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  1. The reality is what defines 'gotcha' play, for want of a better word is difficult to quantify. Not least because it will mean something different to each of us. The reason why I feel it can be such a touchy subject is it can skew our views on fairness of a game, which can lead to high emotions. Much like the issue of timings and games cut short. Personally I find my interpretation can change so that ill defined line is not even a straight one. I may feel hard done by and react or sometimes in a effort to play an 'honest' game I become too lenient. Depending on your point of view each as bad as the other. At the end of the day the best thing we can do is uphold ourselves to our own ideals and remember that it probably isn't worth it to get too heated over a game, but that doesn't mean me can't fight our corner in a rationale manner. In short, Be excellent to each other.
  2. *pokes with stick*

  3. And there's no inference of one at a time deployment either. I get deploy your troops, plural, from the rules, meaning your troopers as a whole. While I appreciate this might not be explicitly stated in the rules the fact this one instance is the only time anyone even thinks to the contrary and the inclusion of a repositioning mechinc within the rules leads me to believe it is in fact the case.
  4. Several people have already stated. If you're informing them they have no reserve they have to deploy their reserve, thus they are still in deployment. Which means you have to declare it before deployment is done. I don't see any other way it can be. Taking into account We know reshuffles are ok. And Means the only thing I can see as being 'locked in' are Infilrators who have rolled. With all of that not declaring to catch out those troops, and no one else, seems wholly a gotcha move.
  5. Doesn't change the fact you have to reveal it before deployment has finished, thus still being in deployment and deploying.
  6. Until you read the wiki FAQ Q: When are Booty and MetaChemistry rolled for? A: After the player’s Deployment Phase.
  7. Which, by phrasing in a may or may not have manner, is something designed to deny knowledge of something you are specifically not allowed. Something completely different to lying, which creates a whole new bunch of issues.
  8. Why is lying about HD ok? There's your issue right there.
  9. Well it completely does a short the hitherto unused chess like place and down aspect of deployment is extra. As you say deployment isn't defined as that strict. When you say you're using strat at the end they are still in their deployment phase as they now have to deploy their reserve. If this happened to me I would say I'm still in deployment and reset as needed. I'm not sure there are rules to the contrary as they say This phase comes after the Initiative Roll, once the Initiative and Deployment have been chosen. During the Deployment Phase, before the game begins, players place their troops on the battlefield. with no mention of 'one at a time' or other such restriction. So while I'm still deploying my troops I'm free to do just that. As for Infiltrating and such there is sure an argument that after you have made rolls you're tied to that decision. Taking that on board my personal opinion is that holding use of Strat until last minute seems deceptive. But that is only my opinion.
  10. This. The idea that a deployment phase is a single placement of minis with no allowance for shifting just isn't going to work imo. When you tell them they have no reserve but can't adjust deployment you're going to get some odd looks. As I said in the FB thread without Strat shifting during deployment never becomes a question. Removing the ability to shift by using strat adds an extra level to deployment.
  11. I tend or give cover if its borderline, but I'm not above disallowing cover if I think it isn't there. It's not a huge issue in our meta.
  12. First off thanks for listening. On your first point I think we have improved over the episodes, our earlier ones are much the same. This one in particular maybe suffered as it was a contentious subject and I can get very emotional when discussing these things. I hope this didn't detract too much though. Secondly you are a scholar sir, as you have described my feelings on the matter almost perfectly using some examples I'm sure have actually happened to me. Hopefully if anything we've made a few people think about some of the unspoken aspects of Infinity. I know the discussion had an impact on my views for sure.
  13. Thanks! To be clear I've never had a 'bad' game, even at events. I've had a few dubious moments, some pushing the boundaries (opening an army builder mid game!), but nothing that's dampened my experience overall. Clearly I have some strong views on the subject and while there are several reasons I feel people 'should' play an open game, time being a big one, that doesn't mean they 'have' to. I can forget that and in the heat of the moment sometimes that makes me grumpy. Glad you like the episode. I knew this would be opening the proverbial can. Please like us on FB where we share more of our exploits.
  14. When all engaged enemies are unconscious. But yeah, please this.
  15. Glad to hear you like it. Thanks for the compliments. Out of the heat of the moment I do understand that people have different views on it. When actually playing sometimes I forget that and expect people to be as cool about things as I want to be. Trouble is Infinity can be such a fine line that if you're both not aware if each other's play style it can be a vastly different game imo.