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  1. Just treat it as Beta-testing of the new terrain rules, as this is in essence what you're all doing This time Zero-G gives you AD, and in the previous phase it just increased your movement by a bit.
  2. I feel I have to ask re:2) - why would it have zero positive impact on he scoring if it was done within the framework of the existing rules and the reports are supposedly trustworthy and legit?
  3. Malifaux has a team like that, the Crossroads Seven, where you get 7 models, each from a different faction, tied together by fluff. They can be fielded as a team, or used separately within their parent factions. I think this is something that we should be looking forward to with the Outrage team.
  4. I ran a campaign like this. I think it's a very good idea. I also incorporated "Mercenary reinforcements", which you were available to recruit after each mission, which were decided by the background of the campaign. So, for example, if the Strike Team was fighting in a Yu Jing territory, they had some RnR time at the YJ HQ later, which allowed each player to recruit up to 3 Zhanshis, 1 Guilang, 1 DaoFei, etc. This way, a decisive defeat was less punishing. Also, remember you can recruit Mercenaries to your armies, unless you're an Alien. In your case, think about Units you've sepsitored, maybe you can use them as an excuse to "fill up" the AVA you lost - i.e after sepsitorizing a Najjarun, you get 1 of your Kurgats back. This sort of thing.
  5. She will definitely have a profile before the next book, and a good one, at that. Keep an eye out for Army updates.
  6. Fair enough, I was thinking about using the Hardcase too. At this moment, however, I'm hoping for a different Hardcase (I know, I know...) That I'd be able to use out of the box.
  7. There are more. Musashi is a champion of Aristeia, and wasn't Tearlach McMurrough also in it ?
  8. I use the Hardcase as a Hardcase and I use Uxia McNeill Shotgun version as my other Hardcase. She is a little lithe, but works well enough. My only problem now is where to find a suitable Dismounted Desperado. I'd never dismounted the Maverick and I probably won't, but I did dismount the Assault Pistols Desperado a couple of times.
  9. I haven't read the whole topic, but I'll add my 2 cents on the Super-Soldiers issue. I think wings for AD or some kind of claws or bodily secretions are what you will find easier in Tohaa than in Haqqislam. I see the Super Soldiers here as Captain America - Durable, fast, well-built, but nothing too fancy with insect eyes or wings sprouting from their backs.
  10. From experience and from product provided to me as prize support I can suggest: KR Multicase - - with cases made of metal or thick cardboard, filled with foam. I recommend the metal ones, very classy. A-Case - with a very sturdy and durable frame, made of metal and desigend for people who mount magnets on their bases. A little pricey, but a very good choice. And the ones I use myself, - Safe and Sound, - a local manufacturer with only cardboard boxes. They have served me well and I have multiple for my many armies. The only drawback I an really see is how water damages the cardboard. Do check them all out, they are all very nice products.
  11. Yes, the rules in the English book are an exact opposite of the Spanish rules. Judging by the fact that the English ones make no sense, I'll be playing by the Spanish rules in this case.
  12. I converted mine with arms from Rifle Grunts (I had 2 to do as I gave the Marauder HF to a Grunt - I play 4 Inferior Infiltrators) plus some greenstuff.
  13. I do the same. HE is a head smaller than the Grunts, but I don't mind.
  14. Sin Petaca 2.0, a Spanish podcast run by a very nice guy called Omadon.
  15. No, not a specialist.