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  1. No problem, attitude is conveyed badly on the Internet Regarding the HIs - I think that they're still unremarkable compared to other choices in different factions, but that's mostly because Haqqislam, in general, has weak HIs. I do take the Haris Asawira sometimes ,but that;s only because there's nothing better. The things you mention are good to have (BTS, WIP etc) but I am still not convinced that an Asawira should be incldued in the list at all times - contrasting with, for example, the Barid or the Daylami HMG. When we eventually get around to updating Data Sphere, we will try to do something with all the older articles. Until then we keep what we got
  2. Go ahead and write it. I did mention that the article is a little outdated - and yea, I forgot that the Ayyar exists as I don't play him. Most of the things in it stand, though. Moreover, it's there to give opinions, not shoehorn a new player into a particular line of thinking so I don't think it matters too much that there's no mention of the Ayyar, for example. Between the article and what you wrote here about Leila and what might someone may want to add regarding Ayyars, I think the OP will be set. And on a personal note, I think your list is lacking regular orders in the second group. From my experience, a Ghazi wants to have some Regular orders for himself to be able to at least get in range of the midfield objectives.
  3. There's an article I wrote for Data -Sphere which I could definitely recommend. It's a little dated, as it doesn't include Leila Sharif in the deliberations, but I updated it some time ago to include Govads and some of the changes than HSN3 brought last year. Check it out here:
  4. Thanks for the writeup, this is actually the most interesting part of the Interplanetario for me and I'm glad someone went to the effort of working on this and publishing it for the rest of us to read, even when I want there
  5. There's many different Blackjacks out there - I'm using a Nakamura Tower model, and others are using Dust Tactics or some other things. I wouldn't worry about the Blackjack not having a model from CB - it's more of a problem for CB since some people won't buy their official model after this much waiting.
  6. The BJ is a great profile, it had to be in the Sectorial to allow for certain builds. I think it's one of the best HIs in the game. As for the Cube Jaeger it's probably gonna be yet another CC Merc. All we seem to get lately are Sniper or CC Mercs, so....
  7. Regarding the BJ? From the company. Last information we got, when asked about the Blackjack, was that they're not even working on the concept designs and we shouldn't be expecting it anytime soon.
  8. Seems legit. I wouldn't ever play it, but the writing's on the wall for this one.
  9. Do we really need a second (third, actually) Krakot?
  10. As a starting HB player you are, however, in a pickle when it comes to box purchases in the beginning. Red Veil is useless and HB starter seems to be unfriendly for a newbie. Oh well, I already have my HB finished, so I guess I'm not the target audience anyway.
  11. I wasn't commenting on the qualities of the Daylamis, more on the fact they're irregular which makes their inclusion in the starter a mistake. Believe me , I know they're good, I always run 5. They're just not starter box material.
  12. A product that reduces the number of SKUs by bundling several other products will be removed to reduce the number of SKUs? OK.
  13. Unless the Daylami receive a profile update then it indeed is a horrible starter set.
  14. Cause like with the Blackjack, the company is not actively working on these models at all.
  15. You're definitely missing out then, the Sygmaa have very nice looking minis. You don't have to be a master of conversions to make it work, either