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  1. That's a lot of Commandos. Is the double Kaeltar because both of them are being in Triads and up against enemy fire?
  2. Kind of dragging it back to the OP but from someone who played a lot of N2 I think hacking is far more fun with the current system, it's actually engaging and comes up without having to force it.
  3. Charontid Hacker+ can school the living shit out of games and score all your points in one go. The MSV is goldie as fuck too mind.
  4. Not so much a conversion question (images in this thread are great guys, well done!) but how the hell do I attach the Spitfire Noctifer to his base? E: I spotted it!
  5. I think this mission is great. Between an M-Drone (or FO), Umbra Hacker & Doctor Worm you can cover almost all of the objectives and spice your list to fill.
  6. Yeah it's a bit scary for the usual Charontid Hacker or even the Anathemtic Hacker if you're so inclined. Same goes for the Umbra.
  7. Let the autocannon Kurgat enter a haris team ffs Then put them in Onyx, tia
  8. Onyx has some dire Lt options, but tbh the real tragedy is the fact only a giant worm brought d-charges.
  9. Looks like Anyat is going (wo)manmode.
  10. I've had a fair bit of success with the sniper version of this model in Onyx but honestly it's a victim of competition. Points are razor tight in Onyx and I'm more likely to reach for an M-Drone and R-Drone over the Maakrep. My SWC just goes elsewhere.
  11. Yeah I had that coming and my Q-Drone promptly said "no thank you" to that bullshit.
  12. I had one throw a Drop Bear into my DZ the other day, that was rude.