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  1. Possessed is a null state so not scoring.
  2. Event is on OTM, plus we have some extra goodies from CB. Many thanks guys!
  3. T2 CCW is listed as AM in the wiki a I see it.
  4. Received . Good stuff.
  5. Great stuff. Tickets are currently £15. All the details for payment etc can be found on the event page on Facebook. If you are not on Fb I'll get the links and stuff in the OP ASAP.
  6. This. Even something like being able to move your own quadrant with the consoles might help. But yeah, as is it's not a tournament mission it's a game night funsies mission.
  7. Missions announced. Frontline Looting and Sabotaging Decapitation.
  8. We discuss season 9 and the Masters #31
  9. Most probably. But it allows suppression application to cover a trooper in LoF without return fire.
  10. I see your point. Probably due to the majority of instances of in game IMM-1 are via Hacking and the individual programs give their own duration. Without that the natural state of IMM-1 is until reset or repair.
  11. I don't think they need to. It gives the duration under IMM-1 state.
  12. Interesting question. Looking at it I would say yes as hunting party only says the stun ammo causes IMM-1. So the ammo type works the same bar the effect (IMM-1 not stunned). But I could go either way.
  13. IMM-1 lasts until reset or Engineered. Stunned lasts until the end of the turn, but you're not causing stunned. The stun type is causing IMM-1.
  14. Yes that's right, I didn't say it did. So looking for options for things to hide one as an Evo can set a nice trap. Otherwise the main advantage for Holo and the Lu Duan is safe movement and surprise shot in the active turn.
  15. Lu Duan as a single Evo if you are going second can be an enticing trap. Active turn it's mainly the save movement and surprise shot Holo give some the Lu Duan.