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  1. What would be helpful is if some kind soul would work out how many of each I would need to be able to meet all the requirements for the missions in paradiso.
  2. I was wondering which 3D printing firm you use?
  3. In terms of speedy dispatch in the UK you can't beat element games. Super fast and reachable on twitter for almost instant communication.
  4. The issue you is when there are identical models where one is a proxie is that you can suddenly find the guy with the HMG keeps switching positions either by players losing track or cheating, by having completely obvious unique proxies it makes it easier for players to keep track and less likely there can be any implication of shenanigans. If the player made an effort to distinguish the proxie out of the two identical models such as a couple of elastic bands or some such then that is fine.
  5. Well math-finity and rudeness are a no no for me though we all occassionally have an off day and forget or manners but best not to make a habit of it. Now onto WYSIWYG I prefer if possible for things to be as WYSIWYG as possible to reduce confusion during play. However I do understand that this may not be always be possible, minis not available, not great converters or just trying something new. When this happens proxies are fine as long as the owning player makes clear what it is, also I don't like the same type of model fulfilling several roles. For instance I wouldn't want to see two fusiliers with combis where one is a combi and other is a HMG. If your going to use proxies make it obvious it's a proxie and make sure it's the appropriate size for the model it's representing.
  6. I got the signs on the towers and the building from these chaps http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/ May have been discontinued but their store is full of hobby goodness regardless
  7. The main grey colour is just two tones of grey airbrushed, super lazy technique FTW! The skip/dumpster can be found here http://ainstycastings.co.uk/product_info.php/cPath/52/products_id/467/osCsid/4384182d0bbd7484108946db90610a0e If you meant the shipping container that's an AT-43 one.
  8. @warmill no worries if the varnish trick (which I learnt due to working with far too much FW stuff) you would have heard from me as it was I was able to sort it. Like I said I think your stuff is great value for money especially when compared to sarissa with the extra detail you incorporate. You just need to expand your range faster (I know that's in the works already) and get more stuff boxed up properly so I can pick it up from graham when I go on shopping sprees at simple minis.
  9. I went for the MAS bases as I wasn't happy with the finish I was achieving with the ones I was making and didn't have the time to design and print off something more to my liking so MAS it was so I could actually get on with painting the minis. As for the choice of colour scheme I'm sticking with studio for the Indian/REM stuff but am playing round with ideas for the Greeks and hopefully will come up with something original for those.
  10. The watchtowers are a combination of Warmills security compound and more Antenticinis billboards to try to avoid creating snipers nest, the billboards block line of sight to one side. these are still very much WIP as they have been a bit of a pain to be honest. Unlike the Warmill pod I felt that the wood itself wasnt quite the same quality but it was the resin components that where a big let down, post holes in the wrong places and despite using every degreasing method known to man it still remained greasy till i sealed it with varnish so I could actually get paint to stick. i'm sure this has been resolved as it was purchased very early on in their availability and for the price I felt a little effort was fine as I had the tools at hand to get everything sorted.
  11. So i've decided to move into one thread to keep all my terrain together regardless of manufacturer just to make things easy for myself. First up the obligatory group shot. I've only recently just finished off the micro-art building with the addition of a few antenoticini's bill boards, the other part is still in the raw HDF atm. Image limit means my WIP billboard towers will be in the next post.
  12. well i decided i wasnt happy with the basing so i bought a metric f-ton of micro-art bases to use instead so here we have the Yudbot updated with a nearly finished and a very WIP pair of Netrods. Also a pile of more bases on the guy with some more Aleph minis aswell as other distractions littering my paint station. i'm probably just going to keep everything here regardless of faction just to save myself updating a million threads and slowly slipping into cyber-senility.
  13. They are the liquid version of their dry paints, essentially because they where crap they have released a limited availability solution rather than adding to the range and decided to rinse people for a few extra euros. Well played GW, well played.
  14. i can see this with a roof top bar/restaurant on top with perspex railings all round with some stairs leading up to it to create a more multi level gaming experience.
  15. 54mm avatar?