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  1. Well, nothing looks more real than images of 'real' soldiers/agents/whathaveyou. I use 'real' because maybe we include things like movies or tv shows, sorta real but not that kind of real. So you can just google image search armies, police force, sci-fi, etc and come up with some amazing pictures to try and emulate. However, painting minis to look more real can be tough, mostly because it will look great from 6 inches away, but will lose a lot of its contrast and be a dull blur from 2' or more away. This is why we see so much contrast, black lining, and near white highlighted edges. It looks anything but real from up close but the mini still 'pops' even while seen from a bit of a distance. I hope you find the right balance for you!
  2. I'm hoping this turns into a painted Squalo by the end of the month. edit: welp, maybe scratch that, got to cleaning the last piece and found out I have 2 right legs. Grrr!
  3. The rules on those cards (Malifaux/GB at least, never looked at the others) are much more...specific I suppose, where in most cases a single sentence is all that is needed to explain the skill's effects thouroughly. Infinity on the other hand has a fair amount more bullet points per skill, and 'skills within skills' or Skill levels that include previous levels. Some profiles probably wouldn't fit all their encompassing skills on a single card. Something like Martial Arts needs its own points, plus also the explaination for Stealth, Surprise Attack, and V:Courage. If a unit has No Wound Incapitation you'd also have to include the rules for Dogged and Courage on the card as well. Might end up needed an A4-sized 'card'! For better or worse, I feel Infinity is very much a 'tablet' game.
  4. I was exactly the same as you OP, but after using Army list a couple of times it was perfect. It's basically like having all your unit cards on a single card really. Also after only a few games you will have more than 1/2 the common info memorized anyways.
  5. So this guy needs a 360* visor to shoot someone he's facing from his rear firing arc.
  6. Bleh. What happened to the "if you can see me then I can see you" thing? Assuming forward LOF arcs of course. Was that ever a real thing or just a house-rule I've taken as gospel.
  7. Use gloss varnish. When you're applying wash any that gets on your model can be wiped right off with your thumb or a cloth, just like your countertop or a laminate floor. Afterwards give a light coat or two of matte varnish. Some people use oil-paint washes. Lots of YouTube vids on it, like this pretty simple and straightforward one:
  8. Semantics though yeah? I mean you wouldn't bother putting an Iso marker down beside your Morat would you?
  9. this game has so many skills/rules unique to specific factions or profiles that it is really tough to know them all until you're very experienced with all the factions. I think it's definitely the spirit of the game to play together with your opponent; let him know your unit is immune to Isolation before he rolls and let him pick a different skill; if he says he wants to round a corner just enough to be in LoF to two of your units but stay out of LoF of the third and it's clear that that is possible then help them out visually when they try to position their model just so. Etc, etc. You'll get the same benefits and courtesies in return!
  10. You didn't tell him Morats are immune before he attempted it?
  11. Not sure if it's been asked 1000 times, but it has been asked in post #1 of this very thread. Conveniently, it has also been answered in post #2 of this very thread! 2018, maybe even 2019, but def not 2017.
  12. 'Grats to the wieners! Hopefully this is the month I start my New Years resolution of painting lots and starting a plog. Loool, I am the king of procrastination!
  13. So, you know, I'm just, you know, starting on the, you know, first episode. So far it seems, you know, pretty awesome! There is however, you know, one thing, you know, that is pretty, you know, distracting. I'm guessing, you know, 'you know', is the filler word of choice for, you know, Indiana. All teasing aside, I like the quality audio and structure. Subscribed.
  14. There's just so many different ways things can be 'nasty' in this amazing game I don't think any one thing should get axed and not the other basic nastiness. In 120pt or less games, PanO having BS12 for 10pts is pretty nasty! I think people should just get used to nasty things from the beginning. Leave out hacking, fireteams, and command tokens to make the rules somewhat easier to digest, but leave in all the units and their full complement of skills, equipment, and ammo. The game is designed and balanced with 300pt ITS missions in mind, so don't sweat it if things seem OP at lower point games.
  15. Is that still a 40mm base? Mine seems to go right to the edges even after squishing the legs together a bit.