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  1. We've been on a roll with regular episodes lately. Come check us out.
  2. Has that been clarified? Ghost states it (and it's controller) cannot be used in a coordinated order. I know it's been discussed before but don't know the outcome.
  3. Dust has settled on a great event. Thanks to all the partners that supplied great products for us and the players that made it a great day. Watch out for TCOX, masters Qualifier. Coming soon.
  4. The last update dropped D-Charges off the Wildcats. They appear in the deplorable info tab but not in the list of weapons in the dscription.
  5. Happy to announce we are full up. There is now a reserves list open. Also CB have been kind enough to send us some prize support and this is set to be the best TCO yet! More details here
  6. OP updated. Almost full. Thanks everyone.
  7. Welcome to the new year. Nearly full up and this one looks set to be a doozy.
  8. Should be able to announce more prize support soon!
  9. Good to see you found some great help for you and a fledgling scene. Good luck my friend!
  10. Don't fancy making this the week before.
  11. Grenades are a throwing weapon BS attack, so are indeed an attack. Special dodge is a trait of smoke ammunition.
  12. More prize support added. This time from the great guys over at Systema Gaming. Check out the details here
  13. I'm pleased to announce TCO9 will have prize support from the illustrious Shae-Konnit. This time you will be able to win vouchers which you can redeem via him for products from his store, including the famous split box deal. Visit his store here Prizes available; 1st - ITS winners pack + £30 voucher 2nd - £20 voucher 3rd - £10 voucher We will also have a painting competition with £20 and £10 vouchers up for grabs with a best painted Specialist category this time.