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  1. Don't believe anything will stop you placing the echoes. You're not actually placing more than 10 troopers that way. Obviously its super obvious what is going on at that point. Unless you have 2 hidden troopers.
  2. Not sure I follow. Su Jian is HI.
  3. ETC really doesn't sound good at all. I have no experience myself but know many people who have gone for various systems. They all like that type of game. Which is cool for them. For me it sounds horrible though.
  4. Happy to announce more prize support from the great folks at Systema Gaming
  5. Yes. So when you move as part of a dodge you can go prone or stand up. See Dodge and move as linked in the post above.
  6. You can go prone or stand up as part if a Dodge.
  7. I don't follow
  8. Good shout. In a blur of details and multi posts my brain is starting to melt.
  9. The 12th Totally CRIT Open is live. We're back in the Hydra venue for a 300 point, 3 round, limited insertion event. Event is on Oct 21st. Registration is 10am with 2hr rounds. Tickets are £15, £10 for early access and Hydra members. Vouchers from ChoKonnit are on offer along with the new ITS pack. Prize support is also coming from Systema Gaming Missions TBC when the new season is live. Attendees 1. Mike Evans / Ligtbulb 2. Rob Neal / Bobman 3. Chris Penfold/ Pootleflump 4. Andy Roo / Riker 5. Chris Hobday / Meekrebel 6. Stuart Marsh / sam2064 7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 18. 19. 20.
  10. The one aesthetic I don't like about Haqq.
  11. Back in th saddle
  12. Pretty sure that's the case. The ftf need has been argued before and I believe that was the outcome. You have to forget the engaged state. As long as the attacker started out of engage the BS attack is allowed.
  13. Infinity works on this simultaneous principle. Much like moving into cover and shooting through smoke the target can choose to shoot back before the attacker reaches cover.