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  1. ...which makes Guided even less awesome
  2. It does not as the answer has already been given.
  3. You might have used the Skiavoro too aggressively. If I use him as an attack piece, it's usually during T2, when there is already some room to do things. The Skiavoros lacks real sturdiness. It is no easy prey but also no real HI (and even those go down pretty fast). And if you plan to use the Sepsitor, you usually have to force it. Your opponent generally wants to avoid giving you any opportunities so, you probably have to work hard for creating some on your own.
  4. Ooooops. I totally forgot to join. So, here is my painting schedule for October. Akalis Hacker. The SAA Starter is finished then. Two male Nagas. And here is the first progress: And a group shot of the SAA Starter:
  5. ?? Don't see the point. Still a full order and to hit chances are slightly better _in optimum range_. Plus coordinating Montesas means spending 2 SWC on those LGLs (max AVA1 in Vanilla; 2 in SAA) plus a Command Token. Of course, this can do some damage. And as I am using Montesas quite regularly, I usually got better things to do with them to do some damage. Imho the LRL loadout is by far superior. Now, would SAA be able to bring an Akalis FO that would suddenly make the Montesa really usefull.
  6. Indeed, you are. You already got your answer. You might not like it but such things happen... Plus, I am with you about the rules not being supertight and I really wish CB would have listened more to IJW... maybe next time. Up to then: learn to deal with it instead of trolling the rules section whenever you have too much spare time. Thanks.
  7. It is not broken. If you take a closer look at the numbers SpecFire usually isn't worth spending any oders on it. Long Skill, -6 to hit... in most cases there are plenty of ways to spent those precious orders in a by for more reasonable way. Don't forget about all of the models under the template still being allowed to dodge (with a -3 but still). And as soos as you faced a few template weapons of any kind you will stop crowding you models and the problem is almost solved completely.
  8. nomads

    Nice work! And no worries, she will most probably wreck some serious havoc
  9. Wow, that's so 80s; bases, colors, paint style - every Nomad player has to like it
  10. Maybe those links help (they did for me): http://chestofcolors.com/how-to-paint-faces/ http://magie-miniatures.blogspot.de/2015/05/painting-skintones-paints-tips-tricks.html http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1310-ethnic-skintones
  11. Ebay? Forums? Infinity Facebook groups? OOP Infinity miniatures in your FLGS? Not sure I do understand the question tbh.
  12. Here is the Montesa I painted, today. A bit late to the party but I wanted to share nevertheless. Thanks for sharing your efforts. Collective painting threads always help me keeping the motivation high.
  13. That's a problem with a lot of the new HI. A lot of them are "too big" and out of proportion. On the gaming table they look good nevertheless, so I'm fine with that.
  14. Indeed, the choices for Datatracker depend heavily on the task it has to do and if you bring weenie or Rambo lists. In general, 3 or 4 options in a list aren't a bad thing at all and it doesn't matter this much, when it comes to keep your Datatracker to stay alive. Anything will be killed and a cheapish and highly mobile model is often the better pick compared to a clumsy and expensive Sogarat. I would definitely pick a model which can go prone if the DTracker has to survive. For killing it's easy: Speculo if you get first turn to score those points with absolute ease. Malignos or Shrouded can also be nice choices. It of course still sucks to spend those points on a skill you don't really use, so Zerat might also be an option.