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  1. Does anyone else find the old remotes hard to assemble? I have been trying to put the suggested Q-Drone together and not only does it seem to be allergic to superglue but the pieces are too small to pin. Or rather I tried to pin the tentacles, arms and carapace pieces but the 0.14mm drill kept breaking and I ran out before finishing. I succumbed to the temptation of CA accelerant but the joints are crap. Bits keep falling off. Does anyone have any suggestions? Desperately glue fingered Geoff
  2. Hello Infinitites I have just finished painting the CA minis that I assembled when I first bought into the game pretty much when N2 came out. I have not yet played any games of N3 and in fact have never used the CA so I thought a new edition calls for a new army. I am wondering what to assemble next. I have built and painted; The Anathematics Kurgat Assault Engineer Daturazi Witch Soldier Morat Vanguard Infantry Morat Vanguard Infantry Morat Vanguard Infantry The Charontids Malignos Shasvastii Gwailos I also have a Noctifier but I seem to have lost the head and arms in the last seven years or there abouts. The miniatures I have available to reinforce are below and I am wondering what I should go for to make a viable force. Caskuda Suryat - HMG Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid The Shrouded - Combi-Rifle The Malignos - Multi Sniper Rifle Speculo Killer - Monofilament CCW Seed Soldier - Combi Rifle & Light GL Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle M, Q, T, R-Drone M, Q, T, R-Drone Gaki Gaki Preta Preta Yaogat - Combi Rifle & Grenades Yaogat - Boarding Shotgun Yaogat - Combi Rifle & Panzerfaust Yaogat - Spitfire Avatar Shavastii Gwailos - Boarding Shotgun Skiavoros - Plasma Rifle Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle Seed Soldier - Combi-Rifle Rasyat - Combi-Rifle Iskaller Jump Operator - Combi-Rifle Aswangs - Boarding Shotgun Slave Drone Slave Drone Shavastii Cadmus - Boarding Shotgun Zerat Special Missions Reg (Hacker) Morat Vanguard Infantry - HMG The Shrouded - Sniper Vector Operator - HMG Help would be much appreciated. Rannith
  3. Total reaction 360 degree vision and a BFG sorry I mean HMG. Sounds good. Thanks.
  4. Ah right, thanks, I have been running from the written description on the DronBot pack because when I load that entry I get no picture. I get pics for most of the entries but some just give a blank space where it should be. Thanks for the picture. Regards Rannith
  5. Just a quick query friends, Is there a mini released yet for Sierra Drones?? I have looked at the mini list and it mentions Pathfinder and Clipper 'bots but nothing about Sierras. Regards Rannith