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  1. I've been wanting to put together a decent setup using all the terrain we've been using locally so we could take some showcase photos for grins. The hope is to post one such photo on Remote Presence every week. First one: http://remotepresence.blogspot.com/2012/09/showcase-photo.html Minis painted by Tim, terrain by me.
  2. Thanks to everybody who showed up to play and run the tournament. It was a long time in preparation, but it seems to have gone off without a hitch and everybody had fun.
  3. Tim has indicated that he'll have painted up a pair of 75 point lists just to demo basic game mechanics: Nomads: 3 Alguacils and one Mobile Brigada Yu Jing: 3 Zhanshi and one Shang Ji
  4. I'm not the TO for Infinity, but as far as I'm aware, we are hoping to have demo games throughout the weekend. Unless there has been a radical change, we're also expecting to have the tables set up as early as Thursday evening. Morgrimdark is assisting with the general NOVA setup, beginning early in the morning. I'll be assisting later in the afternoon/evening. Between the two of us, we'll have all the Infinity terrain ready to go. So that means as long as we can "staff" the room, open gaming will be welcome. Hope that helps.
  5. I've waited far too long to resist the candy. http://www.hlj.com/product/KBYKP-190
  6. Oreet, In the NOVA online store, under the details for the Sunday Pass: "Grants all-area access to the NOVA Open. Visitors are welcome to check out all of the day’s events, exhibitions, demonstrations, and contests. Day passes typically do not qualify for Tournament participation. The Sunday visitor pass, however, does permit Infinity Tournament play if pre-registered. Day passes do not include Swag Bags." Hope that helps a bit.
  7. For what it's worth- I live in norther Virginia, the DC area, so we get a lot of humidity. Over the years, I have had success with GW sealer as well as Armoury sealer... but when they don't work out and I get frosting, I have always been able to depend on Testors as a Hail Mary fix. I like to think of it as the emergency medical kit- yes, it's expensive, but it's totally reliable. If I'm working on a non-gaming model kit, I don't even bother with anything other than Testors, as the price I've paid for the kit is usually high enough to warrant the extra attention.
  8. Thanks for the compliments. Yes- they are based on the Devil Team design. When I get around to it, I want to set up a vignette of a stack of crates and parked Future Cars with some of my Yu Jing minis and post those photos on the Remote Presence blog.
  9. Though this technically might be considered "thread necromancy", rather than start a new thread I figured I'd just update the original... FINALLY finished these things. http://remotepresence.blogspot.com/2012/07/techno-crates.html I've got about 16 unfinished pieces that I'm offering via Remote.
  10. Quite a while ago I picked up two packs of Testor's decal paper. One set was "white" and the other "clear". I haven't had much use for the white background stuff, but have been using the "clear" quite a bit lately for Infinity terrain. I think the packs (5 sheets) run about $9 each now. The film is very thin and hugs surfaces quite well. It is also meant for inkjet printers. I have found that the "clear" holds detail nicely, but it must be sealed before being applied to the model/mini/whatever. The illustrations I've printed out were via Adobe Illustrator, but I'm sure any image editing software could produce a viable file. Ive achieved better results if I set the paper type in the print dialogue box to glossy or custom settings. So, in order to print the holos, I would try to print out decals on the clear paper and then apply them onto a sheet of clear acetate or thermoform plastic (or even the clear plastic from an Infinity blister pack!). After letting it all dry, I would hit the whole thing with a gloss coat of either Future floor wax or Testor's Glosscoat. The Techno-crates I've been working on recently use decals that were created from the aforementioned technique. Post on Remote Presence to be published in the morning, if you want to see finished results. It's time consuming, but not particularly difficult.
  11. I'm going to have to look for that crimper/roller thang! Some folks in my local group are trying to create massive quantities of terrain for an upcoming tournament but for the corrugated metal we have been using cardboard. It's a time-consuming process of peeling and priming- though cheap, it isn't nearly as nice as what you've got. I'd love to be able to take the sheets of thin styrene we have on tap and run them through for this sort of thing. Shanty Town Construction
  12. I have found that for open-faced molds, Alumilite is a good option. It takes detail well and is fairly robust. For more detailed stuff, I have a preference for Smooth-On. The thing about Alumilite rubber is that you have to mix the catalyst in with the goop at a specific ratio, so "eyeballing" is tricky... you may wind up having to use the whole supply of rubber in one go. The Alumilite resin is fine, though. I'm partial to Oomoo 30 for making molds. The Techno Crate molds I made were with Oomoo 30 and they held up quite well (20 pulls before any noticeable degradation). The casts were made with Smooth Cast 300 and I love it. For grins, I tried using Merlin's Magic in lieu of resin and it worked surprisingly well. It took most of the detail, but was quite heavy and caused the mold to bow out a bit. Merlin's Magic is cheaper, isn't exothermic and therefore easier on the mold. I'm pretty much self-taught, but much of what I "learned" came from building resin garage kits from way back... I could see from the unfinished pieces how they were cast- I could see mold lines and visualize how they were put together. If you've ever bought FineCast or Forge World or any resin kits (or intend to...), do yourself a favor and examine the pieces closely before you go to work on them. Take note of attachment points, mold lines, pour plugs and all that stuff to see how they configured the mold. I think what you decide to use and how you cast it will depend very much on what you intend to build...
  13. Dude- ask away... send a PM or ask on the forum here or on http://remotepresence.blogspot.com/. I have to admit that I've been a scale modeler far longer than a gamer and that is where my interest lies. Don't get me wrong- I really enjoy gaming too, but I love the hobby aspect. There are a few "dead" posts in the Arcologies sub-forum about the walls and container buildings which have some details. Tim W and I were going to try to put together some PDF files with directions for making his Shanty Town Buildings and post them for public use. I've been working on the Techno-crates for a while now and also hope to have those ready for prime time shortly. Based on what I saw at Adepticon, I hit up the Office Depot yesterday to look at their Useful Little Boxes as potential terrain (looks promising!), so just shout out any time and we'll be happy to share whatever we can. When I got to the Inifinity tournament at Adepticon, seeing the doors and windows I uploaded as a PDF via Remote Presence being used by other folks totally made my weekend, so please don't hesitate. BTW- the Sunday Pass/Infinity Tournament ($30) has been confirmed for NOVA Open players.
  14. At the moment, we're triple checking to make absolutely certain that the day pass (Sunday) is an option. We pushed (gently but persistently) to consolidate all the Infinity games in to one day, so as a result, it is a unique tournament at the NOVA Open. All the other tournaments are spread out over multiple days. We figured one day for Infinity would be the better option, so even though any attendee is still welcome to pick up a full weekend pass, it isn't necessary for Infinity. On the other hand, the weekend pass ($35) does come with a "swag bag" which continues to grow in size... hopefully the NOVA website will have updates in that department soon. Regarding terrain- this year NOVA has been busting it's collective butt to become terrain-self-sufficient. At the moment, all the terrain that has been showcased at Remote Presence has been built by our team and is privately owned. I've built the Container Store apartment buildings and the wall segments (including shields and holoboards which are still in progress!). Lost Cateran has got a ton of Highland terrain that he's contributing to the cause. Tim W is the master of the Shanty-town and has a desert-ish-Mos-Eiseley-esque plan on the horizon as well. So, when everything wraps up, all these pieces will probably come home with us... and anything beyond them will almost certainly go into NOVA storage. That being said- we'd love to share techniques and suggestions and hear about any ideas from attendees... that happened at Adepticon and was great fun. FWIW- the NOVA is happening in ARLINGTON VA, not Alexandria. I must have had an attack of the stupids when I worked up the flyer. We'll update it shortly.
  15. Thread necromancy? Oh- we like our undead quite well, thank you very much. Be it Stoker, Zombicide, or Blogrolls- we're happy to expand the community. Consider yourself bitten / infected / turned. Thanks!