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  1. Does anyone else find the old remotes hard to assemble? I have been trying to put the suggested Q-Drone together and not only does it seem to be allergic to superglue but the pieces are too small to pin. Or rather I tried to pin the tentacles, arms and carapace pieces but the 0.14mm drill kept breaking and I ran out before finishing. I succumbed to the temptation of CA accelerant but the joints are crap. Bits keep falling off. Does anyone have any suggestions? Desperately glue fingered Geoff
  2. Total reaction 360 degree vision and a BFG sorry I mean HMG. Sounds good. Thanks.
  3. Hello Infinitites I have just finished painting the CA minis that I assembled when I first bought into the game pretty much when N2 came out. I have not yet played any games of N3 and in fact have never used the CA so I thought a new edition calls for a new army. I am wondering what to assemble next. I have built and painted; The Anathematics Kurgat Assault Engineer Daturazi Witch Soldier Morat Vanguard Infantry Morat Vanguard Infantry Morat Vanguard Infantry The Charontids Malignos Shasvastii Gwailos I also have a Noctifier but I seem to have lost the head and arms in the last seven years or there abouts. The miniatures I have available to reinforce are below and I am wondering what I should go for to make a viable force. Caskuda Suryat - HMG Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid The Shrouded - Combi-Rifle The Malignos - Multi Sniper Rifle Speculo Killer - Monofilament CCW Seed Soldier - Combi Rifle & Light GL Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle M, Q, T, R-Drone M, Q, T, R-Drone Gaki Gaki Preta Preta Yaogat - Combi Rifle & Grenades Yaogat - Boarding Shotgun Yaogat - Combi Rifle & Panzerfaust Yaogat - Spitfire Avatar Shavastii Gwailos - Boarding Shotgun Skiavoros - Plasma Rifle Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle Rasyat - Combi-Rifle Iskaller Jump Operator - Combi-Rifle Aswangs - Boarding Shotgun Slave Drone Slave Drone Shavastii Cadmus - Boarding Shotgun Zerat Special Missions Reg (Hacker) Morat Vanguard Infantry - HMG The Shrouded - Sniper Vector Operator - HMG Help would be much appreciated. Rannith
  4. Ah right, thanks, I have been running from the written description on the DronBot pack because when I load that entry I get no picture. I get pics for most of the entries but some just give a blank space where it should be. Thanks for the picture. Regards Rannith
  5. Just a quick query friends, Is there a mini released yet for Sierra Drones?? I have looked at the mini list and it mentions Pathfinder and Clipper 'bots but nothing about Sierras. Regards Rannith