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  1. I have to say being able to add rulings to the wiki would be super.
  2. i don't think you can as you can't be engaged with scenery, as you say. Can't remember if its been clarified though so I could be wrong.
  3. Or don’t as that will prolly go round and round as well.
  4. Well it can’t be both players turns can it? What happens end of round other than ITS scoring? Either way end of round is the same as end of player 2 turn.
  5. Anything you do before the clearly spelled out start of the turn (Tactical Phase) is in the previous turn. There should be no troopers in the dogged state on the board in the Tactical Phase. True dat
  6. Sometimes s#!t just gotta be said.
  7. Haha yes. Happens every time I try and answer a forum question.
  8. Not sure I follow. Boost won't boost another perimeter because it would be AROing an ARO as far as I can make out. Correct me if I missed something.
  9. I think the understanding is that triggering AROs as troopers allows perimeter weapons to activate other perimeter weapons and mines etc.
  10. Masters review after which we discuss list entries for the competition. #32
  11. Possessed is a null state so not scoring.
  12. Event is on OTM, plus we have some extra goodies from CB. Many thanks guys!
  13. T2 CCW is listed as AM in the wiki a I see it.