I had working on on and off... I messed up on the primer (applied it on a day that was a bit more humid than it should have been) from that mistake though, I moved on to doing airbrush primer, works much better imo. Comments and advice always welcomed!
  9. that would be funny.... That is such a cool idea though, consider that idea stolen! I'll get to my YuJing eventually...
  10. I think the detail look very slick man, they truly make the mini "pop"! congratz!
  11. Way flipping awesome man, care to share how you do the weathering/mucking up of the shoes/lower legs?
  12. My latest, Akali from O:I
  13. Welcome! It has been forever since I go out and shoot stuff, I need to go and see how things have developed!
  14. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get that finish on the sides of every board Scenery Planet creates. I am working on a table made with 4 2x2 squares of pink foam attached to 2x2 plywood squares, however, they don't fit flush as I would like them to. The square sections that Scenery Planet makes are beyond beautiful, fit together flawlessly and look incredibly smooth on the sides, which are painted with that black/gray they use. How do they achieve that, ideas? I would love to mimic that (or at least attempt to do so as closely as possible) all tips are really appreciated!
  15. Wow, that is way cool - wish I had that talent (and as many lego pieces)