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  1. So even more incentives to bring Achilles instead. got it!
  2. Because it is based on Kali, the hindu goddess of death
  3. Hi I like to get: 1x Kriza Boracs + MK12 1x Yudbot 1xNetrod
  4. Move along, misread the title.
  5. You are aware that i said rule BOOK not rules PDF? Ist easy to follow, read BS attack, says you need LoF, read what is LoF done. Total cover is covered in the LoF rules by not being able to see any part of the silhouette.
  6. You have to follow the conversation from the beginning where i states the criteria of making a BS attack as per P14 of the rulebook.
  7. Thats what the other part i typed was there for... " But you will still need to have to draw a line to your target and parts of its silhouette to declare a BS attack. "
  8. Bullitin one of SSL2 says regardless of facing. So facing of the model with SSL2 doesent matter if getting attacked, and every one can shoot back through smoke, only thing SSL2 does is removes the -6 to shoot back. But you will still need to have to draw a line to your target and parts of its silhouette to declare a BS attack. The answer to you question is actually stated in the wiki now that im reading it there. Just read the Sixth Sense Special Skill and Guided weaponry and how you can respond. Its basically the same as getting shoot "through" total cover
  9. Page 14 in the rule book. BS attack in the introduction section. No were in the SSL2 rule does it state that it overrides the basic need to be able to draw LoF to its target to declare BS attack. It only states that it can respond with a FtF roll even when outside LoF.
  10. Was close to getting back into PanO (And Varuna). But then the updated Kamau profile got released, interest disappeared and memories why i got rid of my PanO came back. PanO tax for being PanO and uninspiring profiles. Kamau is just Fusiliers with mimetism and an MSV2 sniper profile and LGL xvisor got fired. Was it that hard to maybe give them a spitfire instead of the usual HMG or a dual smg if they didn't want to give them shotguns. And al that for 11p extra... Its like the Dragoe paying 0,5 SWC more than almost identical tag the Szalamandra for reasons. Regular FO in acontecimento paying 0,5 SWC for yet more reasons. What i find interesting is that when PanO gets new profiles its mostly mhe, when other factions gets new profiles they are mostly nice.
  11. There is nothing called a trap door. Its just a normal door but in a horizontal position. So you just move up to the door as normal and open it with a short skill. If there is a model on top of the horizontal door when opened it will fall down and take falling damage as there is no longer any surface covering the entire base (Just as when you misjudged jump distance and the entire base doesn't have a surface under it to stand on) There is nothing preventing you from interacting with an object as long as any part of your silhouette is touching said object. (your entire silhouette is considered your base in regards if you are in base to base contact with something) And as for ladders, its just as Robock says. Moving on ladders is just normal horizontal movement but vertically without any penalties. If there is a model just at the edge of a ladder and there is no lip, parts of your silhouette can most likely see it and shoot it even if its prone.
  12. Just going to say on thing.. - Military Orders Starter box Remember, you heard it here first! And by the way. wasnt there talk about the Caledonians getting released around April/May some moths ago?
  13. I use Thrasymedes (infiltrator) often. Push a button, put it in cover, then put it in suppression for that -12 to hit. I like it even in none button pushing missions just for the ability to quickly putt an ODD guy in a good position midfield in suppression fire. When i use Diomedes (Not very often) i use him as a scalpel, using his stealth and super jump to move around a pick out the things that mean trouble for the rest of the list. (Like those MSV2 dudes hiding on rooftops or hackers when i using Achilles) Hes also really good for controlling the movement of impetuous/extreme impetuous troops and forcing them in to your MSV2 snipers. I've only used Agema missile launcher once, thats mostly down to my dislike of the missile launcher on units that doesn't have TO or is in a link.
  14. Shhhhhh... Dont say that out to loud. ALEPH players might get offended by Tohaa bragging about getting lots of new stuff.
  15. Some questions that appeard in my mind after seing the pic of the "New Al fassed" Why does it have the same pistol as Hector? Why does it look like there is a chunk of miniature missing on the hip area of the raise leg? It feels iffy to me.