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  1. I'm running 2.5 and I don't see them.
  2. Any plans to add the updated Miranda, sforza and bounty hunter profiles to ISS?
  3. Given the prevalence of mixed links in ISS and JSA, I both hope and expect to see the same in the invincible army. I also think the eagle agents might show up in some capacity.
  4. You can't really compare those though, you can't take all three in the same army.
  5. I want to see a juiced up/enhanced human, Tarik style.
  6. Another MSV 1 and maybe another doctor profile. Or specialist operative.
  7. I've been using a clipsos sniper lateley to great effect. The TO camo plus cover plus range usually forces my opponents to dodge instead of shooting back. I love the nikoul but he's priority 1 in my playgroup after using him so much and I too prefer the spitfire loadout for the gaorael.
  8. I could have sworn I asked this as well when the units were released but I can't find it. The response I remeber getting agreed with toad child. Markers assigned to holoechoes get replicated but holoprojecter models can't replicate other models markers.
  9. I hope it has horns, maybe even more like the tetrahedron units than any of the current few.
  10. While chain of command is a specialist, it is important to remember that in ITS they will never get classified objectives or a bonus to roll on regular objectives.
  11. Using a fractaa model was my plan too.
  12. I'm on an iPhone 5 using safari to view it and I've noticed when I hold down the screen to drag/scroll it zooms in on the blue holo background and unzooms when I release.
  13. I haven't found this one with a search, but when you add the Sakiel with Nimbus+ grenades into an army list, the weapons list also shows Swarm grenades.
  14. You can add g:sync units that are S2 or larger to the box list. CB doesn't do multi S2+ model blisters any more. All the Aleph sync bots are in boxes, so the Rasail really isn't an outlier. Regardless, I would be surprised to see a box of Sentinels.
  15. Triangulated fire should ignore poor vis, right? If so, Aelis might be able to get some favourable exchanges of fire with otherwise difficult to deal with targets, like camo snipers at long range.