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  1. I wonder about that.
  2. Yu Jing Emperor is really a Japanese women! Read it all now on MayaGossip, subscribe to unlock full content and pictures that will shake your imperialist view!
  3. Being a specialist but not being vulnerable to hacker programs sound good to me.
  4. Who wouldn't want more KHD and minelayer?
  5. People used to run TAGs about as much as they do now. Personally find it hilarious that people are saying "elite can win against order spam" as I recall when the following mantra was more dominant "elite lists will (remain) be the norm over the horde spam".
  6. Awesome model as well...
  7. The data won't matter, you need to have nice visual examples and presentation. I died a bit on the inside when this one was said to me.
  8. We're Cygnar.
  9. PanO can't into new rules.
  10. Glorious public healthcare.
  11. Marauders are awesomeness.
  12. The legendary Infinity innovation. :-/
  13. They seem to be a relic from the initial concept. They're there, if designer gets around and does something about them.
  14. I'd be happy with the exchange of bio and veteran skills for FD, however ever since USAriadna rolled out I have a suspicion CB isn't going to be fond on giving FD to linkable units.