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  1. All the cocks, a wallet full of Vietnamese dong so i could order com
  2. 32 dollars a flaming skull . Gw must be loving that
  3. Just went through a 15 hour night bus/soeedboat trip to get to Cat Ba. Highlights include waking up in the middle of the night with our bus sandwiched between two trucks as he tried to overtake on a corner and got wedged between them. The horn and the windows rattling was what I woke up to. when we arrived in Hanoi I woke up being eye level with roosters, there was a scooter next to us with three stacked cages on the back.
  4. LAUNCH THE BATTLE STALDRON The lack of deployable repeaters is a bit of a bummer, but I do enjoy aggressive use of an R-Drone or Ikadron.
  5. I'm really interested in the last races available for Endless Space 2 as Amplitude have some amazing designs.
  6. Add Steel Divison Normandy 44 (already wanting Bagration expansion)!, Rainbow Six Siege, Gwent and Titanfall 2 and very little time to game!
  7. Same, plus Endless Space 2 is out soon and I'm slowly edging back into Elite.
  8. I would love to play a good game tho tho by the time I get back from south east Asia maybe it'll be ok after all the patches
  9. I downloaded it while on my travels because it looked cool but I'm not sure how much meat is in the game, you know? Especially with the small maps etc.
  10. Bad effect andromeda is a game about nepotism
  11. MSV3 HMG Charontid being a specialist is like the bad ending for the opponent. Holy moly
  12. Cling film is the creation of the devil