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  1. I believe that is scored at the end of turn 3 rather than over the course of the game. Similarly as there is no mention of ownership it is dominate more of the two available assigned quadrants.
  2. The only laughable thing in all this is the thought Ariadna has the capacity to develop 'training rounds'. Again. Devil is in the details.
  3. Exactly. A statement regretting the dread Combined Army mangaged to infiltrate one of our vessels and promise that our security forces will be absolute in their investigation. No admittance otherwise. If you manage to make 2+2=5 then this is your mistake comrade!
  4. There is no such admittance! Merely a declaration that we are more than capable of conducting our own investigation aboard all our assets at the Wotan gate.
  5. So that would be a no then, expertly avoided. The devil isn't in the details as usual. We at Ventura Corp will not be cowed by threats from the Ariadna nation, especially as they are acting beyond their remit. We will repel the boarders from assault and expose bias propaganda wherever we find it.
  6. Super awesome community building here.
  7. Personally I think holding on to reports in large numbers and or extended periods not 'the done thing' and initially didn't like the idea at all. But when someone mentioned the simulation of a coordinated strike I hadn't seen it that way before and in a limited capacity not sure I would have an issue with it. How you would police it though I have no idea.
  8. Thanks for your help
  9. My whole report has vanished now. Photos, Videos, text uploaded. All gone. Not impressed.
  10. No, one is everyone make a report in this period and the other is publish your reports for this period at this time. Almost no difference.
  11. Sorry, how is it different? Both methods are reporting a game in period of roughly a week. That's pretty much exactly the same. As you say coordinating to be exactly the same time would be a nightmare.
  12. So if your faction said play Tuesday eve you'd expect the majority to be able to do that? As I said its all about what timeframe you envisage. Play over 2 or 3 days and then get bat reps done in a couple of days is no different to everyone hold reports till end of the week.
  13. I keep having batrep text disappear. Very annoying bug. Spoiling experience today.
  14. For a start I'm not sure why you've all latched on to me, it wasn't even my idea. What I said was initially I disliked the practice but seen from another angle I can appreciate other theories. Secondly it really depends on what sort of time frame you are thinking of. 'A very short time span' as I quoted in the other post is wholly unreasonable. Some players will have not yet played a game. To envisage coordinating them to play and report 'immediately' is wishful thinking.