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  1. Got any close ups or solo pics of the friar mate? That mask is looking lovely. What colours?
  2. Top thread mate. I've been tempted to do the same myself, but if my painting log is anything to go by it would be on page 10 before each update! I think Bit & Kiss does some great things for Onyx in particular, she is a really handy threat extension for our Umbra Hackers & the E-Drone for link busting. Plus she's a really pro-active defence against hackers, especially with Unidrons & the Overdron being stackable with Tinbots and the E-Drones Reboot, you can really turtle up against enemy InfoWar if your meta is really strong on this side of the game.
  3. saw the death of stalin today, great film I laughed a lot during it.
  4. Great points, thanks for the reply mate and I'll give it a go when I get to it.
  5. The Avatar may be 137pts but the rest of my list also exists and helps protect him. Put my opponent into loss of Lt turn 1 thanks to speculo, she went on a rampage.
  6. Nice! Which profiles are you enjoying mate? I do love the Hacker for versatility he brings and Bit/Kiss! can help project his threats and keep him safe from opposing hackers, an E-Drone like you said can really up his defences too if you're not using Fairy Dust. He's an utter wanker in SupFire, love it.
  7. Killed a Hac Tao Hacker with Bit other night. Feels good man. Keeps my Avatar safe from Hackers! She's in my list so vs Ariadna she did naff all, Kiss! got scragged by a Tankhunter.
  8. Ojotniks as far as the eyes can see
  9. The arguments for PanO not getting smoke were solved like, 3 years ago. People retreading those points tend to do so because they don't actually have an argument to back it up.
  10. Well it is close to the studio colour plus some damaging and weathering.
  11. I've been playing more 10 order lists recently, rocking things like the EI Aspects & Avatar to get those points up. It's great! Avatar vs Ariadna Spam is funny.
  12. That would be a very Warmachine rule. anime as heck good old days
  13. The old Avatar was tip toeing, dreadful pose! Sad!