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  1. PanO can't into new rules.
  2. Glorious public healthcare.
  3. Marauders are awesomeness.
  4. The legendary Infinity innovation. :-/
  5. They seem to be a relic from the initial concept. They're there, if designer gets around and does something about them.
  6. I'd be happy with the exchange of bio and veteran skills for FD, however ever since USAriadna rolled out I have a suspicion CB isn't going to be fond on giving FD to linkable units.
  7. Joan is a profile that's hard not to take.
  8. Yes, but will it be actually useful (and available to other sectorials)?
  9. Believe in magic - ORC character edition!
  10. The final scoreboard is all that matters (to some people). Optimism I guess. I can't really picture ORC that are the poster girls and boys of vanilla flavor to come with restrictions to sectorials that have them. I expect Bipandra to show up in Varuna as well. Hopefully with some changes as well. As far ORC is concerned... CoC or N2 would be my preference for skills. Extra WIP would be cool, but I highly doubt it'll happen.
  11. I've been the saltiest bitch when it comes to PanO for a while, but I'll drink for ORC getting a character worth a damn and giving something to NCA and SAA. DRINKS
  12. I don't think I've ever seen CB uploading the correct english profiles on the first try. I still remember Bolt Spitfire costing 21 points or something similar.
  13. One of the CB's staff once commented on this. Build it and watch stuff die. Or something along those lines.
  14. Four new mercenaries were introduced for this season. The winner of ITS was said to pick and place one, the rest will die. At the end of Interplanetario event the current ITS season ends. I don't think the winner of interplanetario tournament is also the default winner of ITS as you can score points from other ITS events.