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  1. What are peoples thoughts on the actual Shasvastii links? I've been playing about with them in the builder but the Gwailos seem to be the only really decent ones to my completely inexperienced eye. Obviously a lot of is pending substantial changes.
  2. I'd link it but it's really awkward on my phone. But Giraldez actually posts the recipes on his uploads ok his studio giraldez website as well as his Facebook.
  3. yeah, to be a credit for Ian though he actually updates his projects, mine is a thread that is 5 years old and I haven't updated since the previous edition. I never quit the faction though, I just stopped playing them for quite a while!
  4. if this turns into a tangent about me being lazy and not updating my threads i'm blaming you ian. you did this!! People don't usually ignore stickied threads if they're newcomers, it's usually the old forumites being over-familiar with things and not seeing them. I still get PMs about the tactica threads and my thoughts on stuff.
  5. Oh man, that would be a cool rule, put it on cheapo remotes and let them leap into fire corridors and pop smoke. Then give them to CA on Batroid chassis, with forward deploy l2 ta
  6. Honestly I think 38pts isn't a bad price for him. Assault Hacking gives him some extra scoring capability and some extra threat vectors, the Breaker Rifle is nice for picking off low-bts targets he will be closer to and the D-Charges are a nice out for extra classifieds or scenery destruction (where applicable). The big weakness is Killer Hackers which are more of a reflection on how much of an issue they are rather than the Locust itself. The Shock CCW and CC20 is a bit lol though
  7. You've already caught the bit about him not benefiting from any TAG related scoring. To be honest, TAG-like is only really suitable for describing how hard he can hit. I think in TAG discussions you shouldn't really include Achilles because he isn't one and has different mechanics in play. I get where people come from though with it. I think TAGs are underrated on this forum, but there are some genuinely poor offenders in the pool to choose from which clouds it up.
  8. you got bs15!!!1 sort it out son! Yeah those are pretty much on point. NCA hasn't changed a huge amount from the fundamentals over the years. I'm very big on the Bulleteer HS though, that guy is absolutely brutal if you can get him up the table. The Locust is a nice addition to NCA as well, I do like the options he brings to the table.
  9. First i'd heard of it, seems pretty cool but turn based PVP games aren't usually my type of genre. I might get a look in though! Endless Space 2 had a large update fairly recently. I might boot that back up for some games while I paint some models.
  10. I am very bored and waiting to get out for two weeks leave of absence, it's a good thread though so I shouldn't troll it. Generally speaking to be constructive when I play PanO I usually have my main attack piece (Swiss etc) and then tend to get my secondary one (Bulleteer for example) to pick up the slack if my Swiss bites it. PanO gets a lot of great options here, but I think with the order efficiency of fireteams the sectorials do it better than vPanO.
  11. ya man just roll better
  12. Nope, if I'm gonna dream big it's gonna be big! Fatality L2, MSV2.5 (but not 3) and 720 degree visor
  13. Only if I get smoke on my Q-Drone.
  14. Hit them with the next biggest stick. Only semi trolly reply but generally it works.
  15. Not so much a must have, but if I'm looking for a murdery solo piece to run around and cut people up, the Samaritan is probably going to take that slot from Sheskiin first (and they both have Protheion), admittedly there is some bias here for me as I mostly play Onyx at the moment and I don't own Sheskiin. I'll have to try her out and see how well she does.